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SmackDown Results 03/22/13

SmackDown results from Cincinnati, OH:

SmackDown opened with MizTV set up in the ring, with guests Randy Orton and Sheamus.  They talked about having Big Show on their team to face Shield at WM29.  Sheamus said he doesn't trust him, while Orton said he doesn't trust anyone but wants the big angry giant on their side.  Miz had Show come out to respond, with Miz saying he trusts him about as far as he can throw him.  Show responds that he's dated women bigger than Miz.  Show talked about how he can't stand Orton or Sheamus, but if they unite on the same team, Shield can't stop them.  Booker came out saying he needs to know these guys can get along so he puts them into a 6-man tag for later on.

Mark Henry defeated Zack Ryder via pinfall with World's Strongest Slam.  Post-match, Ryback's music hit and he comes to the ring, then hits a Meat Hook Clothesline.  Henry rolls out of the ring with the crowd chanting for Ryback.

Backstage, Teddy asks Booker if he likes how he consulted with Vickie to set up that Ryback vs Henry WM29 match.  Booker says he does but that Teddy works for him not Vickie.  Teddy responds he thought he worked with him, not for him.

They had a Hall of Fame video for Booker T as the latest to be an inductee this year.  Cole and JBL hyped up their colleague with Cole wondering if he'll be inducted as King Booker or G.I. Bro.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall with the Zig Zag.  AJ was on commentary during the match and said "Later nerds" when it was over to go join Ziggler in the ring.  Post-match, Big E did his Big Ending finisher on Kofi with Ziggler and AJ watching from ringside.

Big Show and Sheamus were shown arguing backstage with Orton stepping in to calm them down.  Cole and JBL discuss how strange it is to see Orton as the voice of reason once again, just like earlier on MizTV.

They showed replay footage of Swagger's attack on Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez from Raw.  Cole said RR's ankle is broken, and ADR is with his injured friend, not at SmackDown tonight.

Jack Swagger defeated Chris Jericho via pinfall with the Swagger Bomb.  Fandango came to ringside with his dancer to distract Y2J.  Swagger nearly stole a pinfall with that.  Later, Fandango kicked Jericho in the head from the outside, then Swagger hit the Swagger Bomb to win.  Post-match, Fandango got in the ring to assault Jericho, then got on the mic to ask him what his name is before saying, "It's Faaan-daaaan-goooo."

Backstage, Big Show told Matt Striker he, Orton and Sheamus need to get on the same page.  He said they can trust him about as much as they can trust each other.

They showed a video to hype Rock vs. Cena at WrestleMania 29.

Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Clay and Tensai never happened.  The Bellas came to the ring with Rhodes Scholars.  Bellas and Funkadactyls got into a ringside brawl with their men getting involved in the brawl and separating their divas.

The Miz defeated Antonio Cesaro via submission in a non-title match.  Miz put on a Figure 4 to make Cesaro tap out with Barrett on commentary.  Post-match, Miz put the leglock on Cesaro again to send a message to Barrett.  Wade got up and helpd up his title then walked up the ramp slowly.

They showed footage of the red carpet from "The Call."

They showed footage of Triple H signing the contract for his WM29 match with Brock Lesnar.

Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus win via pinfall over 3MB.  Late in the match, Orton tags in Big Show who gained momentum against 3MB.  He hit a KO punch on Drew, and then Sheamus tagged himself in because he thought Show was in trouble.  Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on Jinder to get the win.  Post-match, Show was semi-irritated at Sheamus for stealing the win so he got in The Celtic Warrior's face.  Orton stepped in between them again, trying to calm them down.  Just then, Shield's music hits and they come down through the crowd single file.  Show and Sheamus were shoving one another, but then gained focus as Shield surrounded the ring.  Shield backs off with the three guys in the ring seeming to be on the same page.

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