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Raw Results 08/23/10

Raw Results from Los Angeles, CA:

The show opened with highlights of last week's matches involving individual members of The Nexus taking on members from Team WWE. Leader Wade Barrett said anyone from the group who lost would be exiled. Everyone won except for Darren Young in his main event match against John Cena. Young received a beatdown from Nexus at the end of Raw to signal his exile.

Justin Roberts introduced the WWE Champion Sheamus who came to the ring looking upset. Cole recapped what happened last week when Sheamus came to ringside to interrupt Orton's match against Nexus member Justin Gabriel. Things spilled outside the ring into the crowd. Eventually Orton smashed a chair on Sheamus multiple times and later RKO'd him.

Sheamus started up a tirade about how the children in the crowd are spoiled brats. He went out of the ring and pointed at several kids in the front rows calling them spoiled. Back in the ring, he said the biggest spoiled child in WWE is Randy Orton, and the fans all support his antics. The audience started up a R-K-O chant. Sheamus said in four weeks Night of Champions PPV happens, and he urges the Raw GM not to give in to Orton's demands.

As Sheamus was still ranting, an email came through, which Cole read. The GM said he feels Sheamus has found ways to defend his WWE title and should be rewarded. The GM said tonight he was going to do something unprecedented. He had two WWE staff bring a throne out. The GM said Sheamus could choose his next challenger, by watching a series of matches to see who impresses him most. Sheamus can choose his opponent by the end of the night for NOC PPV. Cole added that the first of the matches start now. Edge arrived out before a commercial break, passing Sheamus on the ramp as he went to the ring.

An ad aired for next Monday's 900th episode of Raw, starting at 9PM EST.

R-Truth vs. Edge

Edge was in ring with Sheamus seated up on the stage as R-Truth came out doing his rap entrance music.

Truth threw Edge with a hip toss, then did some showboating as Cole put it. Edge avoided a move and slammed Truth down to the mat. From there, Edge backed up preparing the Spear, but as he ran at Truth, Truth leapfrogged him. Truth came back with an attempted scissors kick but Edge avoided that, then came back with a short spear tackle for the pinfall win.

Edge got on the mic to address Sheamus, as he walked up the ramp saying until Sheamus beats a 9-time champion, the Rated-R Superstar, he hasn't beaten anybody.

Winner: Edge wins via pinfall over R-Truth.

Cole and Lawler said later tonight John Cena faces The Miz. They showed a brief behind-the-scenes of Dashing Cody Rhodes who will be guest starring on tomorrow night's "Warehouse 13" starting at 9PM EST on SyFy.

Raw returned with Cole and Lawler discussing WWE's debut in China this past weekend at the Shanghai Expo Center. Sheamus was still seated in the royal throne king's chair at the top of the ramp.

The Great Khali vs. Chris Jericho

Khali dominated early but later missed on a big leg drop, allowing Jericho to attack him on the mat. Jericho targeted Khali's leg to keep him down. Later on, Jericho went for a Codebreaker but Khali caught him and tossed him down. Khali kept knocking Jericho down then hit a scoop slam. Khali went for a short running kick, but Jericho moved from the corner and clipped Khali's leg to take him down. Jericho worked to try to get Khali on his stomach, and did. Khali tried to withstand the Walls of Jericho but finally gave in and tapped out.

Jericho got on the mic just like Edge after the match, and talked about how Jericho was the first undisputed champion in the history of WWE. Jericho said Edge didn't make a giant tap out tonight and he's not the best in the world at what he does, Chris Jericho is. Jericho was up on the corner with the mic looking out at Sheamus. Khali stood up and walked over to chop Jericho down off. Jericho fell to the outside floor.

Winner: Chris Jericho wins via submission over The Great Khali.

Josh Matthews interviewed John cena backstage about what happened last week with The Miz on Raw. Cena said he doesn't regret choosing Daniel Bryan for Summerslam, and Miz almost cost Team WWE the win. Cena said ever since Miz won MITB he's got a bigger mouth and attitude problem. Cena said tonight he shuts him up with the Attitude Adjustment.

Jillian vs Melina
WWE Divas Championship

Jillian was in the ring talking about how she was divas champion before and will do it again. She started singing "Not Afraid" chorus by Eminem/Rihanna, until Melina's theme music came on to cut her off.

