Friday, September 13, 2013

SmackDown Results 09/13/13

Smackdown Results from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:

Big Show came out to start things off, talking about his recent behavior on Raw.  He apologized to Triple H for not doing a simple job, and apologized to the WWE universe for letting everyone down.  Triple H came out to interrupt.  HHH talks about how a business is run, getting the crowd to chant at him.  Triple H tells Show he's suspended without pay for the night and says he knows Show is broke so that's going to hurt him.  The Shield comes out and attacks Show.  He fought them for a bit before Reigns smashed a steel chair on him.  The Shield hit the Triple Powerbomb on Show to end things.

Alicia Fox, Layla and Aksana won due to DQ over Naomi, Natalya and Brie Bella.  During the match, AJ came out for commentary.  She did a run-in spot as Natalya was putting a Sharpshooter on.  A big fight broke out post-match between all the divas.  Natalya, Brie and Naomi ended up beating up AJ.

They had a dance off segment between R-Truth and Fandango.  The Miz came out wearing a huge afro calling himself "Mizco Inferno."  Great Khali also came out as part of the competition.  Miz did some "twerking."  Everyone danced with Khali, but Fandango and Summer Rae.  The Miz won the competition.  Fandango called them all a disgrace to the art of dancing, but then got knocked out of the ring by the others.

Backstage, Ryback praised his own "linguistic skills," and brought out a skinny Ottawa guy who is 6'4 and 180 pounds.  The guy says he wants to get into the ring with Ryback.  Ryback slaps him and says his dream is to beat the holy hell out of people like him.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero said Ricardo Rodriguez can't be in RVD's corner at Night of Champions because she fears for his safety.  She set up Ricardo vs. Del Rio for later on.

Santino Marella defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall.  Santino won in a relatively short match after hitting The Cobra on Sandow.

Michael Cole had an in-ring interview with Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel.  Axel said Punk isn't going to get to Heyman, because Punk can't beat him.  Heyman calls himself an advocate of peace, not war, and asks the fans to publicly boycott this match.  He says if fans buy the PPV they'll see Punk get his hands on him.  Heyman says he knows Punk will find a way to get past Axel to him.  Heyman tells the fans this may be the last time they ever see him and says he will always love Punk.  The fans sing "hey hey hey, goodbye" as Heyman leaves.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Ricardo Rodriguez via pinfall in a non-title match. RVD was at ringside. Del Rio hit a top rope reverse suplex for the win.  Post-match, ADR put a cross arm breaker on Rodriguez, but RVD broke it up and hit a Frogsplash on Del Rio.  RVD posed with the World championship in the ring.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Dean Ambrose due to disqualification in a non-title match.  The Shield interfered to cause the DQ.  Vickie booked a six man tag match after The Usos rushed down to make a save.

The Shield defeated The Usos and Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.  Late in the match, Rollins got his knees up during a splash attempt by one of the Usos, then collected the winning pin.

They had The Cutting Edge hosted by former WWE superstar Edge.  He takes about how he wants Christian to come back and tear The Shield apart when he returns.  WWE Champion Randy Orton came out for the show.  Edge asked him what it feels like to be a sellout.  Orton quipped that Edge is jealous he's a 10-time champ, and Edge is just a talk show host.  Edge reminds Orton that he's an 11-time champ himself.

Edge said that he really knows what's best for business, referring to Daniel Bryan, who is also out for the segment in the ring.  Bryan said he never wanted to be face of a corporation, but does want to hold the WWE title.  He vowed to defeat Orton at Night of Champions.  Orton hit a cheap shot on Bryan for an attack, but Bryan got the upper hand.  Edge left the ring as Bryan puts the Yes Lock on Orton to make him "tap out."  Bryan stands tall in the ring as SmackDown goes off the air.

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