Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WWE Main Event Results 10/10/12

WWE Main Event results from San Jose, CA:

The 10/10/12 episode of Main Event opened with Michael Cole and The Miz inside the ring again.  They plugged the main event match of Big Show vs. Randy Orton.  A video package was shown of career highlights from Show, before heading back to the locker room for an interview with Show from Josh Matthews.  Show once again held his fist up to an interviewer's face to make his menacing point of how imposing he can be.  Back in the ring, Miz talks about how it felt to be on the receiving end of a WMD punch.  

Matt Striker interviewed Randy Orton backstage ahead of the main match.  Orton vowed that he will see Del Rio soon.  Orton says about his last loss to Big Show, lightning doesn't strike twice, "but a Viper can."  Orton made his ring entrance before a commercial break.

Big Show defeated Randy Orton via pinfall.  In the late stages of the main match, Orton managed to do his DDT on Show from the apron, but it was from the 3rd rope rather than the second.  Orton had a near fall from there with Show kicking out at 2.  Orton waited for Show to get to his feet and hit the RKO, but Show rolled to the outside to avoid the pin.  On the outside, Orton went for another RKO, but Show shoves him into the apron, to hurt Orton's already-injured ribs.  Show kept up the attack with elbows to Orton's back, and then a hold in the ring.  Orton finally fought out of that only to be chokeslammed for the loss.

After Show left the ring, he got on the mic to cut a promo about how he will knock Sheamus out in 2 weeks at Hell in a Cell to become World's Largest Champion.

They had an interview backstage with Sheamus saying he looks forward to his biggest challenge yet as champion facing Big Show at the PPV.

Kofi Kingston defeated Michael McGillicutty via pinfall.  On commentary, Miz spoke about Raw and how he helped make Kofi relevant again during the Larry King segment.  In the match, McGillicutty had control as he sent Kofi to the corner of the ring, but Kofi responded with a head scissors to toss McGill into the turnbuckle.  Kofi then went on a serious offensive attack, with McGill managing to duck Trouble in Paradise.  Kofi followed up with SOS to secure a pinfall for the win.

After Kofi's victory, The Miz got in the ring and handed a mic to Kofi.  He tells him "nice win," with Kofi saying "it was fun."  Miz begins to mock Kofi saying his attitude devalues Miz's IC title.  Miz tells Kofi he'll never be on his level, but Kofi says unless Miz faces him, he'll never know.  Miz tells Kofi to name a time and place.  Kofi says next week on Main Event with the title on the line.  Miz seems to shrug the idea off, but Kofi reminds him that just over a year ago, he had the IC title.  Miz agrees and Kofi says "sounds like fun."  The Miz goes for a cheap shot with his title belt, but Kofi ducks and hits the Trouble in Paradise kick.  The show ends with Kofi raising the IC title up overhead.

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