Thursday, July 9, 2015

SmackDown Results 07/09/15

SmackDown results from Milwaukee, WI:

The opening segment featured Seth Rollins coming out to the ring alone. A beeping truck backed into the arena bringing the destroyed Cadillac from Raw. Paul Heyman walked out and said he is the advocate for the man who destroyed that car. He talked about how Rollins will be alone on the 19th at Battleground when he loses the title to Brock Lesnar. Rollins ended up getting in the last word though saying that he’ll be the only man to walk out of Battleground and as the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Dean Ambrose defeated Bo Dallas via pinfall after hitting Dirty Deeds.

Rusev defeated Fandango via submission. Rusev kicked Fandango in the chest late and then put on The Accolade to make Fandango tap out.

Roman Reigns defeated Big Show due to disqualification. Bray Wyatt showed up in the ring late after a distraction on the outside. Reigns punched him down and kept fighting Show, but Wyatt attacked to cause a DQ. Big Show hit a chokeslam post-match and then Wyatt hit Sister Abigail.

Titus O’Neil defeated Big E via pinfall. Titus hit the sit out spine buster to get the pinfall win.

Alicia Fox & Brie Bella defeated Naomi and Tamina via pinfall. Alicia hit a big axe kick late to pin Tamina for the win. 

Ryback had an interview backstage and called out Rollins for being a coward and running off from Lesnar on Raw. He said tonight he’d show Rollins what it means to be a champion.

Ryback defeated Seth Rollins via contout. The two were on the outside several times. Ryback went for a Shellshocked but Rollins got away with his belt into the crowd. Ryback got in the ring as Rollins was counted out. Post-match, Big Show’s music hit and he came down to help Rollins attack Ryback. The two got in kicks and punches, but Roman Reigns came out to help. He speared Show and sent Rollins towards Ryback. Ryback hit Shellshocked on Rollins and then the babyfaces celebrated as SmackDown ended.

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