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WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Results (Updated)

Welcome to 2013 WWE Money in the Bank results.  Here you'll find a summary of the latest updated results from this month's WWE pay-per-view, including the championship and ladder match winners.  This year's edition of the entertaining pay-per-view will be held at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.  Among the superstars in action will be John Cena, Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, CM Punk, and the return of former WWE star, Rob Van Dam.

It all kicks off at 7:30 PM EST with the special "kickoff" live streaming pre-show.  On this live stream online event, The Usos will take on Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield for the WWE Tag Team titles.  Fans will be able to watch on WWE's YouTube channel, Facebook fan page, and official website.

At 8 PM EST, the main card begins on cable, satellite and internet, with fans needing to order through one of these services to see it live.  Otherwise, updated match results will be listed right below here.

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WWE Live Kickoff Pre-Show Results

The pre-show opened with shots of the crowd filing into the arena in Philadelphia, PA.  Josh Matthews was hosting the pre-show with his panel of The Big Show, Kofi Kingston and Vickie Guerrero joining him to discuss the pay-per-view.  They talked over the MITB ladder matches and then sent it to the free tag team titles match with JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler on commentary.

The Usos vs. The Shield (WWE Tag Team Title Match)

A Rob Van Dam chant broke out early during the match, as one of the Usos slipped out of a duplex and made a tag to his partner for a double team move on Roman Reigns.  Reigns kicked out of a near fall attempt and The Usos kept up the double team moves.  At one point, Rollins and Reigns started to regroup at the bottom of the ramp, so Cole sent it to a MITB promo ad.

After several MITB ads, they returned to action in the ring with Usos dominating Rollins in the ring now and Reigns on the apron watching.  Rollins managed to hit a flying kick from against the ropes to tag in Reigns for some punishment on the legal Uso.  Cole brought up that "#MITB" was already trending worldwide, just before Roman Reigns knocked one of the Usos to the outside floor hard.  Rollins went out and threw him back in for a near fall.

At one point, Rollins wisely yanked one of the Usos off the apron before his partner could make a tag.  Reigns took advantage by tossing the legal Uso out of the ring, then distracted the ref so Rollins could clothesline him down on the outside.  Cole sent to another break to show the "Dead Man Down" now on Blu-ray ad and another MITB promo.

After the break, with under 14 minutes until the PPV, one of the Usos jumped on both of The Shield outside the ring, then flew off the corner onto Rollins for a near fall.  He revved up the crowd and connected on the hip splash in the corner before punching Rollins off the apron.  Another near fall ensued with the crowd ready to explode for new champs.  The legal Uso got on the corner rope but Rollins got up and knocked him off balance, crotching him.

Rollins went up for a superplex, but the other Uso climbed up behind him to try a move.  Reigns came over and got underneath all of them for a huge power bomb of everyone involved.  Moments later, the Usos connected on a Samoa Splash, with Rollins pinned by Jimmy.  Reigns rushed in and broke up the pin, so Jey came in and took him out to the floor.  Moments after that, Reigns managed to get Jimmy up on his shoulders but was close to the corner.  Jimmy grabbed onto the corner to block, but Rollins got on the apron and hit Jimmy in the head.  Rollins ran across and threw Jimmy against the other corner.  As Jimmy staggered forward, Reigns had tagged in and speared Jimmy, then pinned him.

Winners: The Shield defeated The Usos via pinfall to retain the WWE Tag Team titles.

2013 WWE Money in the Bank Results

The PPV opened with a promo showing a set of armed guards carrying the two MITB briefcases to some bank-style transport trucks.  Highlights were shown of the various competitors from tonight's PPV, with an emphasis placed on "two career changing ladder matches."  Also highlighted, Cena's quest to defend the WWE title against an angry Mark Henry.

