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Raw Results 07/26/15

Raw results from Oklahoma City, OK:

The opening segment had Triple H, Stephanie and WWE champ Seth Rollins come to the ring. They talked up tonight’s show being an hour longer than usual and HHH announced some first-time ever matches. They included Dean Ambrose vs. Big Show, Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton and Paige vs. Sasha Banks for tonight’s show. Seth Rollins got on the mic and started to boast about leaving Battleground as champion. He ordered the fans to stand up and admit he will go down as “one of, if not the greatest, WWE Heavyweight Champions of all time.”

John Cena’s music hit to bring out the United States Champion. Cena said he tried to shut up Rollins last week and get him to fight to prove he was the real deal but that didn’t work. He said maybe Steph and Triple H would do what’s best for business. Steph polled the crowd if they wanted to see a Cena vs. Rollins title fight tonight and they seemed to agree. She said “for the first time ever, I say no.” She said there would be no title match on Raw and Cena has to earn that title shot. HHH said it will be Cena vs. Rollins tonight but Cena’s US title will be on the line, “because that’s what’s best for business.” 

Big Show defeated Dean Ambrose via contout. The match went over 11 minutes and ended a bit after Show hit a spear on Ambrose on the outside. Ambrose stumbled around but got back in the ring. Moments later, he went for the suicide dive on Show on the outside but Show connected on a KO punch. Ambrose was counted out after. Post-match, Ambrose struggled to get up near the crowd barricade. Show charged at him but Ambrose moved away and Show crashed into the timekeeper area.

Neville defeated Fandango via pinfall. He hit the Red Arrow in a match that lasted under two minutes to get the win. Post-match, Stardust came out to cut a promo saying he would “protect the universe from overbearing do-gooders.”

They had a backstage segment involving an argument between the Paige/Becky/Charlotte stable and Tamina, Naomi and Sasha. Paige had an upcoming match with Sasha who talked trash at her about losing the NXT and Divas Championships. Sasha reminded her she’s still NXT champ. After the heels left, Charlotte said if Naomi and Tamina got involved in the match, things would get bad. Paige said it already has.

Sasha Banks defeated Paige via pinfall. Charlotte and Becky Lynch were ringside for Paige while Tamina and Naomi were there for Sasha. Late in the match, Paige had on her submission move but Sasha was able to reach the ropes to break it. Sasha eventually won the match with the Bank Statement after hitting a Backstabber on Paige in a match that went over 13 minutes.

Rusev came out to the ring with Lana. He said he was smitten with this woman who has healed his soul. He presented her with a dog as a gift. He then gave her another gift to open and it was a dead fish. He said the cold fish was named “Lana.” Lana came out to the ring and said everyone can see through Rusev having Summer dress up like her. She kicked Summer and then shoved her face into the fish. Lana left the ring smiling about it and waving to fans. In the ring, Rusev helped up Summer and she threw a temper tantrum.

The Lucha Dragons defeated Los Matadores via pinfall. The Prime Time Players were on commentary during the match. Late in the match, New Day’s music headed to the ring holding up a sign saying “Real Mega Dad of the Year” pointed at Kofi. That irked Titus. Meanwhile in the ring, Kalisto was able to pin Fernando for the win.

Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper came to the ring to explain their recent reunion. Wyatt said that Harper was a damaged man who he fixed, but then he had to set him free to learn his own truth. Harper spoke up saying his family shunned me and caused him pain, but that Bray Wyatt saved him. “Bray Wyatt my life for you,” Harper finished with. Wyatt turned the conversation towards Roman Reigns and said it’s his burden to bare. Wyatt concluded with “We’re here..” to end the segment.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox via pinfall. Paige was ringside for her team, while Brie Bella was also there. The match saw Lynch hitting a suplex on Alicia Fox and Nikki run into help, only to get speared by Charlotte. Becky hit the Disarmer on Alicia to get the win.

Randy Orton defeated Kevin Owens due to disqualification. Sheamus was ringside at the commentary spot as a guest. Late in the match, things spilled to the outside with Orton tossing Owens into the barricade. As Orton turned back around, Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick. The ref called for the bell. Post-match, Sheamus put Orton back in the ring with Owens also coming in. Cesaro charged down and hit an uppercut on Sheamus before diving out onto Owens. Cesaro punched away at Owens before hitting another uppercut when Sheamus charged at him. Cesaro rushed at Owens who hit a Pop-up Powerbomb on Cesaro. Owens yelled out “who’s the man now?” Sheamus smirked as he walked away with his MITB briefcase.

John Cena defeated Seth Rollins via submission to retain the WWE United States Championship. Late in the match, Cena had taken a high knee to the face which left him bloody due to a broken nose. Later, Rollins mangled to suerplex Cena off the ropes. He hit a slam move for a near fall. After that, Rollins went for a corkscrew moonsault from the corner but Cean avoided it. He put on the STF, with Rollins trying to pull himself to the ropes. Cena pulled him back center of the ring and Rollins soon tapped out. Post-match, a trainer got in the ring to check on Cena’s noise. Cena said he was OK. Cena sat in the corner of the ring as Raw closed out.

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