Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ECW Star Tony Atlas Returns Home

The Roanoke Times featured a front page photo and story about WWE legendary superstar, ECW's Tony Atlas. Atlas (real name: Tony White) currently serves as the manager for ECW superstar Mark Henry, "The World's Strongest Man". Last week on ECW, Atlas saw himself back in the wrestling ring as he went toe-to-toe with the high-flying Evan Bourne. On Tuesday night's ECW, Atlas was at ringside, giving support and morale for Henry as Mark finally defeated Evan Bourne with the World's Strongest Slam.

It was a homecoming for Atlas as he returned to Roanoke where grew up in Clifton Forge, VA, attending Patrick Henry high school back in the 1970's. He saw familiar faces along the way as he did a media tour prior to the live WWE event from Roanoke Tuesday night. Tony's trip included a radio show for WSLC, an interview (alongside Henry) with Natasha Ryan of WDBJ Channel 7 news, eating a plate full of ribs at Blues BBQ Company, and working out at the local Golds Gym in Roanoke. Atlas wrapped it up with the ECW event televised Tuesday night.

Atlas is enjoying recent success but according to the article on him and his history, Atlas fell from glory. His story is almost similar to that of The Wrestler movie. He was prominent in WWE back in the days when things were much different and he once held the Mr. USA Bodybuilding title. According to the Times' article, other wrestlers actually helped give him cortisone injections and re-set bones/joints. Atlas fell victim to drugs and became homeless, then was taken in by a woman who helped him on the road to recovery. He married her and they've been together for 20 some years now. Tony's financial situation is also much improved, as he was doing gigs in high school gyms and serving as a part-time personal trainer. A call from the WWE let him know he was being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and eventually he signed a new talent contract with the company, giving him his current manager role. Atlas plans to buy his first house now that he's making some decent coin.

You can check out the full article "Wrestler pins success" at Roanoke Times website along with a photo slideshow and video footage of Tony Atlas' visit back to his home of Roanoke, Virginia.

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