Saturday, April 14, 2012

Extreme Rules 2012: Does Cena vs. Brock Need a Stipulation?

The Extreme Rules 2012 matches are slowly being released, with at least two matches announced so far.  One of those will have Daniel Bryan in a rematch against Sheamus, where best 2 of 3 falls wins the championship.  The other will put John Cena against Brock Lesnar.  However, this match has yet to be assigned any sort of stipulation.

Does it need one?  It seems like it should have one, but then again this is their first meeting in some time, and at the start of a brand new feud.  The stakes seem to raise when feuds continue for several matches.  For example, Triple H vs. Undertaker's Hell in a Cell match this past Wrestlemania, or Cena's various matches against Batista involving chairs and being the last guy standing.

If a stipulation were to be added to this match, first blood seems appropriate, especially after Lesnar drew blood on Cena on Raw.  Whether or not that was intended or not is another story, but it seems like a fitting way for these two to face off at a Pay-Per-View called "Extreme Rules."  Not only that, but it gives Brock a chance to show off what he learned in MMA/UFC.

For early predictions, it's hard to see Cena winning his first match against Lesnar cleanly, only because it seems to spoil Brock's big return.  So either Brock is due a big comeback win, or this will end in a double DQ/tie of some sort to set up future matches.  It only seems odd that right now there isn't a stipulation for a match at a PPV of this nature, but that could change in the coming weeks.

Wrestling fans what do you think?  Does this match need a stipulation or is it fine as a regular match between John Cena and Brock Lesnar?

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