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SmackDown Results 11/02/12

Smackdown Results from Fayetteville, NC:

The latest SmackDown episode opened with The Miz doing MizTV in the ring with his latest guest, former World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus.  Miz suggested that he was part of the reason Sheamus lost the title, due to a chain of events set forth by him and then John Laurinaitis and Big Show.  Kofi Kingston comes out to interrupt asking how many times he has to kick Miz in the head to get him to come to grips with things.  He says he's beat him 3 times now, but Miz promises to personally eliminate Kofi at Survivor Series.  Big Show comes out and interrupts, asking Miz why he's interviewing the former champ, not the current one.  Miz asks him how it felt to KO Sheamus, and Sheamus asks how it felt to get White Noise on Raw.  He says he'll do it again right now, but Show says he has nothing to prove and leaves the ring.

Miz tries to attack Kofi, but gets knocked to the outside of the ring near the ramp.  Miz shoots a glare at Kofi in the ring.

Backstage, GM Booker T congratulates Big Show on winning the title.  He says the WWE Universe has spoken though, and has set up a tag match for later on: Big Show & The Miz vs. Sheamus & Kofi Kingston.

Darren Young defeated Sin Cara by pinfall.  Late in the match, Sin Cara flipped his way out of a duplex, then dropkicked Young down from the top rope.  He begins to attack with fast paced offense, and hits a springboard handstand reverse elbow.  Moments later though, Young tosses Cara up in the air, then drops him across his knees for the win.  Post-match, Titus got on the mic to taunt Rey saying a little dog can now get in the ring to fight with a big dog like him.

Rey Mysterio defeated Titus Young by pinfall.  Late in this one, Sin Cara went to take care of D-Young on the outside.  Titus catches Rey into the ropes, then smashes him against the corner of the ring.  Rey avoids Titus when he charges at him and then rolls him up for the pinfall victory.

Josh Matthews and JBL discuss the Ryback-CM Punk issue and the crooked referee Brad Maddox.  They show a video recapping recent incidents.  Maddox is scheduled to be at RAW on Monday. They show the final segment of Raw where Mick Foley unveiled his Survivor Series team members, including Ryback.

Backstage in Booker's office, Teddy Long warns him of things being out of control on Raw and that there might be a mutiny.  Natalya walks into the office suggesting she can help in Eve's absence.  David Otunga walks in and suggests he should be the one to take over the role.  Booker gives him a match with Great Khali instead, and Otunga spits out coffee all over Natalya.  He tells Nat it's an improvement and she slaps him, making him spill his remaining coffee on Teddy.

Alberto Del Rio arrives out with Ricardo to do commentary for the next match.  Del Rio says he's on a mission to destroy the garden snake, Orton.  Orton makes his way to the ring, and as he's in there during his entrance, Del Rio rushes in to beat him up.  Refs intervene and escort Del Rio and Rodriguez out of the ring and to the ramp area before a commercial break.

Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton via pinfall.  Towards the end of this bout, Orton hit a superplex on Barrett from the corner ropes.  Orton stalked Barrett, then hit multiple clotheslines and his powerslam move.  He hits his DDT from the ropes, but Del Rio comes back on stage.  Ricardo Rodriguez jumps up on the apron, distracting Orton.  Barrett gets a surprise rollup pinfall from behind.

Post-match, Orton glares at Del Rio on the ramp and rolls out of the ring to go up the ramp before break.

Back from break, Matt Striker approaches Del Rio and Ricardo for an interview.  Orton sneaks up from behind and throws a hot beverage towards Del Rio, getting Rodriguez instead.  He tosses chili all over Ricardo then hits a back body drop on Del Rio through a table.  He starts beating on Del Rio, who eventually escapes.  Various superstars are seen witnessing it all in the background as Orton smashes Striker's face into some cake before another break.

Great Khali defeated David Otunga via pinfall.  Otunga posed in front of Khali early, then takes out his legs.  Khali is on his knees, but slaps Otunga down.  He hits more chops on Otunga in the corner area.  Natalya is seen watching backstage in approval of what she sees.  Khali hits a huge chop to the head on Otunga for the win.

After commercial, Natalya thanks Great Khali backstage and is amazed by how big his hands are.

R-Truth defeated Justin Gabriel via pinfall.  The two starts tried to show each other up by doing dance moves in the ring.  Gabriel had an abdominal stretch on Truth with several near falls.  The two stars go back and forth with offense, with Gabriel hitting a big splash in the corner.  Truth catches him with the reverse STO to get the victory though.  Post match, the two superstars shake hands.

They show the Raw Rebound featuring Vickie Guerrero's recent unveiling of evidence against Cena and AJ.

Back in the locker, Show tells Miz they used to be teammates as ShowMiz, but tonight Show is his superior.  He tells Miz he better do what he says or he'll get knocked out.  Show tells Miz to hand him his title, then leaves, before a commercial break.

The Miz & Big Show defeated Kofi Kingston & Sheamus via pinfall.  Late in this match, Kofi is being isolated by the heel team.  He finally escapes though to hot tag Sheamus.  Sheamus comes in on fire against Miz.  He hits the forearm bashes to Miz, then a rolling Senton.  Kofi tags in to hit a springboard cross body for a near fall which Show breaks up.  Sheamus takes out Show to the outside.  However, moments later, Show hits a KO punch on Kofi to help Miz get the winning pin.

Post-match, Show backs up the ramp.  Miz poses over Kofi in the ring.  Sheamus is enraged and hits a Brogue Kick to Miz in the ring, then glares out at Show as SmackDown ends.

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