World Heavyweight Championship Contract MITB Match

WWE United States champion Dean Ambrose was in the ring for the opening PPV match with 3 minutes until the PPV start.  Fandango's music hit and Summer Rae danced out onto the stage, with the crowd humming the theme song as Fandango arrived out.  WWE left the live show and moved onto the PPV.  After a promo package, Fandango and Dean Ambrose were introduced in the ring to start things off for this opening match.  Next up, Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger came out to the ring accompanied by Zeb Colter who cut a promo on the mic on their way to the ring.

Early on Swagger and Cesaro and Rhodes/Sandow teamed up with each other, holding a ladder together.  Cesaro/Swagger threw their ladder at Rhodes Scholars and attacked.  Cesaro hit a move throwing Rhodes against a ladder in the corner, then Swagger tossed Sandow onto the same ladder.  Fandango, Barrett and Ambrose were on the outside recovering.  Rhodes hit a kick move to take down Cesaro, but Swagger set up the ladder fast after knocking Rhodes down.  Ambrose got in the ring to stop him from climbing and threw him out of the ring, then tried to climb, but Barrett stopped him.  

Barrett used a ladder to smack several guys off the apron, but Fandango kicked him from the apron.  Barrett fell to the mat with a ladder on top of him, so Fandango jumped over and hit a leg drop on the ladder, hurting his leg.  The action continued, with Sandow coming in to stop Fandango from his climb and then throwing him against several ladders in the ring.  Wade Barrett grew part of a ladder leg and used it to smash down on Sandow, then tried to make the climb.  

Ambrose got in and climbed up to battle Barrett.  Cesaro and Swagger came in to yank Barrett off the ladder, with Cesaro hitting his uppercut on Wade from mid air.  Ambrose climbed up the ladder and Swagger tried to stop him so he Ambrose jumped off to DDT Swagger.  When Ambrose ascended the ladder again, Cesaro grabbed him in a sleeper hold then threw him off the ladder.

At one point, Ambrose used the ladder on his shoulders to knock off several competitors.  However, Swagger and Cesaro picked up the ladder with Ambrose stuck in it.  Ambrose flipped up onto the ladder and tried to reach up for the briefcase.  Instead, he was tossed out of the ring.  Moments later, Swagger tried to help Cesaro reach the briefcase, allowing Cesaro to stand on his shoulders and try to grab the case.  Cody came in and hit a dropkick to take them both down.  Rhodes then hit Cross Rhodes on Fandango and Barrett, before grabbing a ladder from the outside to make a climb.

Rhodes got up the ladder, but Ambrose came in and climbed up to fight him off.  Ambrose managed to headbutt Rhodes multiple times, but Rhodes fought back yanking Ambrose against the ladder and throwing him off.  Rhodes looked ready to grab the case, but out of nowhere Rollins and Reigns hit the ring to attack him.  They eventually yanked Rhodes down from the ladder, but The Usos rushed to the ring to stop them.  The Usos took The Shield to the outside in a brawl with other superstars getting involved.

Rhodes managed to tip a ladder over with Fandango on it, causing him to land on the rest of the superstars outside the ring.  As Rhodes made the final climb up, it seemed everyone else was taken out.  However, Damien Sandow rushed in and climbed up behind Rhodes, yanking him off the ladder, then retrieved the briefcase.

Winner: Damien Sandow won the World Heavyweight Championship MITB ladder match, retrieving the MITB briefcase first.

Justin Roberts introduced new Raw GM Brad Maddox who came out to try to rile up the Philly crowd.  He talked about how thankful he was for Mr. McMahon awarding him this GM job.  He insulted the crowd a bit, then tried to praise Vickie Guerrero, asking for a spotlight to shine on her.  Maddox had a highlight reel showing off some of Vickie's most embarrassing moments.  Maddox then asked for the crowd to stand and give her a round of applause, right before The Miz's music hit for the next match.

