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Smackdown Results 07/23/10

Smackdown Results from Little Rock, AR:

Smackdown opened with Todd Grisham talking about Kane's triumph at Money in the Bank, to become new World Heavyweight Champion. Kane's pyro went off and he came out wearing the World Heavyweight title to start off Smackdown.

Kane got some rounds of applause as he was in the ring to speak. He talked about feeling like he was dying for the last 13 years until Sunday night, when he layed all the other souls to rest at MITB and won. He spoke about making history by cashing in MITB the same night to become new World Heavyweight Champion. Kane talked about poor Rey and his ankle injury. Kane said he came out to save Rey from Swagger, and Rey was grateful for that. Kane said he changed the look on Rey's face to horror when he cashed in and chokeslammed Rey through the mat. Kane said he did what anyone in his position would have done.

Kane said he didn't do this for himself, he did it for his brother, The Undertaker. He said he brought the title back to the Darkside, but when he brought the title to his brother's bedside, his feelings were of shame and sorrow. He said his brother just layed there unable to appreciate this occasion due to his state. Kane said he vowed that nobody or no one will tear this belt from his grasp. Kane said his brother's assailant is still at large and he won't rest until he finds them. Kane continued about seeking vengeance, then let the ringpost pyro explode with rage. He paused in the ring, then walked backstage.

Grisham said later tonight, Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger face off in a Best 2 of 3 falls match to determine #1 Contender for Kane.

They showed highlights of the Peep Show where Christian interviewed Matt Hardy and both guys said they would win Smackdown's MITB match at the PPV. It ended up with Hardy tossing Christian into a ladder. The two guys were tag partners 2 weeks ago, but Christian gave payback to Hardy and walked off on him.

Christian & Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre & Dashing Cody Rhodes

Hardy was still hurting from MITB and had taped up ribs. Hardy and Christian had several effective tag team moments. At one point, Hardy hit a backdrop on Drew McIntyre to toss him to the outside. He threw Rhodes out next, then hit a baseball slide dropkick on him. Christian jumped off the apron to take out both guys.

In the closing moments, Christian escaped from Drew's Future Shock DDT to tag in Hardy. Hardy hit Side Effect but couldn't score the pinfall. He hit a backbreaker for a near fall and a DDT from the corner, but Rhodes distracted the ref to help prevent the pinfall. Hardy went after Rhodes who jumped off the apron. All four men ended up in the ring. Christian went to take out Rhodes, but ended up punched down by Hardy by mistake. Matt then hit a Side Effect on Rhodes. Hardy was checking to see if Christian was ok since he was outside the ring. Drew McIntyre rushed over to deliver a big boot kick to Matt's head, then scored the winning pinfall.

Following the match, Christian offered helped up Hardy, then offered a handshake to Hardy. Matt was reluctant to shake but finally shook with Christian.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes win via pinfall over Christian and Matt Hardy.

Josh Matthews interviewed Jack Swagger backstage about his upcoming #1 Contender match tonight against Rey Mysterio. Matthews said Swagger must be feeling fortunate. Swagger interrupted and called Mysterio a dirty liar taking a page out of one of the dirtiest cheaters ever in WWE, Eddie Guerrero. He said Mysterio taking his boot off was cheating. Josh said many people consider Rey clever. Swagger said after tonight Rey won't be able to walk again, because he's not going to break his ankle, he'll shatter it, and then he'll do the same to Kane at Summerslam. Swagger said he'll put Kane in the hospital like Kane did to his dad.

They rolled out another Alberto Del Rio promo from his expensive home. Del Rio spoke about the attribute of bravery which lies in the heart of extraordinary men. He said he's such a man, and people send him gifts because of it. He talked about spitting in the eyes of adversity and overcoming the odds, and breaking boundaries.

Team LayCool was having a party backstage with champagne. Michelle said she's proud of Layla for defending the title at MITB, then they toasted the win. Michelle and Layla exchanged gifts with each other. They got half and half pendants that say "Best Friends" when they're put together. Just then Smackdown GM Teddy Long walked in and congratulated them on the win. He told them to enjoy it because next week Layla defends her title against Tiffany.

Kofi Kingston was getting some neck treatment backstage with his NXT rookie Michael McGillicutty standing nearby. Grisham said Kofi's still feeling effects from MITB but is in action tonight.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

Kofi arrived out with his NXT rookie Michael McGillicutty. Striker reminded fans that voting is still open for the NXT poll coming up on Tuesday. Dolph Ziggler arrived out with Smackdown consultant Vickie Guerrero.

At one point in the match, Ziggler tossed Kofi out through the ropes to the floor. Michael McGillicutty came over to check on Kofi. Ziggler suggested to Vickie to get McGillicutty out of there. Vickie told him to get lost, so he headed backstage.

Later in the match, Ziggler ducked the SOS Kick. Ziggler tried to toss Kofi over the ropes, but Kofi held on and skinned the cat. Vickie rushed over and grabbed his leg with the ref not seeing, allowing Dolph to hit the Zig Zag. From there, Dolph waited for Kofi to get up then locked the sleeper hold on. Kofi fought it, but Ziggler dropped to the mat and wrapped his legs around Kofi's torso. Kofi eventually passed out, giving Ziggler the win.

