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2009 WWE Hell in a Cell Results

Welcome to the 2009 Hell in a Cell Results page. Hell in a Cell is the first of two Pay-Per-Views presented by WWE in October 2009. The event comes live on Sunday October 4th, 2009 from Newark, New Jersey and will feature superstars from Raw and Smackdown competing in various matches. Three of the matches will be fought inside the large, looming Hell in a Cell cage. These include D-Generation X versus Legacy, John Cena defending the WWE Title against Randy Orton, and CM Punk defending the World Heavyweight Title against The Undertaker.

There's also four other titles on the line including the Intercontinental and United States Championships. This is sure to be yet another historic event put on by World Wrestling Entertainment!

On this page you'll find the latest results for WWE's 2009 Hell in a Cell. Results will begin at 8PM EST and be updated through 11PM EST when the PPV concludes.

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Hell in a Cell Results 2009:

Undertaker vs. CM Punk
World Heavyweight Title
Hell in a Cell match

After a Hell in a Cell video packaged aired, the Raw & Smackdown commentary teams discussed the lineup of matches for tonight's PPV. Surprisingly, Punk & Taker started things off.

Early on, the fight went outside the ring, with CM Punk trying to run away from Undertaker. Taker chased Punk back into the ring, with Punk trying to get on the apron. Taker was finally able to deliver a running boot to knock Punk off the cage. Taker went outside the ring to attack Punk, but ended up getting the steel steps kicked into him, hurting his knees. Undertaker's leg injury started to hobble him as he tried to continue his attack on Punk, doing a leg drop with Punk laying on the apron. Punk was still inside the ring and as Undertaker came back in through the ropes, Punk did a dropkick to knock him to the floor. From there Punk did a running dive onto Taker on the outside, which sent Taker crashing into the cage.

When the two competitors got back in the ring, they traded punches. Next, they traded headbutts. Taker took control with a boot to Punk followed by a legdrop. After a failed pinfall, Taker signaled for the Chokeslam and grabbed Punk, but Punk kicked him in his hurt leg. Punk prepared for a GTS, but Undertaker was able to counter and try for his finisher. Punk again was able to take out Taker's knee. Moments later, it was CM Punk delivering his running high knee on Taker in the corner, but Taker grabbed him and hit The Last Ride. Punk barely kicked out of a pinfall. Undertaker went for Old School despite his leg injury, with Punk yanking him off the ropes. From there, Punk went to use a steel chair on Taker, but The Phenom kicked the chair into Punk's face. With Punk reeling from a chair shot, Taker grabbed him for a Tombstone to make the pinfall.

Winner: The Undertaker wins via pinfall over CM Punk to become new World Heavyweight Champion.

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison
Intercontinental Title Championship

John Morrison went for his Starship Pain finisher early in the match, with Ziggler moving away. From there, Dolph started to take control of the match for a bit. The pace quickened with several nearfalls from both men after about 8 minutes. At one point, Ziggler was able to suplex Morrison into the bridge pin for a near fall with Morrison escaping it. Dolph with another near fall, then went for the Zig Zag. Morrison grabbed and held the ropes to prevent it. Morrison hit a running knee on Ziggler, then immediately hit Starship Pain to get the pinfall, retaining his IC title.

Winner: John Morrison wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler to retain the Intercontinental Title.

Alicia Fox vs. Mickie James
WWE Divas Championship

Early on the two divas locked up, with Mickie able to perform a cartwheel style flip to get out of an armlock by Alicia. After some offensive moves were exchanged, Mickie was in control and headed to the top rope. Alicia yanked her leg out to drop her to the mat for a 2 count. Alicia used a chinlock and pulled on Mickie's hair to secure it.

