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Smackdown Recap 09.26.08

Smackdown recap from Columbus, OH:

Smackdown opened with highlights of Vladimir Kozlov's recent rampage. Kozlov demanded better competition in the ring, and when he didn't get it, he went after Jeff Hardy and Triple H. Last week, Kozlov attacked both Hardy and Triple H on Smackdown at separate times, leaving them layed out in the ring.

Chavo Guerrero was shown with Smackdown GM Vickie who demanded Chavo tell her what Undertaker said to him. Chavo said Undertaker squeezed his hand around his throat, and Chavo thought he would pass out. Chavo said Undertaker released the grip because he wanted Chavo to deliver a message, that tonight Undertaker is coming for Vickie. Vickie told Chavo to go get Big Show so he can prevent that from happening. Chavo left and Jeff Hardy entered. Hardy demanded a match against Kozlov, but Vickie told him that he needs to concentrate on his upcoming tag match tonight and his PPV title match against HHH. As Hardy was leaving, Big Show entered to protect Vickie, with Chavo standing nearby, shaking.

MVP & The Brian Kendrick vs. Jeff Hardy & Triple H

Ezekiel accompanied The Brian Kendrick to the ring. MVP waited outside the ring until right before the bell rang, then started off with Jeff Hardy. At one point early in the match, Kendrick was able to avoid a Hardy dropkick in the corner and slid out of the ring. Hardy came out after him, but as he followed Kendrick, Ezekiel came over to head him off. Jeff got back into the ring and Kendrick was ready to kick him. Eventually, Hardy escaped an Irish Whip doubleteam move when MVP tried to whip Kendrick into him in the corner. Jeff made the tag to Triple H and he and Hardy were able to clear the ring of the heel tag team.

During the break, Triple H became distracted by Ezekiel when he went outside the ring. Kendrick dropkicked HHH down, and the heels were back in control of the match. HHH finally escaped and in came Hardy to take down Kendrick several times with clotheslines and DDT moves. Jeff rammed into MVP as he tried to get involved. As Jeff went to the corner ropes, Ezekiel tripped him with the ref not seeing it. Jeff fell to the mat and Kendrick went for the pin, but Jeff kicked out. Kendrick and MVP played keep away with Hardy for a bit, wearing him down. Jeff finally hit a Whisper in the Wind when Kendrick whipped him to the corner. HHH and MVP tagged in, with The Game gaining the advantage.

Triple H went wild in the ring knocking both Kendrick and MVP down. As HHH prepared for a Pedigree, Kendrick was back up and kicked him in the face. Jeff ran in and clotheslined Kendrick to the outside. MVP went for a running kick since HHH was stumbling to get up, but The Game avoided. Triple H then kicked MVP in the gut and hit the Pedigree to get the pinfall victory!

After the victory, Jeff got back into the ring with the WWE title, looked it over than handed it to HHH and raised his arm up. Both men posed from the ring corners.

Winners: Jeff Hardy and Triple H win via pinfall over MVP & The Brian Kendrick.

A video was shown highlighting Great Khali's dominant victories in the WWE and on Smackdown. Khali will face the Russian superstar Vladimir Kozlov later on Smackdown.

Smackdown returned with WWE Classics on Demand 24/7 highlights from a March 23, 1992 match where Ric Flair and Sid Justice took on Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper. Hogan and Piper were able to effectively defeat the heel team prior to Wrestlemania VIII.

The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin arrived to the ring with his US Championship belt on his shoulder. In the ring, Shelton talked about setting a new standard of excellence in the WWE. Shelton insulted R-Truth for singing and dancing to disguise what he really is. Shelton said the fans are blind to it and join in on his "What's Up" chant.

As Shelton continued his speech, all of a sudden R-Truth's music came on. Truth was shown up in the crowd and began his "What's Up" rap song with the fans as he came down to the ring. Truth got into the ring and Shelton stared him down. Truth walked up to Shelton and gave him a loud "What's up?" in his face. Shelton dropped his mic and backed away, then exited out of the ring and up the ramp with his title. Truth's music came back on and he started his song and dance again.

Jim Ross announced a champion vs champion match for next week's big Smackdown. Intercontinental champ Santino Marella will face off against US Champion, Shelton Benjamin. WWE Divas Maria and Brie Bella were shown walking backstage en route to the ring for a tag match.

