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SmackDown Results 11/08/13

SmackDown results from Charlotte, NC:

They showed footage in a video package of The Wyatt Family attacks on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.  CM Punk came out to the ring to start off the show, saying the Wyatts wanted to make a target of him because he's "Best in the world."  He says he doesn't care what their reason was, but he's here to fight tonight, all night.  He said he's not going anywhere until he gets to kick the Wyatts in the teeth.  Just then, Curtis Axel came out to interrupt.  He claimed he and Punk have unfinished business and that Punk put Heyman in a hospital in Europe.  Axel said Vickie Guerrero granted him a match against Punk and it starts now.

CM Punk defeated Curtis Axel via pinfall.  The match lasted over 10 minutes but in the final parts of the match the lights went out and The Wyatt Family music came on.  Punk was distracted by it and Axel hit a clothesline after the lights came back on.  He had a near fall after a Perfectplex.  Moments later, Axel tried for his finisher but Punk reversed it and then put Axel into the GTS for the win.  Post-match, Wyatt theme music started again.  Bray Wyatt appeared on the Titantron and blew out the lantern and the arena lights went dark, but nothing further happened.

R-Truth & The Usos defeated 3MB via pinfall.  Late in the match, Truth had a pinfall on Jinder Mahal but Heath Slater rushed in to break things up.  The Usos came in and cleared the ring of McIntyre and Slater, then R-Truth hit the Mic Check on Mahal for the pinfall win.

The Funkadactyls made their ring entrance.  AJ and Tamina were next, with AJ having a picture-in-picture promo from earlier today.  She told everyone that "Total Divas" returns on Sunday but everyone needs to focus on the most important diva of them all - the Divas Champion.

AJ & Tamina defeated the Funkadactyls via submission.  Late in this one, Cameron hit a Bulldog on Tamina.  Tamina got up and powerbombed Cameron, with Naomi rushing in to break up her pinfall attempt.  AJ and Tamina knocked Naomi out of the ring, then AJ tagged in and put the Black Widow submission on Naomi.

Alberto Del Rio came to the ring with a Mexican Flag to call himself better than the audience members and John Cena.  He talked about Cena stealing his World Heavyweight Title at Hell in a Cell saying Del Rio was sick and hurt that night but wrestled due to pride.  John Cena came out to make some jokes about not sending a card to Del Rio when he was sick.  Cena told Del Rio he'd give him his championship match right now, tonight.  Del Rio asked for a ref and doctor, promising to send Cena to the hospital. Vickie Guerrero arrived out and told them they won't have a title rematch tonight.  She said it will happen at Survivor Series, because that is best for business.  She told them she booked them each in separate matches tonight.  Cena will face Ryback and Del Rio will face  Great Khali, right now.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Great Khali via submission.  The match lasted over five minutes.  Khali hit several chops on Del Rio towards the end of this one, including one sending him out of the ring.  Del Rio managed to grab one of Khali's arms and put the cross armbreaker on him with the ropes.  Khali slammed Del Rio into the apron to break the hold. Del Rio hit an enziguiri kick then put the hold back on Khali in the ring to get the submission victory.

Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Harper due to disqualification.  Harper hit a sit-out powerbomb late in this one for a near fall.  Harper tried to pick up Bryan after, but Bryan grabbed his arm instead and put the Yes Lock on him.  Immediately Rowan came in to kick Bryan, causing the DQ.  After the bell, Rowan and Harper kept up the attack on Bryan.  Bray Wyatt started to go towards the ring apron.  CM Punk came rushing down the ramp and then he and Bryan cleared the Wyatt Family out.

They showed what happened at the end of this week's Raw involving Big Show, The McMahon's, Shield, Randy Orton and Kane.  A promo for the new Total Divas on E! also was shown.

They showed the interview that Triple H did announcing Kane is now part of his staff, and that he trusts him.  He said in time the WWE Universe will find out that Kane isn't the one-dimensional monster they thought he was.  After the clip, John Cena made his entrance to the arena.

John Cena defeated Ryback via pinfall in a non-title match.  Cena had several attempted AA's on Ryback in the late stages of the match.  Ryback went for a Meathook clothesline at one point, with Cena hitting a drop toehold to get him down into the STF.  Ryback was able to eventually grab the ropes to break it.  Cena tried to run against the ropes with Ryback taking him down with a Spear.  Ryback prepared to Powerbomb Cena, but Cena slipped off then turned a full nelson into a neckbreaker.  Cena hit a crossbody from the top, but Ryback soon regained the match.  He picked up Cena for a running powerslam and connected.  Ryback tried to follow with Shell Shocked only for Cena to reverse it and hit the AA for the win.

Post-match, Alberto Del Rio came in to attack Cena, stomping him on the mat.  He put Cena's arm around the ringpost and kicked it to try to injur the arm Cena had surgery on.  As Del Rio got into the ring for more, Cena turned the tables on him, so Del Rio fled the ring to back up the ramp as SmackDown ended.

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