Mickie was able to get to her feet and got in some strikes to Alicia's midsection, before Alicia grabbed her for a backbreaker across her knee. Alicia squeezed her legs around Mickie's midsection for a submission move. Mickie got to her feet and elbowed her way out of Alicia's move. Mickie used clotheslines and a forearm on Alicia, before going for a DDT move. Alicia avoided by backing Mickie to the corner. Alicia hit a suplex move that she converted into a bridge pin, but only got two. Fox went for her running ax kick but Mickie James avoided it and hit her DDT move to plant Alicia head first into the mat for the pinfall win.

Winner: Mickie James wins via pinfall retain the WWE Divas Championship.

Rey Mysterio & Batista vs. Chris Jericho & Big Show
Unified Tag Team Championship

Early on, Mysterio and Jericho locked up. Jericho made a tag to Big Show, with Mysterio acting like he wanted to tag Batista, then decided to take on Show himself. Show took control of Mysterio and eventually sat him up on the ropes to slap his chest. Mysterio fell to the outside, so Show reached out of the ring and pulled him back in by his head. After being manhandled by Show for some time, Mysterio finally made his way over to tag Batista. Batista commanded the match attacking Show and Jericho. With Jericho legal, Batista had a near fall. Jericho came back to hit the Codebreaker, then made a tag to Show. Both heels doubleteamed Batista for a bit to wear him down, but he finally escaped to tag in Rey.

Rey used fast paced offensive attacks against Show, eluding his various moves. Mysterio with a nice DDT on Big Show, and he ran over to send Jericho to the outside. Since Show was outside the ring he caught Jericho, but Batista was able to run and spear Show down, causing a huge crash. Back in the ring, Rey got Show against the ropes for the 619. He hit it, then went for his springboard finisher, but Show delivered a knockout punch on him in the air. Show with the pinfall to retain.

Winners: Big Show & Chris Jericho win via pinfall to retain the Unified Tag Team Titles against Rey Mysterio & Batista.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena
WWE Title Match
Hell in a Cell

Early on, the action moved outside the ring with Cena smashing Orton into the cage. Orton recovered to ram Cena onto the steel steps. He picked up the steel steps and tossed them into the ring. Back in the ring, Cena was able to regain control and he eventually hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle despite the negative crowd response he was getting. Orton was able to counter the Attitude Adjustment attempt and DDT'd Cena for a near pinfall. Orton went for the RKO, but Cena fought out of it and then hit Attitude Adjustment. A near fall followed.

As the match reached the 15 minute mark, Orton had a steel chair in the ring which he smashed down on the back of Cena's neck. Orton had a near fall, then tried for a knee drop on Cena, with Cena moving. Orton accidentally slammed his knee into the steel chair when he missed, and Cena grabbed him into the STF. As Orton struggled to grab the ropes, the hold wasn't broken due to the "anything goes" rules. Cena ended up breaking the hold on his own and pulled Orton back into the ring. Orton was able to kick Cena, causing him to fly into the ref. The ref fell to the outside. Cena locked on the STF again, but with no ref and Randy tapping, there was no decision made. Cena let go of the hold and brought the ref back in the ring. As Cena turned to face Orton, he was RKO'd and nearly pinned.

Orton was able to get Cena tied up in the ropes, then put a chokehold on his neck. Orton eventually stopped, and the ref freed Cena from the ropes. Cena fell to the mat, and then Orton ran to deliver his punt kick boot to Cena's head to grab the pinfall victory.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over John Cena to become the new WWE Champion.

R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre

Prior to the match, R-Truth spoke backstage saying tonight would be his moment of truth after McIntyre has disrespected him several times now. In the match, it was not the outcome Truth hoped for. Early on, he hit some aggressive offense, using fastpaced moves on McIntyre. McIntyre eventually got control of things and hit a unique double-armed DDT to drive Truth into the mat. McIntyre with a quick pinfall victory in under 5 minutes.

Winner: Drew McIntyre wins via pinfall over R-Truth.

The Miz vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston
United States Championship

On his way to the ring, Miz cut a promo saying he'd win the US title tonight, but unfortunately it has to happen in New Jersey. In the triple threat match, all three competitors figured into the action early on in the ring. Early on, Kofi was taking it to both his opponents, until he went for Miz and got clubbed down by Swagger from behind. Miz and Swagger worked together to stomp on the champ, then did a double elbow move. Miz tried for the pin with Swagger yanking him off Kofi.