The Miz vs. Curtis Axel (IC Title Match)

During the match, Miz faked Heyman hitting him outside the ring causing the referee to eject Heyman, sending him backstage.  Later on, Miz managed to avoid a flying Axel in the corner and came back with punches and kicks on him.  Miz gained momentum and played off the crowd, before hitting his running clothesline in the corner.  He hit an axe handle off the corner for a near fall.  Miz went for Skullcrushing Finale, but Axel fought out of it.  Axel tried for a Perfectplex, but Axel countered and sent Miz shoulder-first to the steel post.  Axel hit the Perfectplex but Miz kicked out before 3.

Miz managed to finally get the Figure Four leg lock on Axel.  Axel struggled for a bit, then reversed it, turning over to put the pressure on Miz.  Miz turned it back to the leg lock, but Axel managed to reach the bottom rope to break it.  Axel managed to deliver a kick right to the side of Miz's jaw, then another kick, followed by a face plant move to pin Miz.

Winner: Curtis Axel defeated The Miz via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Title.

Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee (Divas Championship Match)

Layla was at ringside for Kaitlyn, while Big E Langston was there for AJ Lee.  Kaitlyn was wearing a protective brace on her elbow which Cole said was due to her hyperextending the shoulder during a spear on AJ during SmackDown.  Early on, Kaitlyn gained control, sending AJ to the outside ramp area for more damage.  Kaitlyn got AJ on her shoulder and went towards the ring post, but AJ slipped off and shoved Kaitlyn's hurt arm into the post.  AJ continued to work over the hurt arm.  AJ put several submission holds on Kaitlyn, but Kaitlyn used her power to slam AJ against her knee and break it.  Layla applauded from ringside.

During the match, AJ was on the corner area with Kaitlyn knocking her off to the outside.  Big E was there to catch her though.  Later still in the ring, Kaitlyn hit a spear on AJ but hurt her arm even more, so she couldn't make a cover.  Moments after that, AJ managed to lock her Black Widow submission hold on Kaitlyn to extend that arm more.  Kaitlyn tried to resist tapping out for quite a while, until she fell to the mat and had to tap out.  Layla came in to comfort her friend while AJ celebrated with Big E on the outside.

Winner: AJ Lee defeated Kaitlyn via submission to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

Early in the match, Ryback arrogantly waited outside the ring while the ref counted. He got back up on the apron but then dropped back off to get some more rest time. As Ryback attempted to get back in, Jericho hit a running slide kick to knock him to the floor. Later on, Ryback gained control and smashed Jericho to the outside, causing him to hit the side of the announce table near JBL. Ryback came out and tossed Jericho back into the ring for more damage.

Later in the match, Jericho made a comeback and got Ryback on his back, trying for Walls of Jericho. Ryback shoved Jericho to the corner, but then charged and met Jericho's boot. Ryback tried to toss Jericho over the ropes, but Jericho landed on the apron, then ran to the corner and jumped at Ryback. Ryback caught him and hit a belly-to-belly duplex, followed by the Meathook clothesline. Ryback went for Shellshocked, but Jericho fought out. Jericho went for a Codebreaker, but Ryback power bombed him down. Ryback picked up Jericho for a second power bomb, but couldn't get the pinfall from it.

Later still, Jericho managed to knock Ryback to the outside floor and nearly had him counted out. Ryback slid back into the ring at 9, and Jericho flew off the corner for a near fall on him. Jericho ran out Ryback, but Ryback caught him in the air and went for ShellShocked. Jericho countered it and hit a DDT for a near fall. Moments later, Jericho went for a Lionsault, but landed on his feet. Ryback quickly turned it into a rollup pinfall to keep Jericho down for the 3 count.

Winner: Ryback defeated Chris Jericho via pinfall.

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

At one point in the match, Del Rio had the advantage with Dolph down on the mat.  Del Rio got up on the apron for a move, but Ziggler sprang up and ran to jump up on the corner for a big face plant on ADR.  The two started to trade punches in the center of the ring.  Dolph managed to back ADR to the corner, but then got whipped to the other corner.  ADR charged at him, but Ziggler moved away and ADR hit shoulder-first.  Moments later, ADR had a bridge pinfall for a near fall on Ziggler.

