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Raw Results 07/07/14

Raw Results from Montreal, Canada: 

Michael Cole was on commentary with JBL and King. He noted that tonight The Authority is on vacation and won’t be at the show. Roman Reigns was in ring for the opening speech.

The opening segment had Reigns in the ring talking about how Triple H put in the Fatal Fourway, probably to neutralize Cena, and must think Kane will neutralize him so Orton can leave with the WWE title. Reigns said he won’t. He heard some Cena sucks chants and said “When Roman Reigns is in the house, you damn right Cena sucks.” A bit later and Kane’s pyro hit with Kane coming out in his mask to interrupt. The two eventually got into a brawl in the ring, which spilled out into the crowd. Referees and various personnel had to come down to break things up. Eventually Reigns hit a Superman Punch to knock Kane down. His music played as Kane retreated back up the ramp.

The Wyatts defeated The Usos via pinfall in a non-title match. Late in this one, one of the two Usos got to the top turnbuckle. Harper stopped him, and ended up hitting a bit power bomb for a near fall. The other Uso came in to disrupt the pin, causing a brawl, but Harper smashed the non-legal Uso with a huge clothesline. That was good for the win.

Kane and Orton had a talk backstage with Orton saying he would be right by Kane’s side if Reigns did one more thing to him tonight. Kane seemed suspicious of it, and said the WWE title is definitely come back to the Authority. In walked Seth Rollins with the MITB briefcase. He said he’d think twice about cashing in if either one of them wins on Sunday. Orotn said he’s starting to hate that kid, but Kane said not as much as he’s really starting to hate Orton.

Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox fought to a no contest in a one hand tied behind the back match. Nikki had her arm tied behind her back first, then Fox played games and didn’t allow for the ref to tie hers. She grabbed the rope away and then kicked Nikki. The two fought out to the floor with Alicia beating up on Nikki. The ref intervened to pull them apart, but Fox got back in the ring to attack Nikki more, then left.

Rusev defeated Rob Van Dam via submission. Lana came out with Rusev waving the Russian flag, talking about how everyone should accept Vladimir Putin as their leader. Lana started speaking some more but RVD’s music interrupted to bring him out. The close of this one saw RVD try for Rolling Thunder, with Rusev moving away. He hit a thrust kick on RVD and then Rusev put a boot to his back, before putting on The Accolade.

Randy Orton defeated Dean Ambrose via pinfall. Late in this match which went over 17 minutes, Orton hit a hanging DDT from the crowd barricade. He got back in the ring and the ref started a count out. Ambrose barely got back in the ring before nine. He was able to dodge and RKO and then did a backslide pin. Orton came back moments later with an RKO for the win.

Cena did an interview backstage saying people talk about “Best for business,” but these title belts are a sign of handling business. Roman Reigns showed up and wished Cena good luck later. Cena told him “strong words out there Roman,” then added “I don’t need luck homes.” Reigns said he’d need a ton of luck facing him at the Fatal Fourway match, “homes.”

Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. Justin Roberts introduced the two competitors as two of the participants in the Intercontinental Title battle Royal at Battleground. Fandango was on guest commentary. In the match, Del Rio took advantage of a late distraction when Fandango’s music hit and he danced on the announcers’ desk. Del Rio kicked Ziggler from behind and scored the pinfall.

They had a backstage segment with Goldust and Stardust talking about how bizarre they are. They each hissed at one another.

Fandango was backstage when Layla approached asking if he distracted Ziggler because Summer is with him. Fandango denied that and Layla said she didn’t know what she’d do if Fandango was back with Summer. In the background, Summer was seen smiling at what transpired.

Jerry Lawler was in the ring to mention last time he was there his heart attack put a damper on the night when it was supposed to be Pat Patterson and Bret Hart’s return night. He introduced Bret who came to the ring talking about how he loves coming back there, no matter what took place there last. He said if he could have one more match it would be here in Montreal. Damien Sandow came out to Hart’s music dressed up as The Hitman. He mocked him in the ring and then said “Talking was never Hart’s strong suit.” Bret punched him down then said “No, punching was.”

Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall in a non-title match. Sheamus was able to withstand an attempted Sharpshooter by Sandow. Later, he hit the ten forearms to Sandow’s chest, then delivered a Brogue Kick for the win.

Renee Young talked to The Miz backstage. He read a letter from a fan about how Miz is his favorite superstar and movie star. Miz talked about how he could lose money and the fans would lose his stardom if something happened to his face. He pointed at his fist and said Jericho’s ready for his close-up.

Chris Jericho defeated The Miz via submission. Late in the match, Jericho got up after Miz kicked his knee repeatedly. Jericho punched Miz in the face and Miz acted like he had been shot. Jericho followed with Walls of Jericho for the win.

Post-match, The Wyatt Family sound effect went off as the lights went out. The lights came back on with Bray Wyatt sitting in his rocking chair on stage. He talked about how fans used to wait for Jericho to “save us,” but he can’t even save himself. He talked about how the face of his fans has now changed. Wyatt showed an image of all the fans holding up smartphones in the dark. Jericho asked Wyatt “Would you please shut the hell up,” and then said he was going to come up there and beat Wyatt up. The sounder went off again, and now Harper and Rowan were on both sides of Bray as he laughed.

Paige and A.J. Lee defeated Cameron and Naomi via pinfall. Prior to the match, Paige took the mic and introduced the divas champion AJ Lee. During the match, Cameron and Naomi kept arguing and refusing tags to one another. At one point, Cameron walked over and tagged in Naomi by slapping her back, but Paige was waiting to hit the Paige Turner and then pinned her.

Kofi Kingston defeated Cesaro via pinfall. Heyman and Cesaro cut a promo before the match about how the Canadians don’t speak English or French, and that the French don’t even like them in Montreal. The match lasted under two minutes. Cesaro had a near fall after a military press slam. Kingston managed to get a rollup pinfall for the win. Cesaro attacked Kingston post-match, but Big E rushed down for the save. 

Seth Rollins went into John Cena’s locker room backstage. Cena got up to face him, but Rollins told him not to come at him like that. He said just because they have a match doesn’t mean they can’t talk as adults. He talked about possibly cashing in the MITB contract tonight, saying if it’s not him, it could be Kane or Orton winning the title. Cena said he gets what The Authority sees in Rollins, but his days with The Shield are now over. He told Rollins tonight’s got a match with the champion and guaranteed him he’s in for the fight of his life. Rollins told Cena he’d see him out there.

Bo Dallas defeated El Torito via pinfall. At one point, Dallas shoved Diego down at ringside. In the ring, he hit a forearm to Torito’s head, then hit the Bo-Dog for the win. JBL yelled “The streak lives!” after the win.

John Cena and Seth Rollins fought to a no-contest in a non-title match. Late in this one, Rollins got a near fall after striking Cena’s head. Cena was able to respond by putting on an STF on Rollins. He had to re-apply the hold center-ring, but then Kane’s pyro went off signaling his arrival. Kane walked towards the ring and Cena let go of the hold. Cena backed up in the ring, but Orton had snuck in and started the attack. Post-match, all three guys started to attack Cena, with the ref fleeing once Kane arrived. There had never been a bell for the DQ.

Roman Reigns showed up and took down Kane with the Superman Punch then took out Orton in the ring. Rollins was ready with the MITB case and smashed Reigns with it, then hit Cena in the head to knock him down. Rollins wanted to cash in, but the previous match’s bell never had been called for. Another ref showed up to try to take the case for a cash-in, but Dean Ambrose showed up and tackled down Rollins. He battled Rollins to the back, while Cena was coming to in the ring.

Orton prepared for an RKO on Cena, but instead Cena caught him with the AA. Kane went to try to chokeslam Cena, but Reigns speared him down. Reigns and Cena stood tall after clearing the ring. Reigns held up Cena’s hand, but he was a bit offended by it, and yanked his hand away then held up Reigns’ hand. They came face-to-face, then Reigns held up Cena’s hand again before Raw ended.

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