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Raw Results 02/10/14

Raw Results from Los Angeles, CA:

The opening segment had Betty White escorted out on stage by Big Show.  He asked her what she planned to do as tonight's guest host and she said "I'm gonna kick some ass."  The Authority came out with Stephanie McMahon hugging Betty White on stage, and Triple H smirking at Big Show, before Show and White went backstage.  The Authority hit the ring to say they are still considering who is the face of WWE: Orton, Bryan, Cesaro, Christian, Sheamus and even reconsidering Cena.

Orton came out to interrupt, saying he is going to bring out The Viper for the rest of his reign, starting with Cena tonight.  He said he thought things over and wanted to apologize to them for being so foolish.  He talked about how he will be the face of WWE on cereal boxes and talk shows. Daniel Bryan came out to interrupt him and ultimately asked The Authority to give him a match with Kane.  Steph said since Bryan attacked Kane first, they didn't approve a match, so Kane's on leave and it will be part of his perfromance appraisal file.  They told Bryan he can have the night off, but the crowd chanted "NO" for him.  Bryan kept them going then told HHH off mic that the fans want to see him tonight.

The Wyatt Family defeated the Rhodes Bros. and Rey Mysterio via pinfall.  The late part of the match had Wyatt avoiding the 619 from Rey, and pulled him to the floor.  Cody jumped off the top rope to take out Bray on the outside, but Rowan whipped Rhodes into the barricade.  Goldust took out Rowan.  Meanwhile, Rey tried for a 619 on Harper, but Wyatt tagged himself in and hit Sister Abigail on Rey to get the win.  Bray sat in his rocking chair at ringside post-match to call out The Shield as "little toy soliders fighting a war not meant for them."

Renee Young interviewed The Shield backstage after a video package showed off Roman Reigns setting a record at the Royal Rumble.  He was seen smiling about it, then spoke about the Wyatt Family match they have coming up, saying actions speak louder than words.  Young asked Ambrose about why he hasn't been defending the United States title much and he said it was due to "paperwork."  Reigns intervened asking him what kind of champion he wants to be.  Ambrose said he'll prove it tonight with an open challenge.

Betty White was shown backstage with the divas and Vickie Guerrero.  New Age Outlaws showed up saying they heard the younger generation was going to try to play a trick on her, but they'll protect her.  They invited her to go have a cup of tea with them, so Betty left with NAO.

Fandango defeated Santino Marella via pinfall.  Miz was on guest commentary and mocked both Fandango and Santino, then jokingly said "this is awesome," before leaving the commentators table to head backstage.  Meanwhile, Fandango scored a pinfall win after hitting his top rope leg drop.

Byron Saxton was introduced by Cole as the newest member of their broadcast team.  He talked with Sheamus backstage, who brought up teaming up with Christian on Raw, and how he won't take the Elimination Chamber match lightly, because he wants to earn a spot at the WM30 main event.

Sheamus and Christian defeated Real Americans via pinfall.  Before a commercial break, Cesaro managed to knock Sheamus out to the floor.  Later on, Cesaro hit a big uppercut on Christian and had a near fall.  He managed to perform his Cesaro Swing on Christian as well.  However, later on, Sheamus got into the match and managed to take out Swagger with a Brogue Kick for the big win.

Backstage, Renee Young talked to John Cena who hyped up the WWE Network and praised rising young stars in WWE like Daniel Bryan.  He said tonight he'll end his rivalry with Orton by making a statement by beating him in front of the soldout crowd. Cena said the statement goes out to The Wyatts, Shield, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan.  He said they'll have to go through him if they think they have what it takes to carry the future of WWE.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.  The match lasted just over a minute of TV time, with Ziggler trying for a Fameasser at one point and getting a near fall.  Del Rio came back to win after an armbreaker, by hitting a Superkick on Ziggler to pin him.  Post-match, he put the Cross Arm Breaker on Ziggler.  Batista's music hit and he came down to spear Del Rio, then went out of the ring and ran Del Rio into the steel steps.  He pulled apart the announce table and did a Batista Bomb to smash Del Rio through it.

After a segment and commercial, Batista was backstage walking when Triple H came up to him.  He told him it was good to have him back but he can't be going off on Del Rio like he did out there.  Batista told him ADR deserved it.  HHH said they want him to keep it in the ring because things have changed and it's a publicly-traded company.  He told Batista he wants to fit him into what's best for business. Batista said Del Rio is his business, so HHH ended up giving him a match against Del Rio at Elimination Chamber.

They announced the newest member for the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Class: Lita aka Amy Dumas.

Backstage, New Age Outlaws were having tea with Betty White, with Road Dogg telling her it was his own special blend.  Billy Gunn distracted Betty by showing her a tag team title belt, while Dogg tried to add something into her tea.  She asked for a lemon so both Outlaws got up to get her one.  As they were turned away, White swapped glasses with them, and they all drank up.

The Uso Brothers defeated Curtis Axel and Ryback via pinfall.  New Age Outlaws were on commentary, with Gunn acting like he had a stomach problem after drinking the tea.  Meanwhile, Jey made a tag as he dove over the top rope onto Ryback.  The finish saw Jimmy hit a splash from the top rope onto Axel to get the pin.  Post-match, The Usos got up and started towards the ring, but Billy's stomach problems were getting worse so he rushed backstage.

Mark Henry defeated Dean Ambrose in a US Title match due to disqualification.  During the match, Henry wore a brace and had wrap on his left arm, following the previous attack by Brock Lesnar.  During the match, Ambrose worked on the arm, but Henry was able to toss him out of the ring before a break.  The close saw Henry make a comeback and hit World's Strongest Slam.  He had the pinfall, but Rollins rushed in to break it up, causing a DQ.  Henry beat up The Shield guy, but Reigns was able to tackle him with a Spear.  Post-mach, Shield headed through the crowd until The Wyatt's video glitch hit, and then they made their entrance.  Both teams ended up getting onto the apron to face off across the ring.  Reigns got in the ring first.  Bray smiled and was about to get in the ring, but backed out through the ropes.  He and the Wyatt Family dropped off the apron to the floor, while the rest of Shield got in the ring with Reigns.  Bray put his arms in the crucifix pose on the floor as the segment ended.

Cameron & The Bella Twins defeated AJ Lee, Alicia Fox and Aksana via pinfall.  During the match, a botched move resulted in one of the Bellas falling akwardly on Aksana, then holding her nose or mouth after the fall.  The finish saw Cameron hit a DDT on Aksana to get the win.

Kane came out to the ring to talk about how what he did to Bryan was on his own and not by The Authority's instructions.  He said he'd been warned about this.  Daniel Bryan came out and started to fight with Kane in the ring.  Bryan got the upperhand, but Kane shoved him down and hit an uppercut on him.  Kane tried to chokeslam Bryan, but he avoided it, then held the top rope down as Kane charged at him.  Bryan hit a suicide dive out onto Kane, and Kane eventually got knocked into the front row.  Bryan led the crowd in Yes chants.

John Cena defeated Randy Orton via pinfall in a non-title match.  The match lasted about 20 minutes with plenty of good back and forth action.  At one point, Orton went for a punt kick on Cena, who avoided it, but Orton caught him with an RKO for a near fall.  Moments later, Cena hit an AA, with Orton kicking out after.  The final moments saw Cena go for a second rope Attitude Adjustment, but Orton avoided it.  Cena kicked Orton, then hit his leg drop on the back of Orton's neck.  He followed with the AA and finally scored the clean pinfall.  Post-match, Cena celebrated as Raw went off the air.

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