Friday, September 26, 2008

Smackdown Preview 09.26.08

Last week WWE superstar Vladimir Kozlov left the Smackdown roster in turmoil. For several weeks, Kozlov had been demanding better competition to face. Since he was given none, Kozlov decided to find it on his own. Kozlov proceeded to attack Jeff Hardy in subsequent weeks, and last week ended Smackdown by laying out the Game Triple H in the squared circle. Now Kozlov will face greater competition on tonight's show, as he has been put in a one-on-one contest against The Great Khali. How will Kozlov handle the gigantic competitor? Will Khali show Kozlov there is someone capable of defeating him?

Meanwhile, the two superstars who Kozlov attacked last week, Hardy and Triple H, are preparing for their No Mercy title match. The two will face off in less than two weeks, with HHH claiming Jeff can never achieve the WWE title, because he's always a step away. Jeff has insinuated that Triple H received the push he needed to become a champ because he's "part of the family". Tensions seem higher than ever between these two stars, who have met before, under different circumstances. How will Triple H and Jeff Hardy prepare for their fight which comes in under two weeks? Will one superstar stand taller than the rest on Smackdown?

Let's not forget about the power couple of Smackdown, General Manager Vickie Guerrero and The Big Show. The duo repeatedly re-played footage of Show laying out Undertaker at No Mercy. They also decided to mock Undertaker, having Chavo Guerrero dress up as the Deadman so Vickie could make him kiss her feet. The joking came to a stop later in the show as Chavo found himself alone watching footage of Undertaker being beat down. As the footage came to a stop, Undertaker appeared on the screen, and next thing fans saw was an arm (The Undertaker's) grab Chavo's neck. Will Chavo be back on Smackdown this week? What will Undertaker's next move be against Vickie, Show and La Familia?

And there's plenty of other storylines as we head into Smackdown's final night on CW Network. R-Truth is coming off a non-title win over Shelton Benjamin. Will Truth receive a title shot this early after his debut? The Colons also have been granted a tag team title match on tonight's show against Ryder/Hawkins. Will the Colons have what it takes to become champs? Also there's the moving crew of Jesse & Festus, who continue to pack up various superstars and take them away, in anticipation of Smackdown's move to MyNetworkTV. Who will be the next superstar to be packed up and hauled off?

Catch the action on Smackdown Friday night at 8/7 CT, for its final airing on The CW Network.

Read's official Smackdown preview here.

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sweet profile. sure looks to be a great show. thanks so much for letting me know. have a great day!!sorry have to go.

September 26, 2008 at 1:27 PM  

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