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Raw Results 07/15/13

Raw Results from Brooklyn, NY:

The show opened with the new GM Brad Maddox coming to the ring, and talking about how he plans to be the greatest GM of all time.  He says for the Maddox Era he will have Ziggler vs. Del Rio tonight.  John Cena's music hits and he comes to the ring.  Cena is booed heavily and says this may be the only time during the Maddox Era that Maddox is the least hated guy in the ring.  Cena suggested the fans should give Maddox a chance as GM.  Maddox tells Cena he's admired him since he was a teenager and tells Cena he can pick his SummerSlam opponent from the roster.

Randy Orton came out, carrying the MITB briefcase he won last night.  Orton said he wouldn't cash it in tonight, because he doesn't want to make the same mistake Cena made before.  Orton said he believes in taking advantage of opportunities when they arise, and that Cena won't see it coming when he cashes in.  Cena and Orton are facing off as Fandango arrives out with Summer Rae.  Fandango said the fans only want to see him against Cena tonight.  Fandango tells Cena how his name is pronounced, then Orton layer him out.  Fandango and Orton start fighting as Cena left the ring.  Eventually, Maddox breaks up the fight and calls a referee out to have a match.

Randy Orton defeated Fandago via pinfall.  Orton hit the RKO after hitting his DDT on Fandango from the middle rope.

Backstage, AJ tried to rush up and apologize to Dolph Ziggler.  Dolph told her it's time to move on, and said they are done, walking off.  AJ looked shocked.

Mark Henry came out to the ring to admit that Cena is one of the greatest WWE champions of all time.  He said he gave Cena all he had last night at MITB and took him to the limits.  The fans chanted "You tapped out," and Henry agreed with them.  He said Cena would make every one of them tap out too.  Henry said Cena gets to choose his SummerSlam opponent, and he wants to be that guy.  Suddenly, The Shield's music hit and the three men surrounded the ring.  Henry stood his ground, taking off his suit coat and preparing for a fight.  The Shield got into the ring and beat up on Henry, before hitting their Triple Powerbomb on him.

Backstage, Brad Maddox was on the phone with his mom, whom he still lives at home with.  Chris Jericho walked in to make jokes.  Maddox suggested that maybe Jericho can impress John Cena tonight.  He sets up Jericho vs. RVD.  Jericho tells Maddox he has one hell of a future if he keeps making decisions like that.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall in a non-title match.  In the late part of the match, Ziggler avoided Del Rio in the corner and ADR hit the ring post shoulder-first.  Ziggler hit a huge leg drop off second rope and had a near fall, when suddenly the bell rang.  AJ Lee was shown at ringside with the bell.  Ziggler started yelling at her, and the distraction allowed Del Rio to knock down Ziggler with a huge kick for the win.  Post-match, AJ got in the ring and started to smack Ziggler, screaming at him.  Ziggler tried to hold her off, but Big E ran him over.  Big E hit his Book End finisher on Dolph.  AJ then lifted up Ziggler's head and kissed him before shoving his head back down to the mat.  Big E and AJ left the scene.

R-Truth came to the ring to deliver a promo, but as he had the mic, the lights flickered and Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen.  Wyatt says "We're here."  The Wyatts then made their way to the ring with the lantern in hand.  When the lights come on, Rowan and Harper are in the ring attacking Truth.  Bray watched from his rocking chair at ringside.  He then entered the ring to speak, saying "they've been lying to us man."  He talked about there being no such thing as heroes, like all the fans believe.  He said "everything is not alright."  R-Truth appeared on the apron with a steel chair in hand.  Wyatt asked him what he's waiting for.  Rowan and Harper surrounded Truth and then Wyatt beat him up, with the other two Wyatts joining in.  Bray kissed Truth on the head before laying him out.  He said "Truth is not the truth they seek."  Wyatt tells Kane to follow the buzzards.  They all pose in the ring as the lights go out.

