Monday, July 6, 2015

Raw Results 07/06/15

Raw Results from Chicago, IL:

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar came out to cut an in-ring promo about Brock’s match against Seth Rollins at Battleground. Hyman talked about Rollins provoking Lesnar three times finished. Heyman said the title match takes place in St. Louis, but the beatings and suplexes start tonight. He finished with “Since Seth Rollins will be here tonight, my client ain’t going anywhere this evening.”

Ryback fought Big Show to a no-contest. The Miz showed up and attacked both men late in the match to cause the double DQ/no contest finish.

Brie Bella defeated Paige via pinfall. At one point, Paige ran Brie into Nikki to knock her off the apron. Paige knocked Alicia off the apron too, but Brie hit a face buster on Paige to get the win. Post-match, Nikki and Alicia Fox attacked Paige.

Sheamus defeated Roman Reigns via contout. Reigns was about to go for his finisher when Bray Wyatt’s music hit. A man dressed like Wyatt carrying a lantern came to ringside. Reigns went out and pulled a wig off the man, seeing it wasn’t Wyatt. On the big screen the real Wyatt appeared and said “Anyone but you Roman.” As the lights came back on, the ref had counted out Reigns. Post-match, Sheamus celebrated the win, but Randy Orton made his surprise return. He got the apprehend for a bit then Sheamus did, but once back in the ring, Orton hit an RKO.

Dean Ambrose defeated Bo Dallas via pinfall. Ambrose won a relatively quick match when he hit Dirty Deeds.

King Barrett defeated R-Truth via pinfall. Truth jumped off the ropes towards the end, only to get hit by the Bull Hammer elbow.

They had a segment where Noble and Mercury came out with their car along with Rollins, all of them carrying axe handles. Rollins talked trash about Lesnar, but Lesnar’s music hit and he came out with Heyman. Heyman rolled out a box on wheels which had some axes in it. Eventually Lensar started to destroy J&J’s car with axes, and ripped off the rear passenger door. J&J rushed up to try to stop him but Noble got put in a Kimura Lock and Mercury was suplexed onto the car windshield. Lenora went to the ring where it was just him and Rollins. Rollins took off running into the crowd. Lesnar picked up the championship belt with JBL saying nothing will stop Lesnar from getting the title back. Cole said he only has to wait 13 more nights to do it.

Kofi Kingston & Big E defeated Lucha Dragons via pinfall. New Day hit their finisher for the win in a ten minute match.

John Cena defeated Cesaro via pinfall to retain the WWE United States Championship. The match lasted over 30 minutes. At the end, Cesaro went for the Neutralizer from the middle rope. Cena fought him off and moments later hit the AA from the second rope to get the pinfall victory. Post-match, Kevin Owens came in and attacked Cena. He went for a Pop-up Powerbomb but Cena fought him off and hit the AA to clear Owens from the ring.

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