Friday, July 23, 2010

Smackdown Preview 07.23.10

With the 2010 Money in the Bank PPV now official, we saw one of the two MITB briefcase winners cash in on the same night as the PPV. The Big Red Monster Kane was able to win Money in the Bank and then cashed in on champion Rey Mysterio. Mysterio had already been hobbled severely by Jack Swagger, allowing Kane to collect an easy victory after a chokeslam and Tombstone Piledriver. With the win, Kane is now World Heavyweight Champion. What will the Big Red Monster have to say regarding his title reign? Will he dedicate this to his fallen brother, The Undertaker?

With Kane winning the World Championship, it makes the WWE Universe wonder if Rey Mysterio will be out of action for a while, or will he get a rematch. Another superstar who might lay claim to the title is Jack Swagger, although Swagger was driven backstage by Kane. Will either Swagger or Mysterio challenge Kane for the title? Or will Kane get a new #1 Contender on Smackdown?

Also at Money in the Bank, Kelly Kelly had her first ever title opportunity at a Pay-Per-View event. One half of the Blondtourage took on the Womens Champion Layla. Kelly's friend Tiffany was at ringside, while the self-professed Co-champion Michelle McCool was on hand to support Layla. When a fight at ringside broke out between Michelle and Tiffany, it caused enough distraction for Layla to gain victory. With Layla winning by pinfall at the PPV to retain the title, who will be the next one to challenge? Will Kelly get another shot?

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