Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WWE Shows & Superstars

If you're a WWE fanatic who attends a live WWE event (Pay Per Views, Raw, Smackdown or house shows), or meets a superstar, I'd like to share your experience/pics with other fans. Your story and pics would be displayed here for other fans to enjoy and you will have the opportunity to promote your site, cause, group, etc. I will never provide fan's personal info beyond a first name (unless asked not to) and respect privacy rights as well.

I know from personal experience how cool it is to see the wrestlers up close at the shows, and recommend any WWE fan sits near the entrance ramp at least once (unless you're fainthearted or scare easily). The jolt and heat from the pyrotechnics is pretty amazing!

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Here's a few examples of what fans have sent in:

WWE House Show - Akron, OH

WWE House Show - Manchester, NH

Dedicated Fan Meets RKO

Thanks in advance and keep supporting the WWE brand of pro wrestling!

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