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Raw Results 07/13/15

Raw results from Atlanta, GA:

The opening segment featured Paul Heyman with Brock Lesnar. Heyman talked about how fans need to tune in for Sunday's Pay-per-view because it will be a rare occasion to see Lesnar as the challenger. Heyman said after the main event, Lesnar won't be a challenger, but he'll be champion again. Seth Rollins came out with Kane to interrupt. Kane reminded Heyman and Lesnar there would be a contract signing later. Heyman promised that Lesnar would be good unless Rollins didn't play nice and provoked him. He said then "Suplex City would come to Atlanta."

Ryback & Randy Orton defeated Sheamus & Big Show via pinfall. Late in the match, Miz distracted Big Show who chased him backstage. Orson was able to hit an RKO on Sheamus and then Ryback hit a top rope splash to get the pinfall.

Bray Wyatt made an entrance to the ring. Roman Reigns showed up behind him to attack, getting the best of him. He hit a Superman punch in the ring. Wyatt grabbed his lantern and hit Reigns with it, but Reigns regained himself to keep attacking Wyatt as he backed away.

They had a segment with Nikki Bella coming to the ring with Brie and Alicia Fox. Nikki bragged about how she’s owned the divas division as the champ. Out came Stephanie to interrupt. She said she owns WWE so she takes exception to Nikki’s rant. She said Paige has been trying to stand up to The Bellas and needs some backup. Stephanie introduced NXT Divas Becky Lynch and Charlotte, who all came to the ring to help. Tamina and Naomi came out to get involved, so Stephanie introduced NXT Women’s Champion “The Boss” Sasha Banks. A brawl broke out in the ring with Paige and the NXT Divas getting the best of the others. Stephanie smiled from up on the stage as the NXT Divas and Paige jawed at the others.

Prime Time Players and Mark Henry defeated New Day via pinfall. During the match, Big E hit a running splash on Titus then mocked his barking to the crowd. Later after all the big moves from different competitors, Mark Henry got the World’s Strongest Slam on Xavier Woods for the pinfall win.

John Cena came out for the US Championship open challenge. Rusev’s music hit and he came out to accept the challenge. Kevin Owens interrupted to remind him that if anyone is going to take his US title away it’s him. He suggested that he would take on Rusev in the ring now and the winner battles Cena next. Cesaro came out and it set up a Triple Threat match where the winner would get to face Cena tonight for the title. Cena sat in on guest commentary. 

Rusev defeated Cesaro via pinfall in a Triple Threat match. During the match, Kevin Owens hit forearm shots on both opponents and yelled “He’s mine, you hear me?” Both men responded by double-teaming Owens and knocking him out of the ring. Owens yelled “forget this” and left the match. Eventually, Rusev was able to defeat Cesaro after Cesaro tried to go up top. Rusev knocked him to the mat, then hit a kick to get the pinfall.

Rusev defeated John Cena due to disqualification in the U.S. Championship match. Kevin Owens interfered late, rushing the ring and kicking Rusev while he had The Accolade on Cena. He hit a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Rusev and then yelled to Cena “It’s my title” to remind him he’s the one who will take it.

Stardust defeated Neville via pinfall. Stardust made his return to WWE. Late in the match, Neville had some near falls after quick offense. Stardust rolled through Neville’s rollup pinfall attempt and grabbed Neville’s tights to secure the pin.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Contract Signing - The final segment featured the contract signing by Rollins and Lesnar. Rollins said he isn’t afraid of Brock and signed off on the match. Lesnar smirked and signed too. Rollins eventually got an axe handle he had hidden away. Brock shoved the table into him. He was able to stave off an attack by Rollins and Kane. Lesnar eventually hit an F5 on Kane and chased Rollins who took off through the crowd. From there, Brock was able to smash the steel steps down on Kane’s leg, causing him to yell out in agony. Rollins picked up the title belt to pose with it a bit, before he and Heyman left. Rollins came back out and got on the mic saying he is better than Lesnar. He said Brock ran through everyone except him and on Sunday he’ll show he is better. Rollins went out and looked at Kane as medical staff were attending to him. He told Kane “It’s on you” and dropped the mic before kicking Kane in his hurt leg. Rollins headed backstage. JBL declared “We’re going to have a new champion,” as Raw went off the air.

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