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Raw Recap 10.05.09

Raw Recap from Wilkes-Barre, PA:

Cole and Lawler welcomed fans to the show just one night after Hell in a Cell PPV went down. Announcer Justin Roberts introduced tonight's host NFL QB Ben Roethlisberger to the excitement of the crowd. Ben noted that there were fans of both the Steelers and the Eagles in the house, but tonight everyone's a WWE fan in the arena. Ben said to kick things off he had a special surprise, the first ever "Diva Bowl". Divas from all three brands came to the ring dressed in mock football half jerseys and tight pants.

WWE Diva Bowl

Mickie James and Rosa Mendes started off, but Rosa invited her teammates into the ring. They all tackled each other down to the mat like a football game. Gail Kim was the referee and blew her whistle to restore order. Mickie and Rosa started off with Rosa doing some crazy Karate kid move, allowing Mickie to give her a roundhouse kick. Alicia Fox came in next, with Mickie getting the better of her, tossing her with a Hurricanrana, then hitting a neckbreaker. Natalya came rushing in to break up a pinfall. After that, one by one the divas all kept getting into the ring, with one able to take the upperhand against the other. Maria hit a running bulldog on Jillian. Beth Phoenix double clotheslined down the Bellas. Michelle McCool came in to try to take control, but Mickie grabbed her and DDT'd her down. Alicia Fox remained in the ring, with Mickie jumping up on her shoulders and flipping it into a rollup pin for the win.

Winner: Mickie James, Melina, The Bella Twins, Maria, Eve Torres, and Kelly Kelly win via pinfall over Natalya, Layla, Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall & Rosa Mendes.

As the winning divas were celebrating in the ring, their victory dance was broken up as Randy Orton's music hit. The Viper came onto the ramp with his newly won WWE title, then made his way down to the ring. Justin Roberts introduced him as new WWE Champion with the crowd booing.

Raw returned from break with Orton in the ring. Orton bragged about his victory over Cena at last night's Hell in a Cell to become a six-time WWE Champion. Orton said he gets accused of needing backup or cheating a lot, but last night he needed neither to win. Orton called out Cena saying he knows he wants his rematch. The crowd began chanting for CENA and his music finally hit, bringing the former champ out. Cena saluted the fans then rushed down to the ring to confront Orton. Cena prepared for a fight right there. Orton began speaking again, saying Cena will not get a rematch tonight. Cena said Orton obviously doesn't give a damn about the WWE fans. Cena said he wanted to congratulate Orton on his win last night at Hell in a Cell. Cena said he noticed the fans were into their match last night, cheering for both wrestlers. Cena said John Cena-Randy Orton has become "the rivalry", producing amazing matches. Cena suggested they do it one more time, saying he cares about the WWE Universe unlike Orton. Cena suggested an Iron Man match as their last match against one another. Cena said this match will be epic to end their rivalry, because there will be no more chances or rematches after. Orton said he'll do the match but on his terms. If Cena wins he gets the WWE Title, but if Orton wins he wants Cena off Monday Night Raw for good. Cena agreed to the stipulation, but Orton said it will also be no DQ and no countouts. Cena hyped up the fact they could use weapons such as the steel chairs, steps, kendo sticks, etc. Cena agreed to the match then left the ring.

A video promo was shown for the Ben Routhlisberger Foundation, Ben's charity. FOr more information you can go to

Primo vs. Jack Swagger

After getting into the ring, Swagger cut a promo about how he looks like and smells like a winner. Swagger said he wasn't pinned last night, and going forth he won't lose. Swagger promised that he will go undefeated for the rest of this year. Cole confirmed the 60 Minute Iron Man match between Cena and Orton for Bragging Rights in three weeks.

Swagger took control early, tossing Primo down, but Primo came back with a headscissors to throw Swagger. Swagger whipped him to the corner hard, then did his running splash move off the corner. Swagger started doing pushups to taunt, then pulled Primo on the apron for some punishing moves outside the ring. Swagger with a quick pinfall attempt to no avail. Swagger locked a Bear hug on his opponent, with Primo punching him. Swagger ran Primo's back into the corner. Primo made a comeback from the corner, trying for a few pinfall attempts. Swagger picked him up and threw him into the corner to punch at him. Primo elbowed out, then threw punches. After a dropkick, Primo went for a pinfall with Swagger kicking out. Primo went to the apron and tried a springboard off the top rope, but Swagger kicked him in the gut mid-air. Swagger picked up Primo and hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb to win it.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins via pinfall over Primo Colon.

