Monday, November 11, 2013

Raw Results 11/11/13

Raw Results from Manchester, England:

The show opened with Randy Orton coming out to say he's in charge tonight since Stephanie and Triple H are on vacation.  Raw GM Brad Maddox was out next saying he's in charge, then made Orton vs. Cody Rhodes for tonight.  The new Director of Operations Kane came out saying he's in charge and booked Goldust vs. Orton.  Finally, Vickie Guerrero arrived out and made Rhodes Brothers vs. Orton in a handicap match to start the show.

The Rhodes Brothers defeated Randy Orton via countout in a handicap match.  At one point, Cody made a hot tag to get into the match.  Orton was eventually clotheslined to the outside, and then he refused to return to the match, getting counted out.  Post-match, Orton started heading backstage but Big Show came out to stop him.  Show threw Orton around the ringside area and eventually chokeslammed him through the announcers table.  After that, they brought a stretcher out for Orton but he was able to move on his own.

Los Matadores & Santino Marella defeated 3MB via pinfall.  Santino was able to get the win using The Cobra.  His Cobra sock puppet had horns on it to resemble El Torito.

Backstage, Randy Orton complained to Brad Maddox, Kane and Vickie about what just happened to him.

Damien Sandow defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall.  Sandow hit the "You're Welcome" to get the win.

Curtis Axel defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental title.  Axel hit his neckbreaker finisher in order to get the win.

Backstage, Kane and Brad Maddox got into an argument.  Two matches were set up for Raw: John Cena vs The Real Americans, and CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield.

Tamina Snuka defeated Nikki Bella via pinfall.  AJ Lee interfered at one point, allowing Tamina to get the Superfly Splash.  Post-match, Brie Bella got into the ring and cleared it of Tamina and AJ.

Backstage, Orton complained to The Shield for not helping him out when Big Show attacked.  They told Orton it's not his concern where they are and they don't work for him.  Shield walked off leaving Orton to think about that.

Fandango defeated Tyson Kidd via pinfall.  The match came about after a "Total Divas" clip showed Kidd getting jealous over Natalya training with Fandango.

John Cena defeated The Real Americans via submission in a handicap match.  Cena was able to get the win after putting Swagger in the STF.  Post-match, Alberto Del Rio attacked Cena with a steel chair, smashing it on his arm.  Big E Langston rushed in to make the save.

R-Truth defeated Ryback via pinfall.  Ryback missed on a Meathook Clothesline and Truth got the roll-up pinfall surprisingly.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Big E Langston via submission.  Del Rio put him into the cross-armbreaker to make Big E tap out.

Paul Heyman came out in a wheelchair with Curtis Axel standing with him.  Heyman blamed Ryback for what happened to him at Hell in a Cell, then promised he's going to return with a vengeance against CM Punk when he get's healthy.  Punk came out to beat up Axel, then hit Heyman with a Kendo stick.

Daniel Bryan & CM Punk vs. The Shield was a no contest after The Wyatt Family got involved.  Bryan had Dean Ambrose ready to tap out, but the Wyatt's video glitch interrupted and the lights went out.  When the lights came back on, The Wyatts were in the ring.  There was a bit of a brawl with The Shield, until they saw Bryan and Punk.  A six-on-two brawl started up, but The Usos and Rhodes Brothers rushed down to help out.  Raw ended after they cleared the ring of the heels.

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