Friday, December 5, 2008

Smackdown Recap 12.05.08

Smackdown recap from Albany, NY:

Friday night's SmackDown opened with General Manager Vickie Guerrero & WWE Champion Edge arriving to the ring from backstage. In the opening match, Edge faced Kung Fu Naki.

Kung Fu Naki vs. Edge

In the opening match, Kung Fu Naki went against Edge in a non-title bout. The match went completely in Edge's favor, with Edge finally winning it with a Spear on Kung Fu Naki, followed by the pin.

After the match Vickie Guerrero got on the mic and announced that Jeff Hardy and Triple H will team up tonight to compete in a tag team gauntlet match. Vickie announced that HHH and Hardy would continue competing against opponents until they lose. Vickie also announced a Triple Threat match for the WWE title at Armageddon: Edge vs. Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy.

Winner: Edge wins via pinfall over Kung Fu Naki.

Maria vs. Michelle McCool

In another non-title match, WWE Divas Maria and Michelle squared off. Maria continues to be a top contender or the Divas Championship as she feuds with Michelle. At one point in the match, Michelle went for a superkick. but Maria ducked it and was able to use a roll up pin for the win.

Winner: Maria wins via pinfall over Michelle McCool.

Backstage The Bella Twins as well as Carlito & Primo Colon are shown celebrating Maria's win with her. Michelle enters the group and then kicked Maria.

Big Show discussed his upcoming match later in the night against the Undertaker inside a Steel Cage.

MVP was in the ring and discussed his current losing streak in the WWE. MVP made complaints that they took away his cool entrance and pyrotechnics. MVP then vowed to get payback on his opponent in the ring. All of a sudden, Gregory Helms' theme music came on and Helms made his return to Smackdown.

Gregory Helms vs. MVP

Helms made his Smackdown return after over a year off to recover from injury and surgery. In the match he made an impressive return as he was able to pin MVP after using the "Shining Wizard" finisher. MVP continues his losing streak.

Winner: Gregory Helms wins via pinfall over MVP.

Triple H & Jeff Hardy vs. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins
Gauntlet Match #1

In the first of their Gauntlet matches, HHH and Hardy had a successful start. Triple H was able to hit the Pedigree on Curt Hawkins and then Jeff followed with a Swanton Bomb off the corner. Jeff took the pin on Hawkins to win their first Gauntlet match.

Winners: Triple H & Jeff Hardy win Gauntlet Match #1 by pinfall over Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder.

Triple H & Jeff Hardy vs. The Miz & John Morrison

Gauntlet match #2 was not so successful for Hardy and HHH. The match was a back and forth affair for quite a while, until Hardy and HHH began arguing. HHH and Hardy got into each others face and then finally started to fight. A bunch of security guards came out to the ring to separate the two future opponents for Armageddon.

Winners: Match was called when HHH and Jeff Hardy began to fight one another.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero was shown with Edge. Edge professed his undying love to Vickie, but Jeff Hardy came in to interrupt. Suddenly, Triple H came in and attacked Hardy. Edge and Vickie began to make out. Next week, Jeff Hardy will take on Triple H in a one-on-one matchup (12/5/08 Smackdown).

Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero

As the match was in progress, Vladimir Kozlov came out and attacked Hardy. Vladimir threw Chavo Guerrero out of the ring and continued attacking Hardy. The match was called a disqualification due to Vladimir Kozlov's interference. As Kozlov left the scene, several referees assisted Matt Hardy in getting backstage.

Winner: Matt Hardy wins due to disqualification when Vladimir Kozlov interfered.

With a red carpet on the ramp and holiday decorations set up, the Great Khali came out wearing a big Santa hat. His translator/manger Ranjin Singh was dressed as an elf. Great Khali and Singh started another edition of the Kiss Cam. This time, WWE Diva Eve Torres came out dressed up as a "Santa's little helper", and kissed the Great Khali.

The Undertaker b. The Big Show

In the main event, Undertaker and Big Show went to resolve their differences inside the confines of a steel cage. This match was back and forth throughout with each wrestler getting the upperhand at certain points. It finally ended when Undertaker applied the Devils Triangle submission hold on Big Show inside the cage. Show tapped out giving Undertaker the victory.

Winner: The Undertaker wins via submission over Big Show.

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