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Raw Results 08/30/10 - 900th Episode

Raw Results from Boston, MA:

Raw opened with an intro talking about the many episodes of the show, eclipsing all over TV shows in history. Images were shown of various superstars from Stone Cold to HHH to HBK, Cena, Chris Jericho and The Rock. Tonight is a historic night celebrating 900 episodes.

The show opened with a shot of the rowdy Boston audience and then Cole and Lawer announcing tonight's big match: a 5-on-5 tag elimination match with John Cena, Sheamus, Jericho, Orton and Edge facing The Nexus (minus Skip Sheffield).

Bret "The Hitman" Hart arrived out to start off the show. Hart was part of the first ever Raw back in 1993 in New York. Cole got in his trademark line about Raw as "longest episodic." He said it's been going 17 years and 8 months, passing "The Simpsons" and "Gunsmoke" over the years. Hart said it looks to him like Raw's doing "pretty damn good" after all these years.

Hart said there's only one other wrestler that was with him back on the first episode of Raw, The Undertaker. Just then, Kane's pyro went off and the Big Red Monster came to talk to Bret. Kane told everyone that Undertaker no longer exists since Kane destroyed him, leaving him in a vegetative state. A big "Under-taker" chant broke out. Kane said Taker is a lot like Bret is, weak, feable, over-the-hill and irreversibly damaged.

Hart said he can't wait to see Undertaker get his hands on Kane and beat him like he always does. Kane said Bret's starting to sound like his brother now. Kane said his brother took out an icon in Shawn Michaels, so now he needs to do the same, and take out Bret. Kane went after the Hitman, preparing for a Chokeslam. The Hart Dynasty rushed to the ring to try to intervene, but Kane fended them off. He grabbed Hart for a Chokeslam, but suddenly the lights dimmed and Taker's bells tolled. As the lights came back, Undertaker was in the ring facing Kane, with Hart in the corner. Kane smirked and backed out of the ring.

The email sound chimed and Michael Cole read another email from the Raw GM. The GM said he senses a big moment, and wants to have a main event befitting this historic occasion: Bret "The Hitman" Hart versus The Undertaker. Both guys turned and stared at each other. Hart left the ring.

They did a flashback to episode 1 of Raw on January 11, 1993 featuring Yokozuna, Doink, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Max Moon and Bret Hart.

Another Raw flashback to episode #279 on September 28, 1998 featuring Stone Cold driving the beer zamboni down to the ring, and then tackling Mr. McMahon in the ring. Police eventually pounced on Austin and took him away in a police car.

Kofi Kingston & Michael McGillicutty vs. Kaval & Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz & Alex Riley
Triple Threat Tag Match

The match allowed for 3 guys in the ring at once, with the ability to take in their partners. Kofi, Riley and Bryan fought it out early on, going back and forth amongst themselves.

At the end of the match, it was Kaval, McGillicutty and Miz. Miz was out of the picture as Kaval managed to knock McGill onto the mat. Kaval climbed the corner and jumped off to drive his feet into McGill's chest. Just then, Miz returned to the ring and grabbed Kaval from behind to hit Skullcrushing Finale for the win. Miz grabbed his hardware including the MITB case and backed up the ramp smirking at Daniel Bryan in the ring.

Alex Riley got up on the apron, so Daniel Bryan rushed over to kick him off. Just then, The Miz got in the ring and bashed down Bryan with the briefcase.

Winners: The Miz & Alex Riley win via pinfall over Kaval and Daniel Bryan.

WWE Slam of the Week showed last week's match between Jillian and Melina for the Divas title. Jillian missed on a leg drop off the corner, so Melina was able to get on her and hit the Last Call. As Melina was celebrating her win, LayCool appeared on the Titantron saying they'd be on Raw this week with an offer Melina can't refuse.

