Monday, August 23, 2010

Raw Preview 08/23/10

The Nexus may be an even stronger unit now. Tonight's Raw will follow up last week's "exile" by Nexus of one of their seven faction members. During the show, the anonymous GM sent an email to let Nexus know they'd be in individual matches against members of Team WWE during the night. Leader Wade Barrett declared that anyone who lost their match would be out of Nexus. During the evening, Barrett, Otunga, Gabriel, Slater, Tarver and Sheffield, all picked up big wins to secure their spots in the group. However, when it came time for Darren Young to prove himself against John Cena, he wasn't able to pull off the win and tapped out to the STF. Afterwords, Nexus delivered a beatdown on Young, signaling his end as a member of the team. What will be in store next for Nexus, and will Darren Young be back on Raw?

Divas action last week saw the new Divas Champion Melina in action, as part of a six divas tag match. She teamed with Gail Kim and Eve to take on Maryse, Jillian and former champ, Alicia Fox. The match seemed under control with Eve ready to pull off a moonsault from the top rope. However, with all other divas outside the ring, Jillian was able to get up and slam Eve off the corner into a pinfall. With that, Jillian picked up a rare divas victory on Raw. Will Jillian be next in line for the Divas championship, or will Alicia Fox exercise her rematch clause?

And finally, with Night of Champions looming as WWE's next PPV, there needs to be a WWE title match scheduled. Currently, Sheamus is champion and has won via disqualification in his two title matches against Randy Orton now. Last week saw The Viper in action against Justin Gabriel, with Sheamus coming to ringside. From there, Orton went after the champ, fighting him into the audience and eventually back to ringside. A countout infuriated Orton even more, so he took out the frustrations by RKO'ing Gabriel in the ring. He then turned his attention to Sheamus, bashing him down with a chair multiple times. As it seemed Orton was heading backstage, he rushed over to where Sheamus was getting up and hit the RKO. Will all of this result in another match between Sheamus and Orton, or will the Raw GM decide it's time for another challenger?

Catch Raw tonight at 9PM EST on USA!

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