Monday, October 5, 2009

WWE Hell in a Cell 2009 Analysis

WWE's Hell in a Cell (see full results) definitely surprised me with the two major titles changing over. In the case of the Undertaker, the guy's a clear legend, Hall-of-Fame bound, and obviously deserves all the accolades possible for his wrestling resume. However, giving him these short title reigns where he has to relinquish the belt within a few weeks after winning it seems to diminish the title. Questions start to come up: was this done just to transfer the title to someone else? Who will be the next champion - Jericho, Big Show, Kane, Batista? It will be interesting to see who the next challenger and champ is. They may even just trade the belt back to Punk so he can build up his resume. Looking ahead to the future, I can see Jericho holding the title come Wrestlemania 26, with Edge returning to challenge him. Just one possibility though.

People are questioning why DX versus Legacy closed out the Pay-Per-View, and with good reason. The other two Hell in a Cell matches involved title changes, possibly with Orton's being the shocker. Cena barely held the title for several weeks and traded it back to Orton again. That was surely a surprise, because as mentioned before the United States title has longer reigns than any other title around. Back in the day, guys like Hulk Hogan and Macho Man, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, held onto the WWE Title for months, even up to a year at most. Now the US title seems to carry more weight, with the WWE title a real mystery. Strange but true, Orton is now the new champ.

I was expecting that if any title changed over, it would be the Intercontinental or US, but those are sacred for now. Kofi Kingston has really received a decent push with this title reign, and having held the Intercontinental and Tag titles as well. Other matches went as expected, with Mickie James retaining her Divas title, JeriShow retaining the Unified tag titles, and the recently re-packaged Drew McIntyre winning his feud match in about 5 minutes over R-Truth.

The Drew McIntyre & Mickie James matches could easily have taken place on Smackdown and Raw, and they could have substituted an ECW Championship or grudge match. Recently the ECW matches have really been outdoing themselves, involving guys like Goldust, Sheamus, Regal, Ryder and Christian. Fans seem to get behind Goldust in a lot of arenas, so having him on the card wouldn't hurt.

The next Pay-Per-View will be just a few weeks away, called "Bragging Rights". Now we wait to see if we get yet another Cena vs. Orton match (the rematch for the WWE Title), and if the ECW gets a match at the event.

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