Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jerry Lawler Update Given in Michael Cole Interview Video

On Wednesday, Michael Cole appeared on the "Fox & Friends" TV show to discuss the Jerry Lawler collapse and heart attack incident on Monday Night Raw.  Cole revealed how quickly the various staff reacted to the incident, including his own quick reactions to mute his headset and call for help once Lawler had passed out.

Cole also made some other interesting notes during his interview, including the fact that at one point he heard Lawler snoring and thought it was an "angle" for the show.  He also was asked about the fact that Lawler had wrestled earlier in the show and if "The King" is too old to be doing that.  Cole noted that Lawler wrestlers 100 to 150 times a year for various promotions, and has passed all the various physical tests required to do so.  He said he loves what he does and has done it 42 years now.

The other good news is that Lawler is currently in stable condition and had a breathing tube removed.  Cole said millions and millions of fans worldwide have been showing an outpouring of concern and support towards Lawler as he looks towards his road to recovery from this scare.

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