Ziggler went over and took Kofi's Intercontinental Title from the time keeper, then got in the ring with it to pose with his arms raised over Kofi. He tried to walk off with the belt, but the ref yanked it away. Dolph and Vickie walked up the ramp.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall over Kofi Kingston.

Big Show was shown walking backstage. He saw Rosa Mendes jumping rope and gave her a high five, then kept walking.

WWE Rewind showed last week when Big Show caught CM Punk up on a ladder and unmasked him to show off a bald CM Punk.

Big Show vs. Luke Gallows

Punk arrived out sans mask this time, showing his bald self off. Also joining him at ringside was Serena and the SES mystery man. Punk ordered Gallows out of the match and told the Mystery Man to take his place. He came in and as the bell sounded, Show gave a huge chest slap to take him down. He gave another chest slap to him in the corner. The guy managed to slide off Show at one point to gain momentum, but Show grabbed him and held him tight, then yanked his mask off. The mystery man is revealed to be a bald Joey Mercury, who Striker said hasn't been around for 4 years in WWE.

Show put the mask on himself then delivered a KO punch to take down Mercury for the pinfall.

Winner: The Big Show wins via pinfall over Joey Mercury.

Smackdown returned with Dashing Cody Rhodes' "Grooming Tips". He appeared in a towel in the bathroom talking about how others can be "dashing". In this segment he condemned people with nose hair. He showed how to use nose hair clippers to get the job done. He said he's "Dashing Cody Rhodes" bringing people one step closer to being "Dashing".

Grisham and Striker spoke about Rey Mysterio's condition for tonight's match against Jack Swagger. Josh Matthews interviewed Rey in the locker room asking if his body can handle tonight's intense action. Mysterio said he's in a lot of pain, and that his story as World Champion was just getting started. He said he's not happy with how things went down Sunday, but he's got to move on, by beating Swagger tonight and then getting his title back. Rey said next time he faces Kane in the ring it will be a story with a happy ending.

Yet another Alberto Del Rio promo was shown. This time it was about people being weak in body and mind, and having no pride in themselves. Del Rio said he takes pride in himself from the way he dresses to how he talks to physical appearance. He said if you can't love yourself, how can you expect others to? He said he has no problem admitting he loves himself, because he has something the others don't have "pride".

Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger
Best 2 of 3 Falls for #1 Contender to World Title

Mysterio was introduced first and came out hobbling still but went to rev up the crowd as his pyro exploded. Swagger came out second looking unhappy. Rey managed to avoid Swagger and then pull the top rope down so Swagger fell outside. Rey hit the baseball slide kick to send Swagger to the crowd barrier before a break.

Rey had Swagger down near the corner, and climbed up for a high risk move. Swagger got up and swiped his legs, causing Rey to be hung upside down. Swagger slammed Rey down then began stomping on him. Swagger kept working on Rey's hurt ankle and slammed it against the ringpost to further the damage.

Fall #1 - Swagger had Rey locked in the ankle lock. Rey managed to get over and grab around the bottom rope but Swagger wouldn't break the hold. The ref ruled for Mysterio for Fall #1 due to disqualification.

Fall #2 - Rey went for a 619 attempt on Swagger. He limped at first then ran across the ring and went for it. Swagger caught Rey's legs then put him into another ankle lock. Rey tapped out fast to give Swagger Fall #2.

Fall #3 - Swagger went for his Running Vader Bomb off the corner, but on one attempt Rey stuck his foot up to catch Swagger in the jaw. Later still, Swagger managed to escape from the Gutwrench Powerbomb. After rushing across the ring he jumped on Swagger sideways and took him down into a locked pinfall for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins the Best 2 of 3 Falls match against Jack Swagger to become new #1 Contender for Kane's World Championship.

Post-match, Swagger pulled Rey into the ring and started to attack. Suddenly, Kane's pyro exploded and the Big Red Monster rushed to the ring to fight off Swagger. He chokeslammed Swagger and watched him fall out of the ring. He turned to see Mysterio down on the mat. Kane stared him down and cornered Rey, then stood him up. Kane looked ready to do damage with Rey prepared to fight. Kane grabbed Rey's arm and raised it up in victory, then let go. Rey gave a confused look and Kane left the ring to back up the ramp.

Rey was celebrating in the ring and Kane rushed back in to get him. Rey slid out of the ring, but Kane grabbed him to toss him back inside. Kane was going for a Chokeslam, but Rey escaped it and hit a headscissor to toss Kane against the ropes. Rey hit a 619 on Kane, then escaped the ring. An angry Kane yelled at Rey up the ramp "this isn't over Rey!"

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I guess I was wrong about the mystery man, oh well, i knew it wasnt Rhodes after a while im pretty sure that it wasnt Joey as the mystery man the whole time. but I dont understand why they decided to keep his identity a secret it didnt add anything to the story if you ask me, and im glad Stryker said who it was cause I could barely recognize him.

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