Swagger and Miz continued their doubleteam attack on Kofi. Miz tricked Swagger pretending he wanted him to whip him into Kofi in the corner. Miz then kicked Swagger in the gut and eventually clotheslined him down. Miz ran over and clotheslined Kofi, following with an axhandle on him. After a neckbreaker on Kofi, Miz had a near fall. Miz started to work on both his opponents back and forth. Eventually Kofi reversed a whip move, but was backdropped by Miz out onto the apron. Kofi got up and hit Miz, then the two ended up battling on the corner. Swagger grabbed Miz in the Electric Chair move, with Kofi doing a flying bodypress onto Miz bringing them all down. Kofi had near falls on both men.

In the closing moments, Kofi rolled up Miz in a small package pin, with Swagger going to break it up. He accidentally rolled Miz onto top of Kofi for the pin, but Kofi escaped. Swagger hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb on Miz but then received the Trouble in Paradise kick from Kofi, who scored the winning pin.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger to retain the United States Title.

D-Generation X vs. Legacy

In the main event, Legacy and DX battled in the final Hell in a Cell match. As they were walking down the ramp on their way to the ring, DX was attacked from behind by Legacy. They continued fighting near ringside and into the crowd. Rhodes pulled out a chain weapon which he used to strike HBK in the leg with near the guardrail. HHH and Dibiase fought at the top of the ramp, so Rhodes went up to help his partner by striking HHH with the chain weapon. He hit CrossRhodes on HHH leaving him down at the top of the ramp. Legacy went to work at ringside to doubleteam HHH.

Legacy grabbed Michaels to bring him inside the Cell, then locked the door shut. The referee finally called for the bell now that there were wrestlers in the ring for the match. Shawn Michaels was in a 2-on-1 situation to start things off, with HHH knocked out up at the top of the ramp. After several minutes of them roughing up Michaels inside the cell, HHH was finally up and headed to ringside. He attempted to get the cage door open by using a chair on the lock and chain. Meanwhile in the ring, Michaels tried to fight off his opponents, hitting Sweet Chin Music once, but was still overpowered by the 2-on-1 situation.

Inside the cage, Legacy had Michaels down on his knees facing Hunter through the cage. They taunted HHH asking what he was going to do now. They continued their beatdown on HBK, with HHH going back up the ramp. Legacy put a steel chair in front of Michaels' face which Dibiase dropkicked into him. They put Michaels around the ringpost area for the Million Dollar Dream / figure four leglock submission just like at Breaking Point. HHH soon returned, this time with bolt cutters in hand. He used the tool to finally break the chain to get the door open. As a second referee went to lock the cage door shut again, HHH grabbed the chain from him and used it to beat on the heels. He hit a Pedigree on Dibiase out on the floor inside the cell. He and HBK pulled Dibiase to the outside of the cell.

DX then brought the bolt cutters inside the cell then locked it shut with Rhodes inside and Dibiase out. DX did a number on Rhodes as they put a chair around Rhodes' neck and then did a top rope elbow drop onto him. HHH went out and grabbed the sledgehammer from under the ring. Michaels prepared for Sweet Chin Music and eventually hit it, just as HHH hit the sledgehammer into Rhodes' head. Dibiase could only watch from ringside as Michaels scored the winning pin.

As the cell was raised up, Dibiase tried to rush into the ring to check on Rhodes, but received Sweet Chin Music. DX celebrated with the crotch chops and the crowd to close things out.

Winners: D-Generation X wins via pinfall over Legacy.

Thanks for visiting the Hell in a Cell 2009 results page from WWE Characters the Blog. Congratulations to all of tonight's big winners including DX, Kofi Kingston, Undertaker and Randy Orton. Stay tuned to WWE Raw for follow-up from tonight's exciting Pay-Per-View!

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