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Smackdown Results 03/28/14

Smackdown results from Boston, MA:

Batista came to the ring to the open show bringing up Daniel Bryan being cheered by the fans for no good reason. Batista then talked about Stephanie McMahon and how hard she slaps. He made remarks that Stephanie just might the hardest of all his possible opponents at WM30. Triple H came out to interject when that comment was made. HHH told Batista to leave his wife out of it and asked why he was making things personal. Batista said because Stephanie is the reason Triple H wears the suits and is COO of the WWE. He added that Triple H previously said that Batista was just trying to relive his former glory. 

Batista reminded HHH that he beat him every time they faced each other back in the day. HHH said that was a while ago, but then Batista got lazy and went to Hollywood after quitting. HHH said since he’s been back he has barely seen “The Animal” come out.  He told him tonight he’d have a chance to show everyone “The Animal,” in a match against someone who reminds him of the animal and loves to fight: Sheamus. HHH left up the ramp.

The Shield defeated 3MB via pinfall. Rollins dove on Mahal at ringside during the late part of the match, then later hit his finisher “Dirty Deeds” in the ring for the win. Kane arrived out after the match saying he was impressed but wondered if they could defeat their next opponents: Ryback and Curtis Axel.

The Shield defeated Curtis Axel and Ryback via pinfall. late in the match, Rollins kicked Ryback and Axel, then dove over the top with a somersault onto Axel on the outside. In the ring, Ambrose hit the Curb Stomp finisher to get the pinfall victory. Post-match, Reigns speared Ryback down in the ring before Shield hit a Triple Powerbomb on Ryback. Thee Shield talked some trash towards Kane and New Age Outlaws who were out on the ramp watching.

Sin Cara defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall. The match lasted less than a minute. Sin Cara was grounded by Sandow early, but moments later Sin Cara grabbed a rollup pinfall to get the surprise win.

Backstage, Renee Young spoke with Big Show about his match tonight with Bray Wyatt. He said what the Wyatts did to Cena on Raw was disturbing and that they are able to get in your head because some of what they say has some truth to it. He said he’s got a big problem on his hands tonight, but so do they.

Fandango defeated Goldust via pinfall. Fandango walked into a powerslam late with Goldust getting a near fall. Fandango was able to retreat to the outside, where Goldust fought him near the announce table. Goldust tossed Fandango back in the ring and Summer Rae caused a bit of a distraction before Goldust could go after Fandango. That allowed Fandango to score a big kick on Goldust to get the pinfall win.

Sheamus defeated Batista due to disqualification. Late in this one, Sheamus started to make his comeback with multiple clotheslines and a big knee lift. Batista rolled onto the apron, but Sheamus tried to grab him to beat on Batista’s chest. Instead, Batista yanked Sheamus against the ropes to counter. Moments later, Sheamus was able to club Batista on the chest on the apron. Sheamus was in control and prepared for a Brogue Kick, but Batista escaped the ring. On the outside Batista grabbed a chair which he used to ram into Sheamus’ gut, causing a DQ. Post-match, he kept on beating up Sheamus with the chair before tossing him into the ring post. Back in the ring he Batista Bombed Sheamus before getting on the mic to ask HHH and the crowd if they were all happy. He said he’ll be leaving Wrestlemania 30 as new champ and they all should just deal with it.

Bray Wyatt was shown for a promo talking about how we all wear a mask for one reason or another. He said if you continue to hide behind it or try to use it to fit in for long enough, the mask becomes you. He said if you remove the mask, you remove your own sin. Bray said he’s broken John Cena now and the mark on his should will be there forever. He said tonight the sword slays a giant and it’s a gift for John Cena. He said “all lies will be revealed under the cypress tree.” Bray started signing “he’s got the whole world in his hands..” to close out another creepy promo segment.

The Bella Twins defeated A.J. Lee and Tamina via pinfall. Vickie Guerrero was on commentary during the bout. Late in the match, Brie kneed Tamina in the face, then hit a missile dropkick. Tamina fled to the outside of the ring. AJ and Tamina started arguing, which caused Tamina to leave AJ on her own. Brie hit a Facebuster on AJ for the win.

Jack Swagger defeated Jimmy Uso via submission. Late in the match, Jimmy went for the Butt Splash, but Swagger managed to get low and clip his leg as Jimmy charged. From there, Swagger put on the Patriot Lock to get the victory.

Mark Henry defeated The Miz via pinfall. The match lasted nearly four minutes. At one point, Henry threw Miz into the steps and barricade on the outside. Moments later, he tossed Miz back in the ring and hit World’s Strongest Slam for the win.

Bray Wyatt defeated Big Show via pinfall. Harper and Rowan were at ringside for Wyatt. Show used his strength and power to have an early advantage, and hit the chest slaps. At one point, Wyatt avoided an elbow drop by Big Show then hit kicks and elbows on him. He hit a running denton for a two count. Later, Wyatt did his hang upside down in the corner and crab-walk routine. He tried to charge at Show but was clotheslined down. Moments later, Show missed a charge of his own and Wyatt hit a splash on him. Show hyper-extended his knee on an attempted boot kick as Wyatt charged. Bray was able to splash Show and then distract the ref enough to allow Harper to get in a shot on Show. Wyatt grabbed Show and hit Sister Abigail to finish him for a pinfall. Smackdown closed with Bray Wyatt standing over Big Show on the mat and laughing about it.

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