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ECW Recap 10.06.09

ECW from Trenton, NJ:

ECW opened with a recap of last week's show, where William Regal was made interim GM for ECW due to Tiffany being in a car accident. Regal tried to arrange a four on one handicap match with himself, Kozlov, Jackson and Ryder. The board of directors called to tell him to change it to an eight man tag with Yoshi Tatsu, Goldust, Christian and Tommy Dreamer facing them. Yoshi Tatsu was able to pick up the big win for his team by pinning Regal, after everyone else ended up outside the ring.

After the pyro went off, Matthews and Striker noted that the championship landscape has changed since Hell in a Cell. The interim ECW GM Regal, along with Kozlov and Jackson made their way to the ring to open the show. Regal sent his best wishes to Tiffany as she recovers from her injuries. Regal told the fans that him being interim GM was the right thing to do. Regal said that despite the board of directors' decision last week, he has decided that the right thing to do was make him the #1 Contender for the ECW title. As Regal continued to go on, he was interrupted as Zack Ryder came out from backstage with a mic in hand.

Ryder reminded Regal that he took away his match against Christian last week. Ryder said it was Regal's bad move last week that cost them their 8-man tag match. Regal and Ryder started to argue with one another, and Christian emerged from backstage to interrupt them. Christian said neither of them deserve to be the #1 Cotender for the title. Christian said he has proof, and three guys from backstage came out. One was a janitor nicknamed Lofaz. Christian said he replaced all the urinals in one section today, so he's more deserving of a ECW title shot than Ryder or Regal. Next up was Tony Atlas, WWE Hall of Famer, who Christian also said is more deserving of a title shot. Finally, he had Yoshi Tatsu, who Christian said pinned both Regal and Ryder in recent weeks. Christian said Yoshi is the most deserving #1 contender out there.

Christian then said he bumped into someone backstage, and out came the ECW GM Tiffany with a cast on her left arm. Tiffany said she's back and has not yet decided the new #1 contender, but all of them will be in action tonight to make their case. Tiffany booked Christian to face Ryder in a non-title match, Regal to face Yoshi Tatsu, and up next Kozlov & Jackson in tag action.

Tommy Dreamer & Goldust vs. Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson

Kozlov powered Tommy down and then to the corner early, with Dreamer able to battle out and tag in Goldust early. Goldust made an early quick tag to do a doubleteam leg sweep. Kozlov took Dreamer down though and tagged in Jackson. Tommy was able to knock Jackson down and made another quick tag to Goldust. The faces tried to make quick tags to work over their bigger opponents. Jackson tried to charge at Goldust near the ropes, with Goldust moving away. Jackson went to the outside, so Dreamer jumped off the apron onto him. Jackson put Goldust on his shoulder to go at the ring post, but Goldust slipped off and shoved Jackson to the post.

Goldust tossed Jackson back in, and went to get on the apron. Kozlov yelled at him and that allowed Jackson to club Goldust off the apron. On the outside, Kozlov attacked him. The heels took control from there as they began the doubleteam efforts on Goldust. Goldust managed to hit his drop down move to punch Jackson, then avoided him in the corner to tag in Dreamer. Dreamer came in to start taking it to Jackson, then knocked Kozlov off the apron. Dreamer with a flying crossbody on Jackson. He eventually went for a pin, with Kozlov coming in to break it up. Goldust came in to take out Kozlov. Dreamer ran over to shove Kozlov off the apron, and that allowed Jackson to take control and take out Dreamer for a pin.

Winners: Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson win via pinfall over Goldust and Tommy Dreamer.

William Regal was backstage with GM Tiffany watching the match on a monitor. Regal suggested that Tiffany might have come back a bit too early with her injuries. Tiffany said she has a lot to worry about now that she's back, such as the new #1 contender for the ECW title, and the possibility that John Cena might come to ECW after Bragging Rights, if he loses. Tiffany told Regal he should go get ready since his match is up next.

