Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Main Event Results 03/20/13

WWE Main Event results from Cincinnati, OH:

Wade Barrett defeated R-Truth via pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in the match Barrett hoisted Truth up on his shoulders for a finisher.  Truth slipped off and countered with a side Russian legsweep for the near fall.  Barrett rolled out of the ring to recover, and as Truth went over to grab him, Wade yanked Truth's arm hard against the ropes from the outside.  Barrett slipped back into the ring then hit the Bullhammer Elbow for the win.  Post-match, Barrett cut a promo about the "Barrett Barrage" saying sooner or later all comers will fall victim to the Bullhammer.  He brought up how he destroyed Chris Jericho this past week on Monday Night Raw, and has destroyed The Miz in the past.  Barrett left the ring and walked towards the commentators table with The Miz standing up.  Barrett shoved Miz down into his chair, so Miz went over and started the fight.  It went into the ring with Miz getting the best of him and Barrett escaping to the ramp to flee.

After commercial break, they showed video highlights from Raw involving the contract signing with Triple H. Paul Heyman brought 3 security guards to the ring and taunted HHH with various insults and remarks, eventually making him mad enough to snap.  After beating up the security and Heyman on the table, HHH signed.  Lesnar showed up with a chair and started towards the ring, but HHH pulled out a sledgehammer stopping Brock in his tracks.  At the top of the stage, Heyman revealed the stipulations for the match: it will be No Holds Barred and if HHH loses he has to quit his position with WWE.

Michael Cole brought up how Ryback was taken off Sheamus and Orton's 3-man team for their match against The Shield at WrestleMania 29.

Matt Striker talked with Sheamus backstage asking if they'll add Big Show to their team to replace Ryback.  Sheamus talked up Show's career accomplishments and being an asset to their team, but also called him sneaky, underhanded and unethical.  Sheamus said "when sheep fly out of my ass I'll consider choosing Show to replace Ryback."

Natalya & Layla defeated Alicia Fox & Aksana via submission.  Before the match, Alicia got on the mic to talk about her and Natalya participating in "Nothin' but Nets" in Rwanda.  Alicia said she felt she got more out of the experience because all Natalya talked about was how much she missed her boyfriend Great Khali.  Natalya payed homage to Anvil with a move and had a near fall on Alicia, but Aksana came in to break it up.  Layla rushed in and took out Aksana.  Moments later, Natalya locked the Sharpshooter onto Alicia, forcing her to tap out.

The Usos defeated Prime Time Players via pinfall.  The Usos hit the Samoan Drop and then the Samoan Splash off the top rope for the win.

They made the big announcement that The Rock will be on WWE Raw this coming Monday.

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