Brie Bella & Maria vs. Victoria & Natalya

At one point in the match, Natalya slapped Brie in the face twice. Brie tried to strike her, but Natalya caught her arm and rammed her to the corner. Natalya continued to dominate, but Brie was able to use a one arm takeover and flip Natalya into a pin. Natalya escaped and was able to catch Brie as she tried to come at her, then used a Scoop slam to dump Brie to the mat. Natalya continued to slap and punch Brie around the ring, toying with her.

Victoria tagged in and put a headlock style submission hold on Brie to wear her down. Victoria continued to keep Brie away, eventually knocking her to the outside of the ring. Victoria went out after Brie, but Brie quickly began to crawl under the ring. Almost at the same time, another female wrestler who looked just like Brie crawled out from the adjacent side of the ring. Victoria went at her but the second "Brie" punched Victoria and tossed her into the ring. Eventually Maria was tagged in and did a flying bodypress onto Victoria off the ropes to capture the pinfall.

Winners: Brie Bella & Maria win via pinfall over Victoria and Natalya.

A highlight video was shown of Vladimir Kozlov's dominance on Smackdown since his debut. Kozlov has yet to lose a singles match and faces the Great Khali tonight.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Great Khali

Kozlov tried to grapple Khali from behind, but Khali elbowed his way out. Kozlov tried to grab Khali's leg to bring him down, but Khali hammered down on him. Khali wrapped up Kozlov, but he kept headbutting Khali's chest. Kozlov came off the ropes, but Khali used a head chop to knock Kozlov down to the ropes. Khali followed with a boot to Kozlov causing him to fall outside the ring. Khali went out after Kozlov and charged at him near the ringpost. Kozlov moved away and Khali hit into the post.

Right after Kozlov rolled into the ring, Triple H's music came on and The Game came walking down the ramp staring right at Kozlov. Triple H tore off his shirt and entered the ring with Kozlov. Kozlov backed away and got out of the ring, then stood there. Triple H taunted him to get in and fight. Kozlov got up on the apron, but Khali was back up on the other apron. Triple H began to punch each wrestler back and forth. Khali and Kozlov eventually doubleteamed HHH and knocked him down. All of a sudden, Jeff Hardy rushed down to save HHH. HHH managed to roll out of the ring, but Khali chopped Jeff down as he came rushing off the ropes.

Triple H rolled back inside the ring with his trademark sledgehammer. Kozlov wisely got out of the ring and up the ramp, but Khali stayed. Khali tried to plead his way out of things, but HHH rammed the hammer into his gut several times, eventually forcing Khali to the outside. Jeff and HHH stared out to the ramp at Khali and Kozlov, then looked at each other in the ring.

Winner: Double DQ when Triple H interfered in the matchup. Match was a draw.

Smackdown returned with an outside shot of the arena, then a shot of members of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team in the front row of the audience. Jim Ross and Tazz ran down the list of matches for No Mercy including Jeff Hardy challenging Triple H for the WWE title, Shawn Michaels challenging Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight, and Matt Hardy defending the ECW title against Mark Henry.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero was seated with Chavo and Big Show. Chavo said maybe Vickie and Show aren't worried about Undertaker, but if he were Vickie he'd be worried. Chavo said he's got a funny feeling that tonight The Undertaker is going to get to her. Big Show angrily got up into Chavo's face and questioned him being a Guerrero, and abandoning family. Show said if Chavo forgot what Big Show did to Undertaker personally he'll show him again. Show rolled the video footage once again of his beat down of Undertaker at Unforgiven. After the footage, Show vowed to take Undertaker out of action. Vickie then told Chavo he has a match he should warm up for, because it's next.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

As Chavo arrived down the ramp to the ring, a small bubble appeared on the corner of the screen with Gregory Helms in it. Helms remarked "Chavo, the Undertaker's after you..why are you here? Go Home!" then disappeared off the screen.

In this one on one contest, Chavo gained the upperhand against Yang and started to wear down his arm in the ring. Yang got back to his feet to fight back and delivered a round kick to the side of Chavo's head. Chavo was quick to grab Yang by his jeans and flung him to the outside. Chavo regained control in the ring and went to work again on Yang's arm.

