Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WWE Main Event Results 07/17/13

Main Event Results from Providence, RI:

Josh Matthews and The Miz were on commentary for the latest show.  Christian's music hit and he made his entrance as Miz and Matthews talked up Summerslam 2013.

Christian defeated Fandango via pinfall.  During this contest, they noted that Christian chipped a tooth during the MITB PPV, so he's scheduled for a root canal this week.  Late in the match, Fandango went to the top rope for his leg drop finisher.  Christian rolled out of the way before he could.  Christian went for the Spear, only to get kneed in the face by Fandango.  Fandango went for a power move moments later, but Christian pulled off an inside cradle pinfall to grab the win.

The Miz and Josh Matthews introduced a video package recapping Paul Heyman's turn against CM Punk at MITB, followed by their confrontation on Raw, and then Brock Lesnar coming out to beat down Punk.

Natalya and Layla made their way to the ring as Josh Matthews promoted E!'s upcoming show "Total Divas" which premieres on July 28.

Natalya & Layla defeated Aksana & Alicia Fox via pinfall.  Halfway through the match, Natalya tried to extend her hand for a good sport handshake with Alicia Fox.  Fox kicked her to the mat though.  Layla got into the ring, with the heels cutting her off.  Later in the match, Layla scored the winning pinfall on Aksana.

They showed a video package recapping Brad Maddox and his first night as the new Raw General Manager.  Maddox allowed Cena to make a decision on who his Summerslam opponent would be, and Cena ended up choosing Daniel Bryan, appeasing the live crowd in Brooklyn, NY.

Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater was a no contest, when the Wyatt Family interfered.  Late in this match, Gabriel made his comeback against Slater.  He hit a roundhouse kick to Slater's face and went for the pinfall, but Slater kicked out before 3.  All of a sudden, the video feed cut out and Bray Wyatt showed up on the screen, saying "We're here."  As the camera cut to the dark arena, Bray Wyatt was seen with his lantern leading Rowan and Brodie Lee down the ramp to the ring.  Bray sat in the rocking chair at the bottom of the ramp and started to rock, then blew out the light in the lantern.  When the arena lights came on, Rowan and Lee were in the ring to beat up 3MB and Gabriel.

They beat down McIntyre first, then Rowan choked Mahal outside the ring and tossed him back in.  Slater tried to run off, but Bray Wyatt stood up and put his arms out for Slater to do something.  Lee and Rowan attacked Slater from behind and tossed him back into the ring.  Bray Wyatt watched it all, then got into the ring and stood over Slater, before grabbing his forehead and kissing him there, then dropping him with the spinning face buster.  Rowan and Lee piled all four guys up in the corner of the ring, and then Bray talked about how the world can be a cruel dark place if you let yourself get blinded by illusions.  He talked about how the sheep need to fear the army of wolves.  Once again he told Kane to follow the buzzards, as he knelt down near the superstars bodies in the corner of the ring.  End of show.

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