Raw Rebound covered Pittsburgh Steelers' QB Ben Roethlisberger as guest host of Raw. Sportscenter even covered his hosting, which included Ben scheduling a Divas bowl, coming face to face with JeriShow, and scheduling Kofi Kingston to defend the US Title against The Miz. Roethlisberger brought out his offensive linesmen to cause JeriShow to leave the ring. He then scheduled DX to face JeriShow in the main event. Jericho and Big Show tried to leave the match, but again Roethlisberger came out from backstage with his linesmen to block them from exiting. DX ended up winning it. Raw ended with Roethlisberger and his fellow players doing the DX Crotch chop as the pyro went off.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. William Regal

Early on, the ref stopped Yoshi from attacking Regal, and allowed Regal to adjust his boots and tights. Yoshi finally got his hands on Regal to take him down with the armbar. Regal kept wasting time by pausing to adjust his boots. Striker said Regal didn't have a lot of time to change out of his suit so fans should give him a break. Regal and Yoshi ended up colliding as they came off the ropes, so Regal gained control. Regal tried for the Russian legsweep with Yoshi countering it. Regal put on a submission, but Yoshi fought out of it and knocked Regal to the outside. Yoshi went out and threw Regal back in, to keep control of things as ECW went to commercial.

When ECW returned, Regal managed to catch Yoshi from a bodypress attempt, then dumped him outside the ring. Regal went outside to beat on Yoshi more then brought him back into the ring for another submission hold to ground Yoshi. Yoshi got to his feet to start fighting back, but he stumbled allowing Regal to knock him back down for another locked in submission hold. Yoshi was able to get to his feet and grab Regal's leg to twist it. Yoshi began to gain momentum and did a whirling elbow from the ropes to bring Regal down for a near fall. Yoshi signaled for a finisher and got up to the corner, but missed on the move. Regal prepared for the running knee on Yoshi, but Tatsu avoided it then quickly did his roundhouse kick. Tatsu got the winning pin, but Regal had his foot underneath the bottom rope. Jackson and Kozlov came to the ring to help Regal threaten the ref over the decision. Striker said he feels Regal has a legitimate gripe.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu wins via pinfall over William Regal.

Josh Matthews and Striker covered the rivalry between Sheamus and Shelton Benjamin. Last week, Sheamus attacked Shelton prior to his match with Paul Burchill. Shelton still compted anyways and managed to pull off a win with Paydirt. These two will go up against one another on Thursday's episode of WWE Superstars.

Christian vs. Zack Ryder

Regal was still complaining to the ref about the decision as Ryder got to the ring. Kozlov and Jackson were seated at ringside. Ryder began to jaw at Regal as ECW went to commercial break. As the show returned, the ECW Champ Christian was introduced to the crowd's ovation. Regal, Jackson and Kozlov were at ringside to watch the main event.

The two locked up early with Christian taking Ryder into an arm hold. Ryder got back up and put his own on Christian, then kicked his leg out to drop him to the mat. Christian jumped back up and leveled Ryder for a quick pin attempt. Ryder managed to gain control as he avoided a dropkick attempt from Christian, then started to taunt Christian. Christian escaped from the corner and then jumped off the opposite corner with an elbow to Ryder. Another nearfall followed and then Christian went for a springboard sunset flip, with Ryder rolling through to kick him hard. Ryder then did a catapult with Christian into the bottom rope, before baseball slide dropkicking him to the outside as ECW took a break.

ECW returned with Ryder applying a headlock on Christian in the ring. Christian fought back briefly but soon Ryder had him back in the hold. Christian again got to his feet and he and Ryder traded strikes. Ryder managed to regain the advantage as he jumped and took Christian down from behind with a leg to the back of him. Ryder continued to stay in control and had severla nearfalls. He hit a neckbreaker, but Christian barely kicked out. Christian rallied with the WWE fans behind him then hit a powerbomb style slam for a near fall. The fans began clapping for the champ as he tried to gain momentum. On his feet, Christian punched Ryder then hit a spinning leg shot to his head. Ryder whipped Christian to the ropes but as the champ came back he knocked Ryder down.

Christian had several near falls, and signaled for the Killswitch. Ryder fought out of it and did a powerbomb for a near fall. Christian went to the apron, so Ryder walked over to grab him. Christian managed to backflip Ryder out of the ring, then climbed to the corner to jump off onto Ryder outside the ring. Kozlov and Jackson got up and began to attack Christian, causing the ref to call for the bell for the DQ.

To close things out Regal did his running knee on Christian to take him down. Ryder complained to Regal about ruining his opportunity tonight. Ezekiel Jackson clotheslined Ryder down, then Kozlov did his one-armed slam finisher on Ryder. Regal, Kozlov & Jackson stood triumphantly in the ring as the show closed.

Winner: Christian wins due to disqualification over Zack Ryder when Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov interfered.

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