Moments later, ADR rammed Ziggler into the corner, but Dolph bounced back.  Ziggler managed to hit a FameAsser on ADR and had another near fall.  Del Rio managed to get Ziggler down on the mat again, and went up on the corner for a high risk jumping move.  ADR jumped and Ziggler hit him with a dropkick mid-air.  Both guys recovered on the mat.

All of a sudden, AJ Lee's music hit and the divas champ came skipping down to the ring.  AJ skipped around the ring with Dolph looking puzzled by her being there.  Dolph told her to go backstage, but AJ remained at the bottom of the ramp watching.  Ziggler had a near fall after hitting a move, but Del Rio kicked out again.  Dolph climbed up on the corner and looked back to tell AJ to leave again.  Del Rio capitalized and crotched Dolph on the corner, then hit a reverse Superplex.  Somehow, Ziggler kicked out of the pinfall.  The crowd started up a "Let's Go Ziggler" chant'

Del Rio managed to toss Ziggler up in the air after Ziggler hit against the ropes, letting Dolph hit the mat hard.  ADR followed with the Superkick and thought he had the win, but Ziggler kicked out again.  Moments later, Del Rio took down his knee brace to set up for a move in the corner.  He rushed to try to kick Dolph, but Dolph grabbed him by the foot and shoved him away.  AJ Lee got into the ring and smashed the divas championship belt into ADR.  Dolph was just about to pounce on ADR, but the ref called for the bell for a DQ.  Del Rio retained.  AJ tried to comfort Dolph after her mistake.

Post-match, Ziggler screamed "I had this" at AJ, who was crying and trying to apologize.  Ziggler eventually left her in the ring and walked up the ramp annoyed at her for what just happened.  The crowd started a "You screwed Ziggler" chant up.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler due to disqualification to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Mark Henry vs. John Cena (WWE Championship Match)

At one point, Mark Henry caught after he jumped off the corner, then hit him with World's Strongest Slam.  Somehow, Cena kicked out of the pinfall though.

Cena had the STF locked on Henry, but Mark managed to reach the lower rope and break it.  Moments later, the referee missed a low blow by Henry on Cena.  Henry grabbed the pinfall attempt but Cena managed to kick out of it.  Moments after that, Henry tried for the World's Strongest Slam and Cena slipped out of it, then tripped Henry down for another STF attempt.  Henry crawled towards the bottom rope, but Cena released the hold then pulled Henry back out to center ring to re-apply the hold.  Finally, Henry chose to tap out and Cena retained the title.  Post-match, Cena clutched his championship belt in the ring as Henry leaned on the ref outside the ring, appearing to have hurt his legs.

Winner: John Cena wins via submission over Mark Henry to retain the WWE Championship.

All-Stars Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Before the main event, Cole and crew said it would be a match featuring only six members due to Kane's injury.  They showed highlights of the Wyatt Family attack on Kane on Raw.  Rob Van Dam came out first to a roaring crowd reception in Philly including "R-V-D" chants.  Christian was introduced next, followed by Daniel Bryan.  Randy Orton was the next introduction, followed by Sheamus.  CM Punk was the final intro for the "All-Stars" ladder match.  Cole announced that the next PPV is August 18th with SummerSlam at LA's Staples Center for the fifth straight year.

All six men stayed towards the ropes after the bell rang to feel each other out.  The crowd started a big RVD chant, and RVD tried to do his signature thumb point at himself, but got attacked by the other five competitors and knocked the outside.  Next up, Sheamus was attacked and knocked out, leaving four guys in the ring.  Orton and Christian were tossed out leaving D-Bryan vs. Punk with the crowd approving.  Both guys attempted their finishers but countered.  Sheamus got in the ring and took them both down with a ladder.  Orton came in and managed to dropkick the ladder into Sheamus.  Moments later, RVD got into the ring finally and hit moves on most of the competitors, including dropping Christian face first on the ladder.  He kicked Bryan down onto the ladder and hit Rolling Thunder on him.

