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Raw Results 06/29/15

Raw results from Washington, DC:

The opening segment had Seth Rollins come to the ring with Kane, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. He talked up how important they all have been to him, and then presented them all with new Apple watches. After that, he stopped to separately thank Kane, saying he’s been the glue holding WWE together for the past 17 years. He said Kane deserves a real vacation. Hawaiian music started to play and a hula dancer came out as Rollins informed Kane he was giving him a trip to Hawaii. He talked about how J&J have been driving the same beat-up car for a long time, but that will change now. A brand new Cadillac was driven out into the arena, which Rollins awarded to J&J. He had them get in and honk the horn. Big Show’s music hit and he came out on stage clapping. He smiled at Rollins and the rest of the Authority before heading to the ring for a match.

Big Show defeated Mark Henry via pinfall. Show won in over a minute. At one point, Show punched Henry and he fell back into the ropes. Henry turned back towards him and then Show hit the KO punch to pin him. Post-match, Ryback rushed to the ring to attack Show, putting him down. Miz had been on commentary and snuck in to kick Ryback, but Ryback got right back up and Miz took off. 

Ryback defeated The Miz via countout. The two fought in a non-title matchup. At one point, Miz hit Reality Check for a two count. Ryack regained control, but Miz fled the ring again, resulting in a countout. 

Paige defeated Alicia Fox via pinfall. The Bella Twins were ringside during the match and distracted Paige a few times on the outside. Late in the match, Paige had been in control and Nikki got on the ring apron to distract her. Alicia did a pinfall rollup, but Paige rolled through it to capture the pin of her own.

John Cena arrived out for the weekly open challenge. Kevin Owens came out carrying the NXT title belt. Lillian Garcia did the ring introductions but then Owens slipped to the outside of the ring to get a mic. He said “On second though, I think I’ll wait for Battleground.” He said if anyone will take the US title from Cena, it’s him..or this man. Cesar’s music and he came down to the ring for the match.

Cesaro defeated John Cena due to disqualification. Cesaro had a Boston crab style submission hold locked on Cena at one point. Kevin Owens was ringside and rushed into the ring to hit Cesaro from behind, causing a DQ. From there, he shoved Cesaro to the ropes and hit the Pop-up Powerbomb. He followed with the same move on Cena moments later.

Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen to cut a promo about always thinking he should have been his father’s favorite, but his dad threw him away like trash. Wyatt said now he’s awake so it’s different, then yelled, “Look Daddy, I got my wings back!” He said that Reigns doesn’t deserve all that he has. Wyatt said Reigns knows all the bad things he is capable of and now he’s his. Wyatt said as long as he walks the earth he’ll be Reigns’ crown of suffering.

Prime Time Players & Lucha Dragons defeated New Day & Bo Dallas via pinfall. At one point in this match, Lucha Dragons took out Big E and Woods, while Young took Bo Dallas out of the ring. Titus was able to hit his sit-out slam on Kofi from the ropes for the win.

King Barrett defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall. Prior to the match, Barrett cut a promo on the way to the ring saying from now on all opponents must pay respect and bow down before him. In the match, Swagger went for an early Ankle Lock but Barrett got to the ropes and then went to the outside. Swagger followed after and ran Barrett into the crowd barrier a few times. Back in the ring, Barrett recovered and hit a Bull Hammer for the win.

Seth Rollins & Kane defeated Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose via pinfall. Late in the match, Bray Wyatt came out to ringside to attack Reigns. Several refs had to order Wyatt to leave. Ambrose attacked Kane and hit a clothesline then prepared his finisher but Rollins broke it up. Kane hit the chokeslam on Ambrose and then Rollins hit a Pedigree on him for the win. Post-match, the heels brought a table into the ring and set it up in the corner. J&J held Ambrose and Rollins mocked Reigns’ war cry. Reigns got back in the ring and fought the heels a bit, but Kane hit a chokeslam on him.

The heels continued to beat down Reigns. Reigns managed to fight back a bit and got a shot in on Rollins, but he clipped Reigns in the knee to put him down again. J&J picked up Reigns and Rollins power bombed him through the table in the corner. Reigns started getting up, so Rollins hit a Pedigree on him. He picked up his title belt to proudly display as he stood tall over Reigns.

As the heels left, Bray Wyatt walked out and down to the ring. He picked up Reigns and hit Sister Abigail, then made the crucifix pose while standing over Reigns as Raw ended.

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