Melina & Eve Torres vs. Michelle McCool & Layla

During the match Lawler spit out the fact that "Jersey Shore" won't get to episode 900 until 2083. Layla tried to taunt Melina as she thought she was in control by dragging Melina towards her partner Michelle. Melina shoved Layla into Michelle knocking her off the apron. Melina rolled up Layla for the surprise pinfall.

Melina and Eve quickly retreated up the ramp. Michelle and Layla got on mics in the ring. They finally said their proposal: a unification match of the two womens titles at Night of Champions. Melina said she accepted, but only if it's a Lumberjack match. LayCool said fine, and then all the "Lumberjills" came to the stage: Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Eve, Rosa Mendes, Maryse, Jillian, Alicia Fox and Tamina.

Winners: Melina & Eve win via pinfall over Michelle McCool & Layla.

They showed a Raw flashback to Episode #889 from June 7, 2010. It was when The Nexus first attacked John Cena on Raw and destroyed the entire ring and surrounding set.

The Nexus was backstage in the locker room arguing about how people are talking about them now. Tarver said because they kicked out Darren Young and Skip Sheffield broke his ankle that they think Nexus is weak. Otunga told him if he thinks that he can leave right now. Barrett stopped the arguing and said tonight they'll beat five of the biggest WWE Superstars in their match, and in several weeks he'll be new WWE Champion. Barrett said tonight they'll also do something that will keep people talking forever.

Another Raw flashback, this time to September 7, 2009 for Episode #850 hosted by Bob Barker. Barker did "The Price is Raw" game show and had a confrontation early on with Chris Jericho.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed Chris Jericho asking him what the future holds for him. Jericho said when he says "I'm the best in the world at what I do" it's because it's true. He said it's time to take matters into his own hands now. He has made a promise now, that if he doesn't win the title at Night of Champions, he's done forever. Matthews said to be honest, Jericho's been kicked off and threatened to leave Raw dozens of times. Jericho put his hand on the mic and said he's not joking. He said tonight he'll prove to all the hypocrites he's the best in the world at what he does.

John Morrison & R-Truth vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre
#1 Contenders Match for Tag Titles

Yet another tag team matchup for the 900th episode, but this time with #1 Contender status on the line for the tag team championships.

All four guys got involved in the ring, with the ref trying to break things up. Rhodes got knocked to the outside and R-Truth leapt over the top rope to crash down onto him. On the outside McIntyre tried to beat up Morrison. Morrison was able to slide off him and dropkicked him into the podium where the laptop is for the Raw GM's emails.

Winners: No contest as match ended up as a brawl out of ref's control.

Flashback to episode #867 on January 4, 2010 of Raw, when Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart finally buried the hatchet in the ring over the "Montreal Screwjob". The two shook hands in a historic moment, then hugged one another.

Bret Hart vs. The Undertaker

In the first singles contest of the night, two of WWE's biggest legends faced off. Lawler said Hart doesn't appear intimidated. Before the bell could even sound, Wade Barrett of Nexus arrived onto the stage and said "this match is not gonna happen."

Barrett said when people talk about Raw, they don't want to talk about 2 legends from the past, they want to talk about the future - The Nexus. Barrett said he's going to take out Hart and prove that Undertaker is indeed a Deadman. Barrett stepped into the ring and tried to attack Taker, but the Phenom quickly fought him off and clotheslined him over the top rope. He prepared to go after Bret, but the bells sounded and the lights went off. Suddenly, the lights came back and Hart was gone, but Kane was in the ring. He and Taker began to punch back and forth, until Undertaker got Kane in the chokeslam position. The lights went out again, and now Kane was gone.

Suddenly, the rest of Nexus stormed the ring with Taker in it. They tried to gang up on him, but he managed to fight them all off. He grabbed Barrett for a chokeslam, but again the lights went out. Some pounding moves against the mat were heard in the dark. As hte lights came back, Barrett had Taker up on his shoulders. He slammed Taker to the mat hard. From there, they dragged Taker's body towards the corner. Gabriel got up on the corner, waited a few moments, then hit the 450 Splash. Nexus stared down at Taker as Kane admired their work from up on stage. Undertaker tried to sit up, but fell back to the mat as Kane laughed.

