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SmackDown Results 06/25/15

SmackDown results from Toledo, OH:

The opening segment had Seth Rollins come to the ring with Kane and Joey Mercury. They spoke about Brock Lesnar and how Jamie Noble was in the hospital after the attack. Seth said tonight’s episode is dedicated to Noble and he’d want them to celebrate, not wallow in misery. Seth talked up Kane chokeslamming Ambrose recently and said he really is “the Devil’s Favorite Demon.” Kane talked about Big Show not being there to join the Authority’s “extended family” tonight due to an unprovoked attack from Ryback. 

Kane called out Ryback who came out and talked some trash about Kane and then Rollins. He said he wished Ambrose had his grip strength at the PPV so he could be champion instead of a sellout overprotected champ like Rollins. Kane told Ryback he’ll teach him some respect in a match later. As they were leaving, Rollins said tonight he’ll finish the job in a match against Dean Ambrose.

Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. Lana was ringside for the match. At one point, Ziggler locked a sleeper hold onto Sheamus, but The Celtic Warrior broke out of it using the turnbuckle to back Ziggler onto. He crotched Ziggler on the top rope before hitting a Brogue Kick for the win. Backstage, an irate Rusev had been watching the monitor as Lana was tending to a hurt Ziggler out in the ring. He yelled at the staff nearby, until Summer Rae walked up and put her hand on him saying Lana wasn’t worth it, before walking away.

Alicia Fox defeated Naomi via pinfall. The Bellas were ringside for the match. At one point, Naomi was knocked outside of the ring and got up to get into some trash talk with the Bellas. Taming was also ringside and snuck behind to super kick Brie and then Nikki. In the ring, Alicia was able to hit a new finishing move to get the pin on Naomi.

Ryback defeated Kane via disqualification. Late in the match, Ryback hit the Meathook and signaled for the Shellshocked. Big Show interfered and kicked Ryback, causing a DQ. Post-match, Kane and Big Show teamed up to beat up Ryback. Show and Kane smirked about it as they went up the ramp. 

The Lucha Dragons & Prime Time Players defeated New Day & Bo Dallas via pinfall. Late in the contest, Sin Cara dove out onto most of the competitors at ringside. In the ring, Kalisto hit a springboard 450 move on Xavier Woods to get the pin.

Backstage, Reigns and Ambrose talked about the games Wyatt is playing. Ambrose told Reigns it’s pissing him off. He suggested they search the building to give Wyatt a beatdown. Reigns said he’d handle him at Battleground PPV. Reigns warned Ambrose to be careful with The Authority. The former tag partners said they’d have each other’s backs. Ambrose walked off and Reigns picked up another picture that Wyatt left in his locker room.

Backstage, Reigns was tossing around people as he looked for Wyatt. Kane showed up and told him he was becoming a liability there with his actions so he was tossing him out of the arena for tonight. Security showed up and Reigns shoved them to walk out on his own.

Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose via pinfall in a non-title matchup. Kane was ringside along with Joey Mercury but no Jamie Noble. Rollins avoided Dirty Deeds at one point. Ambrose was able to take out Joey Mercury, then hit a DDT on Rollins for a near pinfall. Later, Ambrose climbed up on the corner to launch himself out onto The Authority on the floor outside. Ambrose took a kick but then hit a huge clothesline on Rollins. Mercury caused another distraction which allowed Rollins to eventually hit The Pedigree for the win.

The Authority all stood tall in the ring with Dean Ambrose lying down on the mat to close SmackDown.

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