Chris Jericho and Big Show were discussing something backstage. Cole noted that the tag champions are live on Raw tonight.

As Raw returned, all of the divas were backstage pointing and yelling at one another, still dressed in their football uniforms. Santino Marella came dressed as a referee and blew a whistle. Santino did a mock echo referee penalty call, then told them he's trying to get in the football spirit for tonight's show. He suggested Alicia and Mickie just kiss and make up. Alicia said she had a better idea, then slapped Santino. All the divas began fighting with Santino crawling out from under the pile and running off.

Cole and Lawler said in 3 weeks at Pittsburgh, PA's "Bragging Rights", John Cena will take on Orton in the WWE Title Iron Man match. Cole said in another match, the winners of the Smackdown matches will take on the winners of the Raw matches in a colossal tag team match for Bragging Rights.

Roethlsiberger was shown backstage talking to a staff member. The Miz came in to interrupt them, asking Ben if he heard what Jack Swagger said out there. Ben asked about what happened last night and Miz said he got pinned. Miz told Ben that he's awesome 7 days a week, unlike Ben who is awesome two Sundays. Miz asked for a United States Title match against Kofi Kingston. Ben said sure but added a stipulation. If Miz loses he gets on the mic to say "I'm the Miz and I'm AWFUL!" Miz gave him a look then left the office.

A replay was shown from last Monday's Hornswoggle & Santino vs. Chris Masters and Chavo Guerrero tag match. Masters grabbed Hornswoggle after his team's victory and put him in a half-nelson Masterlock move. Chavo for some reason got into the ring and hit Masters to break the hold.

Mark Henry & MVP vs. Chris Masters Chavo Guerrero

Henry and Masters locked up to begin things with Henry shoving the Masterpiece down. They got entangled in the corner, with the ref breaking it up. At one point early on, Henry did a splash on Masters and seemed to hurt his leg. Henry managed to crawl over and make a tag to MVP who came in on fire. Masters threw him towards Chavo, with MVP punching Chavo off the apron. Masters clotheslined MVP down, then Chavo tagged in. Chavo started punching away on MVP with the ref ordering him to stop. Chavo ruhsed over to knock Henry off the apron, then kept beating on MVP.

MVP came back with a toss of Chavo as he charged at him, then did a barrage of moves including a hard clothesline from the ropes. MVP set up for the Ballin' elbow drop and hit it on Chavo. MVP went for the pin, and Masters tried to make a save. MVP moved away and Masters elbow dropped on Chavo. Henry got in and took Masters out of the ring, while MVP made a secure pin to win it.

Cole noted that Henry was walking off on his own, without the help of WWE staff, but he was still limping up the ramp.

Chris Masters got into the ring to ask Chavo what happened. The two started to argue with Masters shoving him down. Masters grabbed Chavo from behind for the Masterlock. Just then, Hornswoggle came sneaking out from under the ring, up the steps and ran behind Masters to bite his leg. Masters broke the hold and cornered Horney, threatening him. As he turned, Chavo was able to take Masters down. Masters rolled the outside, and Hornswoggle began pointing and laughing then did a mini-DX crotch chop in the ring and as he went up the ramp. Chavo chuckled about it.

Winners: MVP & Mark Henry win via pinfall over Chris Masters and Chavo Guerrero.

Guest host Ben Roethlisberger was shown walking backstage on his way out to the ring.

Roethlisberger came back out, this time coming down the ramp to the ring. Roethlisberger started to ask the fans if they were having fun tonight, then said there's a lot more to come. Ben started to speak some more, but was interrupted by JeriShow's music. They came to the ring to get in Ben's face. Show asked why they call him Big Ben. Show started to talk trash about the offensive line, saying they can't be all that big. Ben invited his offensive line out, so they started to come out from backstage and stood on the ramp. Ben introduced his linesmen, then they made their way down to the ring. Jericho started to trash talk, saying are they supposed to be intimidated. Jericho called them useless mesomorphs, and reminded them they're in a WWE ring, not on a football field. Jericho said they don't need pads or helmets in their arena. Jericho said he and Show are the most dominant team in sports. Ben and the linesmen huddled up, then got in formation. Ben started to call a play, saying "let's quarterback sneak this". Show and Jericho quickly got out of the ring. Just then, DX's theme music came on as Shawn Michaels and HHH headed down the ramp.