Jillian whipped Melina to the corner and charged but Melina tried to come back at her. Instead, Jillian took down Melina to the mat. In the closing moments, Jillian went up on the corner and let out a singing note, but missed on her high risk move. As Jillian got up hunched over, Melina hopped on her back, let out her primal scream and hit the Last Call Sunset Flip pinfall.

As Melina was celebrating in the ring, Team LayCool came up on the big screen. Michelle said she didn't feel bad about them attacking Melina at Summerslam. They said on next week's 900th episode of Raw they'll make an offer Melina won't be able to refuse.

Winner: Melina wins via pinfall over Jillian to retain the Divas Championship.

Josh Matthews interviewed The Miz backstage in the locker room. He told Miz about what Cena had said in the earlier interview. Miz questioned who has ego, saying he could have cashed in his MITB at Summerslam on Sheamus but instead was preparing for the Team WWE match. He said Cena made a big mistake in choosing Bryan Daniel over him for the team. Later tonight Miz said he will beat Cena and give him consequences for his actions. He said it doesn't matter about Sheamus choosing him or not for Night of Champions, because he can cash in whenever he wants, maybe even tonight.

Sheamus was still seated in his throne up on the ramp, as The Nexus arrived out onto the stage with him. Sheamus had a mic and asked to what he owes this honor. Just then the email sound chimed so Cole interrupted. He read the note saying the Raw GM requested Nexus to come out because he was impressed with their performance last week. He said the ban on Nexus members competing for titles has now been lifted. Barrett walked over to Sheamus who stood up and told him "consider our truce over." Barrett and crew walked backstage leaving Sheamus stunned at the latest announcement.

They showed a splitscreen backstage of Miz and Cena both on their way to the ring for the next match.

WWE Slam of the Week came from last week's Daniel Bryan vs Michael Tarver match where The Miz and Alex Riley came to interfere. Riley and Miz beat down Bryan post-match, including The Miz hitting a Skullcrushing Finale face first onto the MITB case.

John Cena vs. The Miz

Miz arrived to the ring first showing off his red briefcase to Sheamus up on stage before heading to the ring. Cena was out next and ignored Sheamus completely then smirked at him from the ring.

Cena had the STF on Miz at one point, but Miz managed to get to the bottom rope to break it. At one spot, Miz went for Skullcrushing Finale, with Cena blocking it. After ten minutes of great action, Miz was on the apron. Cena went to strike but Miz dropped to the floor. All of a sudden, Daniel Bryan rushed to ringside to get revenge, clotheslining Miz to the ground. The ref called for the bell for a DQ. Bryan got into the ring and put his Crossface submission on Miz making him tap the mat.

Winner: The Miz wins due to disqualification over John Cena.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Usos

Tamina escorted Jimmy and Jey to the ring for the tag match. The match lasted just three minutes, with The Usos trying to keep Santino away from Kozlov and wear him down. Santino finally got a tag to Kozlov behind the crowd's energy. Kozlov came in to take care of business, eventually finishing off Jey Uso with his Iron Curtain move.

After the match, Santino was down on the outside near Tamina. Jimmy Uso prepared to attack Santino, but Tamina got in his path to prevent it, telling him the match was over. Jimmy was upset but they left the area. Tamina turned back to look at Santino, blowing him a kiss like a blowdart. Santino pretended to catch it on his right cheek. Dr. Kozlov came out ringside to check on his tag partner's condition as Santino said "I think she likes me."

Winners: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov win via pinfall over The Usos.

This week in WWE history was August 28, 1986 the dawn of a new era in sports entertainment. Toronto, Canada hosted The Big Event at the C&E Stadium. Jake the Snake, Bobby Heenan, Hulk Hogan, Paul Orndorff and Junkyard Dog were all in action. The year after that was Wrestlemania III, which started a chain of record-breaking events going on through Wrestlemania 26. The narrator said all of the latest PPV's owe their record-breaking success to "The Big Event".

Cole said there's one final match up next with Orton, Morrison and Dibiase in a Triple Threat match with Sheamus watching to decide his possible NOC opponent.

Dibiase came to the ring with Maryse, followed by John Morrison and finally The Viper, Randy Orton. As Orton got onto the stage he turned and looked at Sheamus, prompting the champ to get on his feet and stare him down as well. Raw took a commercial break before the Triple Threat match.

