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Smackdown Results 09/14/12

Smackdown Results from Ottawa:

Smackdown opened with a recap of the recent events surrounding Sheamus' Brogue Kick.  Booker T banned the move and told Sheamus if he uses it again he'll be stripped of the World Heavyweight title.

Smackdown started in the arena with Ricardo Rodriguez and David Otunga in neck braces, and Alberto Del Rio on the mic.  Del Rio gave credit to Booker T for banning the Brogue Kick.  Ricardo spoke about his condition and started crying on the mic.  Otunga went over and took the mic away patting him on the chest.  Otunga spoke about AJ Lee being irresponsible as a GM and said he may have a fractured vertebrae in two spots.

Del Rio thanked Otunga for his words then had footage rolled out Sheamus hitting the Brogue Kick on Christian last year.  Del Rio welomed Christian via satellite to speak.  Christian appeared on camera with a shoulder brace on.  Otunga noted Christian just had shoulder surgery.  Christian cut off Otunga saying they know he's one of the toughest guys around.  Christian said he's not doing this for them, or himself, but for the other guys backstage who might not stand up for what's right.  Christian eventually admitted the Brogue Kick is dangerous, but as he tried to continue that thought, Del Rio thanked him for his time and the satellite feed cut out.

Daniel Bryan's music hit as Del Rio was speaking, bringing out Bryan to cheers of "YES!"  Bryan thanked them for bringing this case to light, saying he has also been a victim of the Brogue Kick.  Bryan said people say he has a "goat face" but he doesn't.  He said if he does, it's because Sheamus kicked him in the face so many times.  Bryan said Booker T has granted him a Wrestlemania rematch tonight, against Sheamus.  Bryan talked about how Sheamus used the illegal maneuver to defet him in 18 seconds.  Bryan started yelling on the mic about why he got a rematch, but Sheamus' music hit and he came out to interrupt.

Sheamus spoke from up on stage talking about how Bryan didn't lose because of the Brogue Kick, but because of him.  Sheamus told them that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Sheamus went to get in the ring, but Otunga got in his face.  Sheamus grabbed him by the neckbrace and yanked Otunga against the top rope, causing Otunga to snap back and hit the mat.  Sheamus backed up the ramp waving the brace around as Del Rio and crew checked on Otunga.

Michael Cole reported that he spoke with Jerry Lawler just a couple days ago and he's getting ready to leave the hospital soon.  He recommended fans who want to wish The King well send a tweet with the hashtag #getwelljerry because he guarantees he's reading them all.

They showed a replay of the highlights from Sin Cara and Mysterio vs. Miz and Rhodes last week.

Sin Cara defeated The Miz by pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Miz rushed at Cara in the corner.  Cara tried to put a boot to Miz's face, but Miz caught his foot then pulled him to the middle of the ring to try for a Skullcrushing Finale.  Cara fought out of the move, then did a headscissors and converted it into an interesting pinfall move to get the 3 count.

Striker was interviewing The Miz backstage about how he will have a mystery opponent at Night of Champions.  Cody Rhodes showed up and Miz brought up him attacking him from behind.  Cody said it was to put him on notice he wants his IC title back.  Mysterio showed up and said he pinned Miz during a tag match on Raw so he should get the title shot.  Sin Cara came up next and Miz asked what he wanted.  Cara didn't say anythin but pointed at the IC title.  As Miz started arguing he would've beat them all, Teddy Long came into the picture.  He asked Miz if he can defeat all these guys at once?  He announced a Fatal Fourway for the IC title at NOC with Rhodes, Mysterio, and Sin Cara as Miz's opponents.

They showed a video package highlighting the anger management sessions, feud and recent tag team win by Kane and Daniel Bryan.  They'll go for the tag titles at Night of Champions Sunday.

A new segment was shown with Dr. Shelby, Bryan and Kane.  The doctor was sitting on a couch with Kane as he was squeezing an anger ball.  Bryan walked in and told Kane he's doing it wrong.  They got into an argument with both guys saying they want to be the next tag team champions.  Shelby intervened telling them to squeeze their balls to release anger.  They did for a while, but then Kane stopped and showed his ball to Bryan saying "mine's bigger," before leaving the scene.

Kane defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall.  Late in the match, Kofi went for the Trouble in Paradise kick, but Kane caught him by the throat.  Kofi jumped out of the hold, then went out to the apron to hit a pendulum kick on a charging Kane.  Kofi went onto the top of the corner for a high risk move.  Kane caught him around the throat and this time connected on the chokeslam.  Post-match, Dr. Shelby came out onto the stage and looked down the ramp towards Kane.  Kane got back in the ring and picked up Kofi by the neck.  Shelby kept watching then shrugged towards Kane.  Kane let go of the hold and hugged Kofi before letting go of him and leaving the ring.  Dr. Shelby applauded to show his approval.