The Usos defeated Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro via pinfall.  The WWE fans got to vote on the WWE app for The Real Americans' opponents, and chose The Usos.  Late in the match, Cesaro was able to hit the Neutralizer, but he got rolled up in a pinfall, losing the match.

Christian defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall.  Sandow blocked Christian's Killswitch finisher late, then went for the Elbow of Disdain.  Christian countered the move, rolling Sandow up for the pinfall.  Post match, Sandow got on the mic to brag about winning the MITB briefcase.  Cody Rhodes showed up and attacked Sandow, starting a brawl.  Refs come in to break things up, with Sandow fleeing into the crowd, holding his briefcase up in the air.

Naomi defeated Brie Bella via pinfall.  Naomi made a comeback late hitting a series of moves including a hurricanrana and several dropkicks.  She hit the Rear View move, then eventually got the win after hitting a big cross body on Brie.

CM Punk came out to the ring to call out Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.  Only Heyman came out, and he talked about how Punk failed him when he couldn't beat The Undertaker.  He talked about Punk returning to WWE after that acting like he was better than Heyman.  Heyman says he lied and manipulated Punk and that the history books will show he dumped Punk, not the other way around.  Heyman brought up how all Punk has is the fans, because he's got not wife or kids and is estranged from his mother and father.  Heyman suggests that Punk can't beat Brock Lesnar either.

Punk finally responds back, saying he swears on Heyman's kids that he will get him.  He said that Heyman knows him best, and knows he won't stop until he gets what he wants.  He tells Heyman that anyone who profited from or enjoyed what happened to him last night is going to get hurt.  Punk called Heyman and SOB, and then Heyman mocked Punk's "It's clobbering time," before Brock Lesnar's music hit.  Both Heyman and Lesnar went down to the ring.  Lesnar stared at Punk from the outside and then Heyman rushed in to attack Punk from behind.  Punk falls into Lesnar and they ended up brawling on the outside.

Lesnar got the upper hand and tossed Punk around outside the ring, over the announcers table.  Punk tried to jump off at Lesnar, only to get caught mid air and rammed into the ring post.  Lesnar finished things by hitting an F5 of Punk onto the announcers table.  He and Heyman embraced before leaving the scene.  Medical personnel checked on Punk who tried to push them away, while clutching his neck.  He finally got up and started to walk off.  With the fans chanting for Punk he fell back down clutching at his neck again.

Brad Maddox walked into Stephanie McMahon's office as she was finishing a call.  He said he thinks his first night as GM is going well.  Triple H walked in and told Maddox good job so far.  They asked if Maddox spoke to Vince about his decisions, then hit about Cena picking Daniel Bryan.  They said that Vince probably wouldn't like that, but they would.  Triple H wished Maddox good luck, then walked off.

Rob Van Dam defeated Chris Jericho via pinfall.  Late in the match, Jericho blocked a Hurricanrana, then put the Walls of Jericho on RVD.  RVD was able to get to the bottom rope to break the hold.  Jericho worked on RVD's leg some more.  After some traded offense, RVD kicks Jericho in the face to knock him to the mat, then hit the Five Star Frogsplash for the win.

After a commercial break, the WWE roster was assembled on the stage.  John Cena's music hit and the champ walks through the group to go down to the ring.  Cena got on the mic saying it's time to tell everyone his decision, but he can't because he hasn't made the decision yet.  He said he's listened to superstars talk all night about why they should be the one Cena chooses, but he's left out the most important voice - the WWE Universe.

Cena starts naming various superstars to get the crowd's reaction.  That includes Great Khali, Alberto Del Rio, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Fandango, Sheamus and Ryback.  He asks if he's forgetting someone and the fans start a "Yes!" chant up.  Cena said he's now made his decision and thanked the fans.  He says this person deserves a title shot opportunity.  Cena respects the beard, and then says his choice is Daniel Bryan.

Bryan comes to the ring to a huge pop.  Bryan and the fans chant "YES" non-stop, with Bryan right in Cena's face.  Cole says that Bryan is the hottest WWE superstar today, before Raw goes off the air with Bryan and the fans still chanting.

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