Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Main Event Results 02/05/14

WWE Main Event results from Des Moines, IA:

The Miz defeated Fandango via submission.  Santino Marella and Emma from NXT were on commentary during the match. During the match, Miz hit a dive out of the ring onto Fandango.  Miz then did Emma's dance move with her before a break.  Later, Fandango had control of things, working on Miz's arm and neck areas.  Miz tried to make a comeback, but Fandango stayed in control.  Later still, Miz managed to make a comeback, and eventually locked a figure-four on Fandango, making him tap out.

They showed parts of Triple H's weekly interview where he talked with Michael Cole.  HHH said Orton currently has a lot to prove to him as champion, so on Monday's Raw he'll be facing John Cena.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Zack Ryder via pinfall.  The match lasted almost five minutes.  Del Rio hit a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker at one point for a nearfall.  Ryder made a comeback and had a burst of offense, along with a Broski Boot.  Del Rio was able to recover and gain control, hitting a side kick to get the pinfall win.

They showed the Raw Rebound which was focused on Randy Orton losing in his main event non-title match against Daniel Bryan, followed by Kane and Orton's beatdown on Bryan.

Big E Langston defeated Curtis Axel via pinfall in a non-title match. After a commercial break, Langston was dominating the match until Axel got the upperhand after luring Langston to the outside, then driving him against the ring apron and steps. Axel continued to work on Langston's neck with various moves in the ring.  Later, Langston managed to get a boot up and blocked a flying forearm from Axel.  From there, Big E started to run over Axel.  He went for the Big Ending, but Axel avoided it and hit a Perfect-Plex for the nearfall. Axel was livid over it not being a three count, and as he turned Langston was ready to grab him for the Big Ending finisher and pinfall.

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