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ECW Recap 02.10.09

ECW Recap from Fresno, CA:

ECW opened with highlights from the past few week's ECW shows where Jack Swagger demanded help from Teddy Long in finding his missing ECW title. It was revealed by Finlay at the end of the program that his son Hornswoggle had jokingly swiped the championship belt. Swagger wasn't amused and shoved down Horney as he tried to hand over the belt in the ring. Finlay responded by punching Swagger down in the ring. Last week, the two met up in a non-title bout on ECW. Finlay was able to win it after Hornswoggle emerged from underneath the ring with a large shilaleigh and struck Swagger in the leg as Swagger tried to get in the ring. Finlay hit the Celtic Cross to pin Swagger handing him his first ever loss.

ECW champion Jack Swagger emerged from backstage to start the show off. Swagger looked unhappy as he walked down the ramp and got into the ring. Swagger discussed being victimized and embarassed by Finlay and Hornswoggle the past few weeks. Swagger added that now he's been forced to defend the ECW title at No Way Out against Finlay which is unfair. Swagger said he's going to take care of the real problem, then called out Hornswoggle to the ring. As Hornswoggle continued to demand Hornswoggle come out, all of a sudden fans got a huge surprise as former WWE superstar Christian emerged from backstage.

Christian came down to the ring as fans cheered him on his return. Swagger looked shocked at his arrival as Christian eyed him in the ring. Christian insulted Swagger's speech impediment and said he was there to save him from electrocuting himself with all the saliva he spits on the mic. Christian said he came to ECW for the ECW title Swagger carries. Christian then issued a challenge to whoever wins this Sunday's ECW title match. Swagger told Christian he'll be the ECW champ still after No Way Out, and that Christian won't make a dream WWE comeback at his expense. Swagger told Christian he's no threat to him, and Christian clocked him on the head with the mic. Swagger became enraged as Christian left the ring and backed up the ramp smirking.

As ECW returned, Todd Grisham introduced a replay of what just went down between Swagger and Christian in the ring.

Backstage, GM Theodore Long was confronted by Swagger. Teddy told him he knew Christian would be there tonight since he signed him to ECW. Swagger said he was taking the rest of the night off and Teddy informed him he would be competing tonight, against Christian.

Tommy Dreamer vs. The Miz

John Morrison arrived at ringside with Miz to watch his tag partner take on Dreamer. Early on Dreamer took out his aggression on Miz, bouncing him off the crowd barrier outside the ring, then tossing him back in for more. Miz gained momentum after escaping Dreamer and then running him Bulldog style into the corner. Miz began to pummel Dreamer on the mat, then measured him for a kick to the gut.

As the match went on, Dreamer had the advantage and slammed Miz on his back to the mat for a pin. Miz kicked out so Dreamer tried to whip him to the corner. Miz reversed it to whip Dreamer instead, then ran at him with a clothesline, but Dreamer moved away. Dreamer then DDT'd Miz off the second rope to the mat. Dreamer went for the pin but Miz was able to stick a leg on the bottom rope. As Dreamer went to finish off Miz, Morrison ran around the ring and got up on the side apron. Dreamer rushed over to confront Morrison, but Miz tried to sneak attack from behind. Dreamer moved away and Miz stopped himself from hitting his own partner. Dreamer clocked Morrison to knock him off the apron, but as he turned, Miz caught him in a move bringing Dreamer's jaw down on his shoulder for the win.

Todd Grisham mentioned that Tommy Dreamer is 0-3 since making his retirement announcement a few weeks ago.

Winner: The Miz wins via pinfall over Tommy Dreamer.

WWE Slam of the Week showed Jamie Noble's debut on ECW last week. His unfortunate fate was that his opponent was The Boogeyman. Boogeyman easily dispatched of Noble, after Jamie had put up quite a fight. Noble was able to escape the ring before Boogeyman could drool any worms on him.

