Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Main Event Results 10/31/12

Main Event opened with the opening theme followed by a pyro display, and then Michael Cole welcoming fans to the show.  He was joined by JBL at the commentary table.  They talked about how Brad Maddox, the ref involved in the Ryback vs. CM Punk match, was suspended and will be questioned tomorrow at the WWE Headquarters about what he did.  Cole then talked about tonight's big six man tag match, and footage was shown from last week's show which involved Orton making the big challenge.

Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara & Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio & Prime Time Players via pinfall.  Late in this main match, Del Rio avoided the 619 from Mysterio then tagged in Titus.  Titus works on Rey a bit, then Del Rio tags in again later.  He misses on a corner move, hitting shoulder-first into the ring post.  Ricardo helps Del Ro get back into the ring from the outside so he can tag Titus before Rey can make a hot tag.  Young tagged in to keep working on Rey.  The heels continued the strategy for a bit.

Eventually, Rey escapes after a Tilt-a-whirl DDT move, then hot tags Orton in.  Orton comes in and beats up all the opponents.  He hits a DDT from the ropes on Del Rio.  Titus and Darren come in to attack Orton, but Mysterio and Cara get in the ring to fight them off.  Rey hits a 619 on Del Rio, and Orton follows with the RKO for the win.

Post-match, the winners celebrated their victory, while Striker asked them for comments on the match.  Rey thanks Orton for helping to lead them to victory.  He says he and Cara are here in the tag division for the long run.  Cara speaks in Spanish.  Rey translates saying Cara said he and Rey are teaming up for one reason only: to become tag team champions.  Orton says they sent a loud message to Del Rio: there is only one Apex Predator.

After commercial, Josh Matthews talks to Primetime Players backstage.  Darren says their team lost, but PTP didn't.  Titus says the WWE is going to see PTP is the top tag team in WWE and they'll be tag team champs at WrestleMania 29.  Del Rio rushes in and yanks the mic from Matthews as PTP leaves.  He says Orton better watch his back on SmackDown Friday, because he is the new Apex Predator.

Cole and JBL talked about the scandal before footage of the various events were shown.  Cole said Vickie has more evidence to reveal on Monday's Raw.

Wade Barrett makes his ring entrance for a match, followed by his opponent Tyson Kidd.

Wade Barrett defeated Tyson Kidd via pinfall.  Late in the match, Barrett hit a Tilt-A-Whirl side slam on Kidd for a 2 count.  Kidd fights off a Superplex attempt later, then hits a dropkick to Barrett off the top rope for a 2 count.  Kidd follows with a kick to Barrett's face from the apron, sending Barrett to the floor.  He goes for a suicide dive through the ropes, but Barrett catches him with a punch to the face.  Back in the ring, Barrett hits the Souvenir elbow for the win.

Post-match, Barrett gets on the mic saying that was impressive.  He notes that Kidd was part of the Hart Family Dungeon, and he just beat him in less than 5 minutes.  He says that isn't always the case with Kidd.  He talks about not being surprised by Sheamus losing his title, because he's defeated him before.  He says if he'd been facing Sheamus, he'd be champion now.

Sheamus' music hits and he comes onto the stage.  He says he has no problems with the English, but doesn't like Wade Barrett.  Sheamus challenges him to a match next week on Main Event in England.  Sheamus says he wants to have fun now and gets in the ring.  Barrett avoids the Brogue Kick and escapes from the ring.  He backs up the ramp as Sheamus pounds his chest in the ring to end the show.

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