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Raw Results 11/18/13

Raw Results from Nashville, TN:

The show opened with a video to recap last week's events on Raw, and to remind fans that The Authority had been on vacation.  After the video, Michael Cole was joined by JBL and Jerry Lawler on commentary.  Cole brought up that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were back tonight and in charge of the show.

Matches for tonight's show were announced including Curtis Axel vs. Big E Langston, as well as a huge tag match featuring CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Rhodes and Usos vs The Wyatt Family and The Shield.

Triple H and Stephanie came to the ring to start things off, saying it was good to be back.  After reviewing highlights of last week's "chaotic events," they said Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox would be addressed tonight.  Randy Orton came out to complain, blaming Steph and HHH for not putting someone in charge last week.  HHH got in his face to remind him it's their company and he is the face of it.  Vickie Guerrero came out to interrupt with Brad Maddox with her.  Maddox blamed Vickie for last week's show.  HHH told them it didn't matter who was at fault, they all had to pay.  He made several matches including Vickie vs. AJ Lee (non-title) and Brad Maddox vs. Randy Orton (non-title DQ match).  HHH said the Orton vs. Maddox match would start now.

Randy Orton defeated Brad Maddox in a non-title No Disqualification match when the ref stopped the match.  Maddox was able to clock Orton with a microphone on the head early, then tried for a pinfall, only to get a two count.  Orton regained momentum and kept working over Maddox, slamming him into the ring post and then draping him off the guardrail for a DDT.  Inside the ring, Orton hit the mic on Maddox head multiple times until the ref called for the bell thinking Maddox was KO'd.

Big E Langston defeated Curtis Axel via pinfall to become new Intercontinental Champion.  Late in the match, Axel managed to clothesline Big E out over the top rope.  Big E recovered and got back in the ring after a break to start dominating Axel.  Eventually, Axel took the straps down on his wrestling gear, then hit his Big Ending finisher for the win.

Backstage, Randy Orton and The Shield were shown as they saw Big E Langston celebrating his title win in the ring.  Orton told The Shield he hopes there isn't a new WWE champion at Survivor Series.  He said they will have his back.  Reigns told him they'll have his back if that's what The Authority wants.

They had Jerry Lawler in the ring to host a Divas musical chairs game with various divas in country style attire.  A Florida Georgia Line song played and when it stopped, Natalya was the first diva without a seat.  Next up, Alicia Fox was eliminated.  At one point, all of the remaining divas began to fight one another.  Eventually, the Total Divas were able to clear the ring of other divas.

Big Show defeated Ryback via pinfall.  Late into the match, Ryback went for the Meathook Clothesline but ran into Show who grabbed him to attempt the chokeslam.  Ryback fought out of it and knocked Show to the mat, before signaling for his finishing move, then hit Shellshocked.  Big Show kicked out of the pinfall attempt.  Ryback took down the straps on his wrestling gear and stood Show up to go for another move, but Big Show landed the knockout punch on him for the win.  Post-match, Randy Orton got in the ring to try to attack Show, but Big Show speared him down.

Zack Ryder was shown backstage talking to Florida Georgia Line.  3MB came in and started singing "We're the rhinestone cowboys."  FGL wished them good luck, then said they were going to go out to perform and show them how it's done.

Later backstage, Orton was being attended to by a WWE trainer who was icing his ribs.  Orton complained The Shield didn't have his back out there.

The Real Americans defeated Kofi Kingston and The Miz via submission.  Kingston was in the ring and hit several moves including trying to fly from the top, but Swagger caught him.  Later, Kingston flipped over Swagger into a DDT for a near fall.  Kofi made it over to try for the hot tag to Miz, but Miz smiled, then pulled his hand away and dropped off the apron.  Swagger grabbed Kingston to put him into the Patriot Lock for the win.

AJ Lee defeated Vickie Guerrero by submission in a non title match. Backstage before the match, Vickie tried to fake that she had been knocked out.  A trainer came over to check on her before commercial.  After break, Vickie was being put on a stretcher.  Stephanie showed up and the trainer told Vickie all her vital signs were normal.  Stephanie suggested that maybe Vickie was dehydrated and should go to the hospital, after they wheel her out to the ring.  The medical staff began to do so and Vickie screamed about it.  At the ring, Vickie got water from a referee.  Tamina fanned Vickie a bit, and Vickie started to leave.  AJ caught up to Vickie and threw her back in the ring, then put on the Black Widow to make her tap out.

Backstage, HHH talked with Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow telling him he knows they've had past issues, but he's going to help solve them tonight.  He booked them for a Broadway Brawl, saying he doesn't know what that is but that they would make it entertaining.  He told them to go out and make some music together.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall in a Broadway Brawl match.  Sandow ran Ziggler into a cello in the corner of the ring, then tried to ram him with a guitar, but ziggler moved away.  Dolph picked up a snare dram and smashed it over Sandows head, then picked up another drum and smashed it over Sandow's head and it wrapped around his body.  Ziggler grabbed a guitar, strutted with it a bit then smashed it over Sandow's head for the pinfall win.

Backstage, Randy Orton went into HHH and Stephanie's office asking where Shield is.  He said he deserves respect, then asked if he has their backing as face of the WWE.  They had a blank look and Steph said "We need to think about it.

John Cena came out to the ring with his arm in a sling after the recent attacks on it by Alberto Del Rio.  He talked about Sunday's title defense against ADR, with Cena saying he'll be performing in front of his family in Boston on Sunday.  He promised once the match is over he'll be holding the championship still, saying loud and clear the champ is here.  Alberto Del Rio came out to mockingly applaud the speech, telling Cena there's a real superhero in the house tonight.  He walked to ringside still talking, then got into the ring saying he sees a great opportunity before him.  Cena told Del Rio he's right, then ripped his arm out of the sling and went for the AA on Del Rio.  Del Rio escaped it and fled the ring, looking upset outside the ring.

Xavier Woods and R-Truth defeated Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal via pinfall.  Xavier Woods hit his finisher called the Honor Roll on McIntyre for the win.

Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon told Orton they have confidence in him so there won't be any interference by them or The Shield.  HHH said if Orton beats Show it will prove he deserves to be face of the WWE.  Orton told them "I'll show you confidence."

C.M. Punk, Daniel Bryan, Goldust, Cody Rhodes, and The Uso Brothers defeated Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose via pinfall in a 12-man tag match.  Late in the match, The Usos cleared Harper and Rowan out of the ring, then dove out onto them.  Ambrose started to beat up Punk and went for the pin, but Goldust came in to break it up.  Reigns speared down Goldust, but then Rhodes came in to toss Reigns out of the ring.  Rollins attacked Cody, so Punk grabbed Rollins, and Bryan hit a big clothesline on him.  Next up, Punk grabbed Ambrose for the GTS to end the match with a pinfall.

Post-match, The Real Americans rushed to the ring to attack the winning team.  Rey Mysterio's music sounded and he rushed down to the ring to hit many of his big moves on Real Americans including the 619.  Punk hit a GTS on Harper, then Bryan hit the running knee on Harper.  To close things out, Bryan led the crowd in "Yes!" chants as the face team celebrated.

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