JeriShow went halfway up the ramp, as DX got in the ring to slap hands with the NFL players. Jericho got on the mic saying there was a potential Sportscenter moment ruined by the DX delinquents who only look to sell merchandise. HHH said they weren't even out to sell stuff, but thanked Jericho for the plug. Michaels mentioned how he spent forever in Hell in a Cell last night, and told JeriShow there's one team they've yet to defeat. Show said DX doesn't want any part of JeriShow, and Jericho said DX isn't even worthy. DX started to walk towards the backstage exit, but Roethlisberger stopped them and said since he's guest host, they'll face Dx tonight. DX and the NFL players all lined up in the ring and did a crotch chop in unison as the pyro went off.

As Raw returned, they discussed how both the major titles changed hands in the Hell in a Cell last night. Lawler thanked Skillet for the theme song, then they were shown sitting front row in the Raw crowd. Cole and Lawler discussed the Diva bowl earlier, showing highlights of it. A replay of the unison crotch chop involving DX and the Steelers was shown with Lawler noting it should be a Sportscenter moment.

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston
United States Championship

The two locked up early, with a shoving match starting. Miz charged at Kofi and was pushed outside the ropes. Miz rushed back in the ring and knocked heads with Kofi, then went for a quick pin. Miz started to kick away on Kofi and then kneed him against the ropes. Kofi started up some fastpaced offense to take Miz down, but Miz rolled to the outside to recover.

Miz regained control in the ring and began to choke Kofi near the ropes, then worked on him in the corners. Miz charged at Kofi but Kofi moved away. Kofi came back to jump up on the corner and punch away on Miz. The ref had to pull Kofi away as he was pummeling Miz in the corner. Kofi ran at Miz, with Miz dumping him over the ropes. Kofi landed on the apron and tried for a move off the middle rope, but Miz swiped his leg. Kofi fell onto the apron, then to the floor.

Raw came back from a break wit hMiz in control of things. Kofi got to his feet to try to fight out, and was able to use his bodyweight to splash onto Miz for a quick pin attempt. Miz came back with a hard clothesline to take Kofi down. With Kofi on the mat, Miz hit a leg drop and had another near fall. Kofi finally recovered as he came from against the ropes and hit the Trouble in Paradise kick. The kick sent Miz down, but he fell out of the ring. Kofi went out and rolled Miz back in for the near fall. Miz rolled up Kofi for a near steal, but Kofi kicked out. Kofi leveled Miz then went for the double leg drop. Miz rolled away, but Kofi kicked him and hit it anyway. Kofi with a pinfall attempt, but Miz grabbed the rope. Miz rolled to the outside then yanked Kofi down against the ropes. Back in the ring. Kofi went for a backslide pinfall with Miz escaping it. The two traded offense, with Kofi knocking Miz to the mat. Kofi got on the corner and did a crossbody splash, with Miz rolling through for a 2 1/2 pinfall count.

As things escalated, Miz was in the corner. Kofi went to run and jump up on the corner but lost his footing and fell hard to the mat. Miz picked him up from there to hit the Skullcrushing Finale and become the new United States Champion. After his victory, Miz did his "I'm the Miz and I'm Awesome" despite the fans saying "Awful".

Winner: The Miz wins via pinfall over Kofi Kingston to become the new United States Champion.

A video piece was shown about John Cena winning a special award for granting so many wishes in the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Cole and Lawler discussed their guest host Ben Roethlisberger yet again, as well as the Bragging Rights PPV which will take place in Pittsburgh, PA in 3 weeks. They showed video footage from earlier about the in-ring confrontation between John Cena and Randy Orton, setting up their 60-minute "Anything Goes" Iron Man match for the WWE Title at the Pay-Per-View. If Cena loses the match, he has to leave WWE Raw. Bragging Rights is sponsored by WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 video game.

