Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Main Event Results 1/16/13

Main Event results from San Antonio, TX:

Cole and Miz started off the show at the commentators table, talking about being on the road to the Royal Rumble, which is part of the road to WrestleMania.

Randy Orton came out to the ring for the opening contest.  Cole talked about his problems recently with The Shield, and Orton getting some revenge on Raw.

Antonio Cesaro arrived out waving an American Flag around.  They showed highlights from MizTV on Raw with Ric Flair as the guest and Cesaro interrupting it.  He was eventually put into the Figure Four by Miz at Flair's request.

Randy Orton and Antonio Cesaro fought to a no contest in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Cesaro targeted Orton's shoulder.  The Viper kept fighting back and eventually hit a huge superplex to turn the tides.  However, Cesaro was able to counter Orton's offense again, and the two exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring.  Orton hit his patented DDT on Cesaro from the middle ropes.  However, The Shield appeared and surrounded the ring.

The Miz left his spot on commentary to try to fight off The Shield with Orton, but they were overpowered.  Shield hit their triple Powerbomb on Orton Cesaro returned to hit his Neutralizer on The Miz to send a message.

They showed the Raw Rebound which involved the Rock Concert and then Punk vs. Rock in a big brawl at the end of the show.

The Usos defeated Prime Time Players via pinfall.  Since The Miz had been attacked earlier by Shield and Cesaro, Cole was alone on commentary.  However, Brad Maddox jumped over the crowd barrier and made himself Cole's commentary partner for the match.  Cole kept questioning what he was doing out there.

Late in this match, Uso's hit a hip splash on D-Young in the corner.  Titus O'Neil came in to break up a pinfall, but then got clotheslined out of the ring.  D-Young got superkicked down, and both Uso's got up on corners of the  ring.  Titus stood up on the outside of the ring and Jimmy Uso jumped off the corner onto him.  Meanwhile, the Jey Uso did the Superfly splash onto D-Young for the pinfall win.  Cole told Maddox "see you later."

There was no big match announced for next week's episode of WWE Main Event.

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