Backstage Teddy Long spoke to assistant Tiffany as Jamie Noble came in the office to interrupt. Noble began whining about how last week the Boogeyman tried to shove worms down his throat. Teddy asked if Noble wanted a rematch and Noble said no, then kept complaining. A knock came at the door and Teddy said Noble would have to discuss this later since they have another appointment. In came Natalya along with a new wrestler, Tyson. Natalya said that Tyson was trained in the Dungeon by Bret Hart. Teddy said he's looking forward to good things. Tyson then told Noble "as for this big dog it's time to send him back to the pound".

Matt Striker and Todd Grisham ran down the card for this Sunday's No Way Out Pay-Per-View.

Backstage, Christian was shown preparing in the locker room as Hornswoggle came in and started maniacally running circles around him. Finlay came in next and started at Christian, then welcomed him to ECW. Finlay said he'd be watching the Swagger match tonight and hopes Christian beats him as bad as Finlay did last week. Finlay then said Christian will have to go through him for the ECW title after No Way Out.

ECW returned with a video promo for Evan Bourne, announcing the star will make his return to ECW soon.

Bao Nguyen vs. Tyson Kidd

Tyson arrived to the ring along with Natalya to face amateur wrestler, Bao Nguyen. Tyson cheapshotted his opponent in the corner with an elbow early, then continued his onslaught. Tyson hit a high kick to Nguyen's face, as well as a dropkick from off the ropes. Tyson finished off his first opponent with a springboard elbow drop from off the side top rope.

As Natalya and Tyson celebrated in the ring, Jamie Noble arrived on the ramp and applauded the win but then signaled to Tyson he had his eyes on him.

Winner: Tyson Kidd wins via pinfall over Bao Nguyen.

Highlights were shown from the ongoing events between Randy Orton's Legacy and the McMahons. The most recent incident saw Orton facing The Undertaker on last night's Raw. Legacy ambushed Taker in the ring and Orton prepared for the RKO. Out of nowhere, Shane McMahon appeared and attacked Orton in the ring. Orton quickly escaped, but Undertaker and Shane got the best of Rhodes and Dibiase. Shane finished things off with a message to Orton as he put a trash can in front of Dibiase in the corner, then jumped off the turnbuckle across the ring to dropkick the can into Dibiase.

Christian vs. Jack Swagger

Christian made his anticipated WWE return as he faced Swagger in a non-title bout. Early on Swagger had Christian in the corner and shoved him, prompting Christian to slap Jack in the face. Swagger charged at Christian who moved away then went for the quick roll up. Swagger managed to counter Christian with his power, but Christian displayed quick shots and kicks. As the match continued, Swagger moved to one corner with Christian in the other. Hornswoggle and Finlay came walking down the ramp to watch the match.

ECW returned from a break with Swagger locking in a hold on Christian's midsection. Hornswoggle and Finlay joined Striker and Grisham for commentary. Hornswoggle continued grunting at the match and it seemed his mic was shut off. Swagger continued to dominate and seated Christian up on the turnbuckle but Christian countered and was able to hit a spinning DDT. Later still, Christian missed on a move off the corner. Swagger went for the Powerbomb, but Christian escaped it. Swagger hit a belly to belly, with Christian able to just escape the pin. Swagger went for a splash off the corner, with Christian moving away.

The two ended up in a fight on the side apron, with Swagger wrapping himself around Christian's midsection. Christian managed to elbow Swagger off, but Swagger then tossed Christian right onto the commentators table into Finlay. Finlay got up and Hornswoggle ran away towards the crowd barrier. Back in the ring, Swagger hit a huge boot kick to Christian then went to remove the corner turnbuckle cover. The ref stopped him and tried to re-affix the cover, while Swagger went to the opposite corner and pulled that cover off. Swagger went to finish off Christian, but Hornswoggle rushed up on the apron to distract. As Swagger had Christian up, the ref rushed over to usher Hornswoggle away. Finlay came over and struck Swagger in the leg under the rope with the shilaleigh, allowing Christian to hit his finisher and win the match. Swagger has now suffered two straight losses.

Winner: Christian wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger.

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