Yang got up again and rammed Chavo into the corner, then used a jumping kick to knock Chavo down. Yang used a kick off the corner to knock Chavo down again, but couldn't capture a winning pin. Yang ran at Chavo in the other corner and jumped to kick him then flipped over the ropes. Yang connected on a flying bodypress off the corner, but again couldnt' get a pin. Yang went to the corner for a Moonsault, but Chavo was quickly up and knocked him off balance. Chavo beat on Yang some, then climbed up the corner. Yang elbowed Chavo away and down to the mat. In the ring, Chavo hit his Tres Amigos suplexes. Yang tried to grab a surprise pin, but Chavo kicked out. Yang went for a spin kick but Chavo ducked it, then flung himself with a kick into Yang, then captured the winning pinfall.

As Chavo was celebrating his victory, the lights went out briefly and Chavo looked panicked around the ring. Chavo fell back nervously, looking around for the Undertaker to appear but there was no sign of him.

Winner: Chavo wins via pinfall over Jimmy Wang Yang.

Primo & Carlito vs. Ryder & Hawkins
WWE Tag Team Title Match

Ryder and Hawkins managed to isolate Carlito for a large part of the match. At one point Carlito was able to escape the duo by shoving one into the other from the corner. Primo came in and began flying around the ring knocking Ryder and Hawkins around. Primo hit an impressive flying dropkick on Ryder off the top rope, but Hawkins was still laying in the ring and got over to break up the pinfall. Carlito came in to go after Hawkins and pushed him out of the ring. The ref cleared Carlito back to his corner. Just then, Ryder grabbed Primo's tights for a roll up pin, but Primo escaped.

Ryder was frustrated with his inability to get the pin so he tried to stand up Primo. Primo backed Ryder to the corner where Carlito made a blind tag to Primo. Ryder went at Primo not realizing Carlito was the legal man. Carlito grabbed Ryder and hit the Backstabber then picked up a winning pinfall!

Winners: Carlito & Primo win via pinfall over Ryder & Hawkins to become new WWE Tag Team champions!

After Primo and Carlito left up the ramp, Jesse and Festus came out near the ramp and directed a white moving van to back up to the ring.

Backstage, Chavo complained that Undertaker could have got him again earlier. Vickie said Chavo was going to join her and Show out in the ring to confront Undertaker, or he could stay alone backstage. Chavo thought for a minute then rushed off with Show & Vickie.

During the break, Jesse & Festus wearing "MyMoving Company" uniforms brought totes to the white moving van. As they opened the back door, Kenny Dykstra and Ryan Braddock were shown in the back still ducktaped up, writhing around trying to get free. Jesse & Festus loaded the new totes into the back, shut the doors and signaled for the van to leave.

JR & Tazz discussed what Vickie and Show might be up to regarding Undertaker. They didn't see them anywhere and seemed perplexed. All of a sudden, Show's theme song came on and Show, Vickie and Chavo came out from backstage. Vickie addressed Undertaker's claim he would take her soul at Unforgiven, and how it didn't happen. Vickie had the footage shown yet again of the incident, where Show clobbered Undertaker in the ring, then Vickie slapped and spit on Taker.

Vickie asked if Undertaker was having second thoughts since she didn't see him around anywhere. Chavo begged Vickie not to do this, then Show yanked the mic away. Show said Undertaker has lost his nerve and has finally been humbled. Show said he crushed Taker's spirit and broke his jaw, destroying the Undertaker myth. All of a sudden, the arena went dark and Taker's bells gonged. When the lights came back on, Chavo was missing from the ring. All of a sudden, up on the Titantron, Chavo was shown in Vickie's office with Undertaker's grip around his throat.

Undertaker tossed Chavo around the office into couches and stomped on him. Vickie sent Show up the ramp and backstage to help Chavo. Vickie was left alone in the ring and awaited something to happen. The Titantron footage cut out. Tazz said he had to leave his commentary position so he could go interview Vickie, but as Tazz went up the steps, the lights went out again. When the lights came back, Taker was in the ring behind Vickie. Taker backed Vickie into a corner and grabbed her around the throat, then picked her up for a Tombstone Piledriver. Smackdown ended with Taker looking down at Vickie who was KO'd on the mat.

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