Randy Orton vs. John Morrison vs. Ted Dibiase

During the main event match, Orton gained control of Dibiase preparing him for the DDT from the middle rope. Morrison came in and tried for his springboard kick off the side ropes. Orton ducked it and Morrison rolled to the outside. Orton completed the DDT then got down to start preparing for his RKO, pounding the mat.

Dibiase got to his feet and Orton went for the RKO just as Morrison rolled back into the ring. Dibiase shoved Orton away and Morrison hit a spinning kick to take down Orton. He charged at Dibiase, who dropped down and pulled the top rope, causing Morrison to spill outside. Dibiase went over and waited for Orton to stand then tried for Dream Street. Orton wobbled around but then threw Dibiase with his weight. Ted rolled out of the ring.

Just then, Morrison tried to jump off the corner at Orton, but Orton saw it, and got him with the RKO mid-air. Orton hooked the leg and grabbed the pinfall victory. Dibiase got in to try for an attack, but Orton turned and hit the RKO on him too, leaving his two opponents flat on the mat, post-match.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over John Morrison to win the Triple Threat match.

Orton went up the ramp where Sheamus had walked backstage leaving the throne empty. Josh Matthews asked Sheamus why he left the scene as Orton won the match. Sheamus said he's made up his mind who he wants to face and in just a few minutes will go announce it in the ring. Raw hit a commercial break.

A Smackdown commercial aired. On Friday night Kofi Kingston battles Dolph Ziggler for the IC title again, and Rey Mysterio takes on Kane. Also, The Undertaker rises again and returns to Smackdown.

Sheamus was in the ring and had his decision made. He got on the mic saying he had been thinking about it for a while. Sheamus said despite what happened to him last week, he's still a warrior, The Celtic Warrior. Sheamus said he's not going to wait until Night of Champions to defend his title, he said he wants to defend it right now. He asked for a referee and one came into the ring.

Sheamus said he became WWE Champion because of opportunity, and despite what he's seen tonight, he decided to go left field. Sheamus said he decided to make a new #1 Contender, a superstar who's never had a championship match before. Sheamus said his next opponent is Zack Ryder.

Ryder came out with a mic and told Sheamus he just made the biggest mistake of his life, because everyone knows they're looking at the next WWE Champion.

Zack Ryder vs. Sheamus
WWE Championship Match

As soon as the bell rang, Sheamus charged at Ryder and gave him the running boot kick to level him. Sheamus quickly made the pinfall cover to win it.

Winner: Sheamus wins via pinfall over Zack Ryder to retain the WWE Title.

Sheamus took the mic and said there you have another successful championship defense for The Celtic Warrior. Sheamus said now he doesn't have to defend his title for another 30 days, so he'll take a night off at Night of Champions. Sheamus said he may even take the whole month off now and go back to visit Ireland. Just then, The Nexus theme music came on and Wade Barrett arrived solo to the ring to confront the champ.

Wade Barrett told Sheamus he was the winner of Season 1 for NXT, so that means he gets a title opportunity at the PPV of his choice. Wade Barrett said he's choosing to take his title match against Sheamus at Night of Champions. Sheamus screamed at Barrett about it. Just then, the email sound chimed again and Cole got up for another reading.

The GM's email confirmed that the GM has upheld Wade Barrett's request. The GM said that Sheamus will defend the title against Wade Barrett. The GM's email continued saying he believes in what Sheamus talked of earlier - opportunity. Due to that, the GM has decided that Sheamus will defend against four other WWE stars as well, in a "Six Pack Challenge." Each of the other opponents was introduced and came to the ring to join the others. Also in the title match at NOC will be Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Edge and John Cena.

Once all six guys were assembled in the ring it got interesting as the veteran WWE stars all surrounded Wade Barrett. Barrett tried to plead his case and point out Sheamus to the others, but Sheamus was in on it. Finally, Cena kicked Barrett in the gut and everyone began the beatdown on Nexus' leader. Eventually, Sheamus picked him up to throw out of the ring to the floor.

As Sheamus turned around, he was the recipient of a Codebreaker from Jericho. Edge set up and Speared Jericho down next. Cena tapped Edge then put him up and hit Attitude Adjusment. The finishing move showdown was completed as Orton hit the RKO to take down Cena. Orton got revved up as did the crowd. The show closed with Orton posing on the corner.

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