Striker interviewed Randy Orton backstage about his match Sunday vs. Dolph Ziggler, and why he would ask for a match on tonight's show against Tensai.  Orton said maybe he wanted a 260 pound tune-up for Sunday.  Orton brought up his match with Ziggler on Sunday.  He mentioned his match is later in the card, so he might be facing the World Champion if Ziggler cashes in on Sheamus or Del Rio earlier on.  Orton said maybe he just doesn't like that punk though.

Randy Orton defeated Tensai by pinfall.  Late in the match, Orton hit his DDT on Tensai from the middle ropes, and had a near fall.  He followed by stomping away on Tensai's legs and arms while he was still down.  Later, Orton fought off Sakimoto by punching him off the apron.  He dropped to the mat and started pounding the mat for the RKO.  As Tensai finally got up, Orton went for it, but got countered and then Powerbombed to the mat.  Tensai went for the senton splash, but Orton rolled out of harm's way.  He followed up with the RKO for the big win.  Post-match, Vickie Guerrero came out onto the stage with a mic.  She told Orton Ziggler didn't appreciate Randy's comments earlier.  She said Dolph took tonight off but he will beat Randy on Sunday.  She said Orton will never be World Champion again.  Orton said she's wrong, and he knows while he's standing there talking to her with his back turned, it could only mean one thing.  Orton dropped the mic and turned around then began to pound the mat, as Ziggler tried to rush in from behind.  Ziggler ran around the ring and up the ramp, furious their plan backfired.

They showed highlights from Santino losing the US title to Antonio Cesaro at SummerSlam, thanks to The Cobra getting distraced by Aksana.

Back to the ring for Smackdown, Antonio Cesaro spoke about how he felt "outraged" in five languages, due to the fact his opponent for Sunday would be decided in a battle royal.  As Cesaro kept yelling, Tyson Kidd came out on the mic and got in the ring to get in Cesaro's face.  Aksana started rubbing on Kidd's arms, and Cesaro hit him with an uppercut before tossing Kidd out of the ring.  Cesaro asked on the mic, "anyone else? I didn't think so" but then Brodus Clay's music hit.  Brodus got in the ring with Cesaro trying to get away.  As he went to exit, Kidd was back on the apron and hit a huge kick to knock Cesaro back towards Clay who headbutted him down.  Clay followed with the big splash, and then danced with Kidd in the ring.

Wade Barrett came to the stage saying last week he said "Wade Barrett was open for business," but everyone was either too scared or stupid to get it.  He said next week, one lucky person gets a chance to sample the product.  Cole and Matthews talked over what he might mean.

They showed a Tout video from Eve who said she is proud of Kaitlyn and Layla for representing the divas division this Sunday.  She said no matter who wins, they'll be a good representative for the division.

Kaitlyn defeated Beth Phoenix by pinfall.  Late in this one, Kaitlyn had an advantage and went to the corner for a move, but Beth grabbed her arm and threw her face first onto the mat.  She signaled for the Glam SLam and went for it, but Kaitlyn slipped out and then hit a reverse DDT to plant Beth onto the mat for a pinfall.  Layla was shown holding the Divas championship belt and watching the monitor backstage.

Josh Matthews brought up how tonight's show in Ottawa was WWE's last stop before they hit Boston on Sunday for the Night of Champions PPV.  He brought up the big match involving John Cena against CM Punk for the WWE title, then the Raw Rebound showed the latest events from Raw involving Punk leaving the tag match with Paul Heyman, and his later showdown in the ring with Bret Hart and John Cena.

Michael Cole and Josh Matthews talked over some of the matches for Sunday's PPV including Cena vs. Punk and Del Rio vs. Sheamus.

Backstage, Eve commended Booker T on banning the Brogue Kick from Sunday's match at NOC, saying she thinks he made the right decision.  Booker thanked Eve for everything she's been doing, saying she's done a great job as an assistant.  Teddy Long showed up and seconded that notion then Booker said Teddy's been doing a great job too, and tried to give him a fist bump, but Teddy went for the handshake.  Teddy then offered a fist bump when Booker went for a shake, making for an awkward moment.  Eve laughed about it, then told Booker they had some business to attend to and they left Teddy standing there feeling awkward.

Sheamus arrived out for the main event match against Daniel Bryan.  David Otunga, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez were all shown watching the match backstage.  Bryan arrived out to yell "No" at ringside fans ahead of the match.

Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan via submission in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Bryan jumped at Sheamus for a move with Sheamus grabbing him, but Bryan put on a submission hold by putting his arm around Sheamus' neck.  Sheamus tried to ram him against the corner to break it but couldn't.  Sheamus finally flipped Bryan over his back, but Bryan went for the pinfall.  Bryan tried to follow wit hthe No Lock but Sheamus escaped, and hit the Irish Curse backbreaker.  He followed that with the Texas Cloverleaf submission.  Bryan screamed "NO!" and attempted to crawl over to the bottom rope.  Sheamus pulled him back to the center forcing Bryan to say "Yes" and tap out.  Sheamus celebrated with his title to close out Smackdown.

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