Winner: No match as Nexus and Kane interfered before it could start.

Cole and Lawler reviewed what just happened to Undertaker involving Nexus and Kane. Cole said it seemed as if Kane was controlling the situation and he was dominating Taker mentally.

Jack Swagger came out to the ramp with a mic in hand. Swagger talked about leaving Raw as an all American American American, but that now he's back as a former World Champ. He said he can understand why Johnny Damon doesn't want to come back to Boston, but he's got no problem bringing Swagger back to Raw.

Cole talked about shows like "Fear Factor" and "Ally McBeal" starting and ending their runs during Raw's time on air. Lawler said "Friends" only had a bit over 200 episodes and Raw's got 900.

Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger

As the match was going on, suddenly Alberto Del Rio's music came on. He came driving out from backstage in a Bentley as his personal ring announcer introduced him. Swagger was in control as Del Rio came down to ringside. Evan Bourne was up on the corner and went for Air Bourne as Del Rio walked by the ring. Bourne missed it and landed on his feet, which Swagger swiped, tripping him. Swagger locked the ankle lock on. Bourne eventually had to tap out.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins via pinfall over Evan Bourne.

Del Rio got on the mic as Swagger's music came on. The music quickly cut out. In the ring, a ref and trainer were helping Evan Bourne. Del Rio said thanks to him, Rey Mysterio won't be here tonight. Del Rio said since the people on Raw didn't see what he did to Mysterio on Smackdown. Del Rio said he was going to re-create the event but with a different guy. He rushed into the ring and shoved one of the trainers away, then quickly put his cross armbreaker submission on Bourne. The ref yelled at him to no avail.

Del Rio grabbed a steel chair and took it outside then started to put the chair on Bourne's arm. Just then, Mark Henry came rushing down the ramp. Del Rio rushed at him with the chair, but Henry smashed it out of his hand. Del Rio rushed up the ramp, then turned to point and smirk at Henry.

Cole and Lawler revisited the recent trip to Shanghai for the members of the Raw roster. They showed highlights with the song "Soul Survivor" as various stars including Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Rey Mysterio and Alicia Fox were shown.

The latest Raw flashback was to September 27, 1999 for Episode #331. On that one, Mankind was paying tribute to his tag partner The Rock with a special in-ring celebration. Mankind brought out all sorts of people from The Rock's past.

CM Punk arrived out with the Straight Edge Society, only Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury. The recently fired Serena was not with them. Mercury was wearing a sling on his left arm. Punk grabbed a mic in the ring and asked if the crowd knows who he's better than. Punk said he's better than The Rock, because he doesn't drink, smoke or make crappy movies like "The Tooth Fairy." Punk asked if they missed The Rock on Monday Night Raw, but said he doesn't because The Rock epitomizes the septic tank of a show that is Raw.

Punk said he had two words for them all "Katie Vick." Punk told anyone who doesn't get it, to YouTube it. He said he would now show the four most atrocious acts committed on Raw during its history. The first was Episode #824 on March 9, 2009 when HHH broke into Randy Orton's house with a sledgehammer and smashed the place up. Next up was Episode #691 from August 21, 2006 when Edge and Cena battled out of Bridgeport Arena and Cena tossed Edge out into the Harbor water. Punk said he'd never throw any competitor into a body of water, ever.

He showed Exhibit C from Episode #257 from April 27, 1998 when DX went to invade the WCW Arena with a tank and megaphone. Finally, was Exhibit D from Raw's March 22, 1999 episode #304 when Stone Cold hosed down Vince McMahon and The Rock with a beer hose. Punk said he knows everyone would love to see a repeat of STone Cold Steve Austin coming down the ramp and spraying CM Punk with a firehose of beer. All of a sudden, a glass shattering noise broke out. Punk and crew looked around in a panic. After a few moments with no Austin, Punk fell on the mat laughing.

