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WWE Superstars Recap 10.08.09

WWE Superstars Recap 10.08.09

Here's the full results for the 10/08/09 episode of WWE Superstars on WGN America, which featured wrestlers from Raw, ECW and Smackdown all in action. This was the follow-up show from the 2009 Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View.

Michael Cole opened the show to welcome fans to the show. Tonight Cryme Tyme will face the Hart Dynasty in tag action for a Smackdown main event. Ted Dibiase from Legacy came out for the opening match. Lawler and Cole noted the black eye and other scars Dibiase had from his Hell in a Cell match this past Sunday. Footage was shown of his partner, Cody Rhodes, being taken away from the ring on a stretcher after receiving Sweet Chin Music and a Sledgehammer to the head at the same time.

Evan Bourne vs. Ted Dibiase

Before Bourne came out, Dibiase got on the mic to say he was dedicating the match to his friend Cody Rhodes who was brutally, savagely and illegally attacked by DX Sunday. Dibiase asked for a moment of silence to send out thoughts to Cody.

Dibiase made an early attack on Bourne in the corner, constantly kicking him and stomping away. Bourne ducked a clothesline attempt as he came off the ropes, but Dibiase hit him with a hard elbow. Bourne tried to jump on Dibiase's back and use his weight to pull him down, but Dibiase dropped back on him to the mat. Bourne started kicking away and knocked Dibiase outside, then jumped off the corner onto him. Bourne tossed Dibiase bac kin, but Dibiase rolled out to the side. Bourne got on the apron and then tried for a Hurricanrana, but Dibiase held him then smashed him into the crowd barrier as Superstars went to break.

The show returned with Dibiase in control as he locked a side headlock on Bourne in the ring. Bourne got to his feet and kicked Dibiase to the corner, but Dibiase quickly recovered to start punching away on Bourne. Lawler and Cole noted that Dibiase is just in a foul mood after the PPV. Bourne finally gained momentum for a bit with kick strikes to Dibiase, but Dibiase came off the ropes for a hard clothesline to level Bourne. Bourne kicked out somehow of a pin. Bourne was able to do a reverse kick by jumping off the corner. Both men recovered and Bourne went to his quick offense, using a headscissor to throw Dibiase. Bourne had Dibiase down and was ready for Air Bourne. Dibiase grabbed Bourne's leg to prevent it, and then ducked a kick attempt. Dibiase hit Dream Street to win it from there.

Winner: Ted Dibiase wins via pinfall over Evan Bourne.

Ask the divas was shown with various questions for a variety of the WWE Divas including "What is your favorite guilty pleasure?" and "How do I handle a co-worker who keeps stealing credit for my work?" The Bella Twins, Layla, Kelly Kelly, Maria, Katie Lea, Eve Torres, Jillian, Michelle McCool and Natalya were featured. You can send questions to Ask the Divas at WWE Universe.

Shelton Benjamin was shown backstage in a shoulder sling bandage, walking on his way out for the next match, against Sheamus.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Sheamus

Matthews and Striker were on hand for commentary for the ECW matchup. Footage was shown from two weeks ago, when Sheamus attacked Shelton before his match against Paul Burchill. Shelton competed regardless of being beat down, and was able to defeat Burchill.

Early on, Sheamus kicked Shelton in the gut then grabbed his left arm to wrench it. Shelton fought back and whipped Sheamus to the corner then hit a running elbow. Sheamus slipped outside, with Shelton following to beat on him. Sheamus managed to grab Shelton's arm near the post and yanked it towards the post hard. Sheamus then threw Shelton shoulder first into the post in the ring several times. Shelton started to fight back on his feet, but Sheamus soon slammed him back down.

Sheamus tore off Shelton's bandage to expose the hurt shoulder, then dropped a knee on it. Sheamus continued to yank on and punish Shelton's injury. Sheamus with an armbar on the mat to further punish Shelton. Shelton grabbed the ropes to break it. With Shelton still holding the bottom rope, Sheamus kept kicking and putting pressure on his injured arm/shoulder. The ref counted 5 and finally called the match a DQ due to Sheamus not heeding his instructions. Sheamus kept at it for a little bit after the bell. The ref helped Shelton to his feet, and Sheamus did a running boot to take him back down. The ref screamed at Sheamus to leave the ring, then checked on Shelton again.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin wins due to disqualification of Sheamus.

Superstars returned with a video package of the destructive unit in ECW of Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov who were united by William Regal. Various matches were shown of this regime taking control of ECW.

Todd Grisham and Jim Ross were in place to handle commentary for the main event. They discussed the historic Raw this past Monday which was guest hosted by Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers - DX moment on Raw was highlighted on ESPN's Sportscenter, which included Roethlisberger and the Steelers celebrating in the ring with DX to close the show as they did DX crotch chops.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed The Hart Dynasty. They spoke of being united not by the streets like Cryme Tyme, but by their hearts. DH Smith did a mock "Yo yo yo yo" like Cryme Tyme, then they said why they're nothing like their opponents. Natalya said Hart Foundation was "the best" but tonight they'll prove why they're better.

Cryme Tyme vs. Hart Dynasty

Cryme Tyme was accompanied to the ring by diva Eve Torres, while Natalya led the Harts to the ring. Kidd and JTG started things with kidd getting the early take down. JTG came back with several armbar takedowns, then tagged in Shad. Kidd pulled away and rolled back to tag in Smith so the two big men could face off.

Shad started to punch away on Smith, then whipped him across to the corner. Shad tried to do a backsplash on Smith but was met with double knees to the back. Smith kept kicking away on Shad near the ropes. Kidd and Smith went for a doubleteam on Shad, but Shad came back for a double clothesline with Kidd ducking it. Shad tossed Kidd to the outside, and then took both Kidd and Smith down on the outside as Superstars went to break.

Superstars returned with Natalya watching JTG hammer away on Kidd in the corner. JTG with a pinfall attempt, but Kidd escaped and backed him to the corner to tag in Smith. Smith started to stomp away on JTG, then was in the corner as JTG charged at him. Smith tossed JTG onto his shoulder for a move, but JTG held the ropes. From the apron, JTG was able to fight off Smith, but with the ref distracted Kidd ran over to knock JTG off the apron. Back in the ring, Smith took control as he did a running powerslam with JTG into the corner. JTG landed outside the ring and Smith kept beating on him outside the ring. Back in the ring he applied a chinlock on JTG. Later, he tried for a piledriver with JTG blocking it and flipping Smith over his back.

JTG escaped Smith with an interesting takedown, and finally made the diving tag to Shad. Shad came in on fire against Tyson Kidd, taking him down with a shoulder block. Shad had the near fall after knocking Smith off the apron. Shad had Kidd on his back, and was preparing for a move when David Smith came in and hit a big boot on him. Shad fell back and Kidd rolled him back for a near fall. Kidd tagged in Smith, and they prepared for their finisher. Smith put up Shad in the Bear Hug as Kidd came running from off the ropes, but JTG was able to grab Kidd's leg from outside. He pulled Kidd to the outside and the two clotheslined each other down. Natalya got on the apron to distract the ref as Smith was trying to put a Sharpshooter on Shad. Smith released it and ran back against the ropes, with Eve grabbing his leg. Smith turned to break free, and as he came back was brought to the mat by Shad for the pin.

Cryme Tyme and Eve celebrated their victory in the ring, with JTG giving credit to Eve for the win. The Hart Dynasty yelled at them from the ramp as Superstars ended.

Winners: Cryme Tyme wins via pinfall over The Hart Dynasty.

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