RVD managed to fight off Orton and Orton fell onto a ladder in the ring.  RVD set up for a Frogsplash to the crowd's delight, but Christian used a ladder to knock RVD down off the corner.  Christian found a small ladder somewhere and used that to take down Sheamus and Orton.  Christian set up a bigger ladder in the ring and made the climb, but Sheamus got in to cut him off and then made his own climb.  Later, Sheamus got knocked off the ladder by RVD.  He hit a backbreaker move on RVD on a ladder to retaliate.

Sheamus set up a bridge with a ladder from the announce table to the ring.  Sheamus tried to hit a move with Bryan from the apron, but Bryan fought him off and shoved Sheamus.  Sheamus leapt over the ladder, but then Bryan jumped off the apron to knee him in the face.  Punk set up a ladder in the ring and started to climb, but Orton came in and stopped him.  Later still, all six men got up on two ladders under the briefcase, but ended up tipping over and falling to the mat.  Sheamus was the first up and knocked down several competitors, then hit White Noise on Christian.  Sheamus set up a ladder and started the climb.  RVD ran towards the ladder but got smashed in the face, then hit by a Brogue Kick.

Daniel Bryan climbed up the other side of the ladder.  He and Sheamus exchanged strikes with "Yes" and "No" dueling crowd chants.  Sheamus managed to hit his chest bash move on Bryan, sending Bryan down.  It appears The Celtic Warrior had it won, but CM Punk rushed into the ring and yanked him off to the mat.  At one point, Punk got on the corner behind a ladder and Sheamus, then dropped down to smash the ladder into Sheamus into the mat.  Orton got into the ring and hit a belly-to-belly duplex to toss Punk into a ladder in the corner.

Christian and RVD had a fight up on one ladder, with the ladder getting tipped over.  Christian fell to the mat, and RVD jumped onto a ladder standing in the corner.  From there, RVD climbed to the top of the ladder and did his RVD thumb point, then hit a Frogsplash down on Christian.  RVD climbed up a ladder for the briefcase, but Sheamus fought him off.  From there, Daniel Bryan got involved again and hit multiple moves, smashing down various superstars with a ladder.  In one spot, he hit Sheamus with a ladder on the corner, and Sheamus flew off and crashed through the ladder bridge he had set up earlier.

D-Bryan looked ready to capture the briefcase for the win as he climbed the ladder with nobody in sight.  However, Curtis Axel rushed down with a chair in hand and smashed it on Bryan on the ladder.  From there, Axel kept beating up Bryan on the outside, leaving him layed out.  CM Punk grabbed Axel and hit him with GTS, then fell to the bottom of the ramp.  Paul Heyman rushed down the ramp and yelled at Axel after telling Punk to go get the briefcase.  Punk got in the ring and Heyman pounded on the ring apron with the crowd chanting "CM Punk."  

Punk made the climb and was 3/4 of the way up the ladder.  Heyman got in the ring yelling "GO!" and then grabbed a ladder that was against the ropes and smashed it against Punk several times.  Punk fell to the bottom of the ladder.  He looked at Heyman who smashed the ladder against his head a final time.  Heyman took off his jacket and stormed up the ramp with Punk's face bloodied up.

RVD got back into the ring and started his climb with no others in sight.  However, Orton rushed into the ring and tipped the ladder, then hit an RKO as RVD fell off the ladder.  Orton climbed up the ladder and looked around.  No other wrestlers were in sight and Orton pulled down the MITB briefcase for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton won the All-Stars Money in the Bank ladder match to win a MITB briefcase containing a WWE title match contract.

Thank you for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your 2013 Money in the Bank results!  Feel free to leave your comments below about this year's winners (and losers)!

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