Punk asked if they all fell for it and now feel empty inside. Punk said good because it's the same way he feels when he sees each and every one of them. Punk showed a final clip, this time from Episode #199 of Smackdown on June 12, 2003 when Brock Lesnar superplexed Big Show off the corner and the ring fell apart. Punk said that clip represents everything he could never be, such as criminally obese. He started to insult Big Show, which brought Show out from backstage in a suit.

Show did a Hulkster impersonation and put his hand up to get a high five from Punk. Punk told him that wasn't entertaining and nobody likes him. Show eventually slapped his hand down on Punk's chest. Punk and Mercury fled the scene as Show beat on Gallows then shoved him over the top rope. Punk yelled at Show from the stage.

Another Raw flashback showed Episode #450 on January 7, 2002. This time it was HHH making a return to Raw. Kurt Angle came out to interrupt but ended up getting a Pedigree. HHH reminded everyone he's "The Game."

Josh Matthews was up on the stage to introduce the WWE Champion Sheamus. Sheamus caming out wearing Celtic green. Matthews started to ask a question and Sheamus yanked the mic away to start talking. Sheamus said everyone's there to celebrate tonight except for Triple H, and he's the reason why. Sheamus started complaining about the Six Pack Challenge then called the audience a bunch of fake plastic patties. He said he's the only real Irishmen there tonight. Sheamus ranted on about having to team up with 4 of his opponents tonight. He said never in the history of Raw has a champion been discriminated against this much.

All of a sudden, Edge arrived out with a mic in hand. Edge talked about all of the bad experiences he's had during his times on Raw. He said as many bad things as have happened, he's given back three times as many. Edge said he's won 29 championships in WWE. He said he'll win the Six Pack Challenge and become new WWE Champion. Edge walked off to get to the ring for the upcoming match.

John Cena, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho & Edge vs. The Nexus: Wade Barrett, Michael Tarver, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater

Jericho argued with Cena to start the match so Cena let him. Jericho walked out on the match though, smirking as he walked up the ramp and was counted out for the first elimination. Edge got in and shoved the referee down to get himself disqualified. Finally, John Cena stepped in the ring and began to take it to Michael Tarver. Cena gave him a royal beatdown. He looked at Orton, but tagged in Sheamus instead.

The champ took control of Tarver knocking him around the ring. Tarver eventually escaped to tag in Slater, who Sheamus beat on as well. Sheamus stayed in, not making any tags as Otunga was in next. He posed a bit before Sheamus rushed him to level him to the mat. Otunga managed to reverse whip Sheamus hard to the corner and then pounded on him, before tagging in Slater. Cena and Orton watched as Sheamus was beaten on by Nexus. After some time, Nexus had finally worn Sheamus down enough and Slater hit a finisher to get a pinfall for elimination.

John Cena rushed in with shoulder tackles to take down Slater, eventually hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment to eliminate Slater. Wade Barrett quickly rushed into the ring and attacked Cena. Barrett tossed Cena out of the ring as the ref yelled at him and Nexus' remaining guys pounded on Cena.

Cena finally regained control in the ring against David Otunga. He managed to trip Otunga down for the STF and Otunga tapped out. However, just as Cena rolled over recover, Justin Gabriel did his 450 Splash from the corner and pinned Cena to get rid of him.

Orton rushed into the ring and grabbed Gabriel as he turned to hit the RKO. The crowd went into a frenzy. Orton pinned Gabriel. Tarver rushed in to attack but Orton ducked his strike move. Orton hit the RKO on Tarver and eliminated him. However, Orton couldn't react quick enough as Barrett got in the ring and grabbed him, put him on his shoulders and hit the finisher. Wade Barrett wins it.

Winners: Wade Barrett of Nexus is the final remaining superstar after pinning Randy Orton.

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