Sunday, April 15, 2012

Throwing a WWE Theme Party

One cool way to enjoy the latest WWE Pay-Per-View events is by throwing a WWE theme party. This also is a good way to celebrate any young pro wrestling fan's birthday.  Whether you're watching the big Wrestlemania event on TV as a group, or throwing a birthday bash, read on for some great tips to get that party started!

First, you're going to need the right amount of supplies for your specific number of guests.  Right now, there's party packages available on the market featuring pro wrestlers on the plates, cups, napkins, invites and other items. There's also plenty of ways to add in other WWE stars to the mix. The current WWE birthday party supplies available tend to feature John Cena and Triple H as the main characters displayed on the items. However, that doesn't mean your child's favorite wrestling character can't be represented as well.

Consider having all of the party guests dress up as their favorite wrestlers or divas. Or consider hiring someone to play the part of a wrestler for the party.  This may work best with a character in a mask or face paint, with very little speaking parts, so they won't have to get the voice just right.  The last thing you want is kids to think they were fooled!

For a pro wrestling theme party, you're also going to need games, party favors, and entertainment.  Consider watching older Pay-Per-View events, listening to WWE theme music, and playing different theme games.  On the market for party supplies are pinatas, WWE games, the WWE Pay-Per-View DVD's, and other items which can be added to the party. Use a pinata or WWE video game to entertain the guests. Make up party games based on WWE trivia or a scavenger hunt, and award prizes to the winners!

You can check out the WWE birthday supplies over at Birthday Express website to get an idea of what's currently available. Make it a memorable experience for your birthday party or other WWE themed party!

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