Hornswoggle was shown backstage talking in jibberish to Ben Roethlisberger about football. Santino came walking in and told Ben he was slapped by the divas and asked him to do something about it. Santino kept trying to pronounce "Roethlisberger" but ended up saying all sorts of wacky names instead. Finally, Santino said he's Italian so it's hard to pronounce the name. Hornswoggle slapped Santino in the face, then Santino welcomed Ben to Raw, shook his hand, and walked off.

Jericho and Show were shown backstage walking on their way out for the main event.

When Raw returned, Michael Cole revealed that next week's guest hosts will be Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell and Maria Menounous. Cole said they are both "Huge WWE fans". Lawler said he met them at Summerslam and was hoping they'd come back to WWE again.

D-Generation X vs. Chris Jericho & Big SHow

In a non-title fight, the Unified Tag champs were ordered to go against D-Generation X, just one night after Hell in a Cell. JeriShow was introduced first, then paused for a bit, until DX's entrance started up.

Hunter started off against Jericho, with the two locking up. They stayed locked into the corner until the ref broke it up. Jericho was able to lock a headlock on HHH, but the Game shoved him to the ropes. Jericho came back with a shoulder block, but then HHH got the arm toss. Michaels finally tagged in to take it to Jericho, but Jericho gained the advantage and took Michaels down. Show tagged in and stared at Michaels in the corner. Michaels escaped from Show and made a quick tag to bring in HHH. Triple H stared at Show for a bit from the apron, then cautiously went into the ring as Raw went to break.

Raw returned with Show wrapping a vice grip hold around HHH's midsection. During the break, Show hit a side slam on HHH to bring him to the mat. Show continued squeezing the life out of HHH with Jericho yelling to encourage him. The fans tried to help rally HHH. HHH finally fought out of the hold, but only to be sent into the corner and then ran into by Show. Show with a near pinfall, then a tag to Jericho. Jericho began pounding away on HHH then taunted the fans before running to kick HHH. Jericho kept up the taunts, but HHH started to punch back at him. HHH tried to charge at Jericho in the corner, but Jericho got a boot in his face, then hit a dropkick from the corner.

Jericho kept choking HHH against the middle rope, then tried to run and jump on HHH's back. HHH moved away and Jericho went crotch first onto the middle rope. HHH was able to get over for the hot tag to HBK who came in to dismantle Jericho. Jericho whipped Michaels hard into the corner, then tagged Show in for a huge leg drop on HBK. Show put Michaels on his shoulder to squeeze him, then slammed him down. The heels continued to doubleteam Michaels and kept him from the tag. Jericho got Michaels into Walls of Jericho out of a pin attempt. HBK inched towards a tag to HHH, but Jericho pulled him back into the center, still in Walls of Jericho. Finally, HHH got in and clubbed Jericho from behind, with the ref warning him and Show getting upset. Jericho managed to get over and tag Show, who came at Michaels in the corner three times but was kicked three times. Michaels finally made the hot tag and HHH came in on fire.

HHH knocked Show off the apron, then took it to Jericho. After a hard clothesline, HHH had a near fall. HHH with the facebuster. Show grabbed HHH from behind. Jericho rushed at HHH who moved away so Jericho hit into Show. Show had the Pedigree ready on Jericho, but Show came in and grabbed HHH for a Chokeslam. Michaels came in to try to help but got grabbed as well. DX tried for a double suplex, but instead Show suplexed the two of them. HHH got back up and Show ran at him, so HHH ducked pulling the top rope down for Show to fall outside. Jericho went for a quick pin trying to use the ropes for leverage. He went for a Walls of Jericho with HHH using his legs to throw him off. HHH set up the Pedigree yet again, but Show pulled him outside the ring. Michaels saw it and jumped over the top rope but Show caught him. HHH came over to help him out and DX shoved Big Show into the ringpost, then were able to clothesline him into the time keeper's area.

Jericho was left in the ring with both of DX, so he tried to escape up the ramp. Ben Roethlisberger and his linesmen showed up at the top of the ramp to block his escape. DX snuck up behind Jericho, grabbed him and brought him back to the ring where Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music, to let HHH get the pinfall win. Roethlisberger and the other Steelers players came to the ring to celebrate the victory. Cole said it's moments like these that make Monday night Raw the greatest show in cable TV. Raw ended after they did another crotch chop with pyrotechnics together and kept celebrating in the ring.

Winners: D-Generation X wins via pinfall over Chris Jericho and Big Show

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