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Smackdown Results 08/20/10

Smackdown Results from Bakersfield, CA:

Todd Grisham opened Smackdown with talk about the excitement at Summerslam 2010. He brought up Kane's victory over Rey Mysterio in the title match but Matt Striker noted that The Undertaker made his return. Still images from the match were shown including Kane and Taker putting each other in chokeholds. Taker was too weak to overcome Kane, and got Tombstoned.

Grisham said Kane's explanation will happen tonight. Rey Mysterio came to the ring to start off the show. He thanked the fans for helping him get through a grueling match at Summerslam. He said at least he didn't end up in a casket. He said a lot of people were accused by Kane for attacking Kane, but in the end it came out that Mysterio is innocent. He said his name is clear now, and Kane was the one behind the attack.

Mysterio was interrupted mid-speech as new Smackdown star Alberto Del Rio arrived out in a suit with a microphone. Del Rio said tonight is his big debut on Smackdown. He said it was an honor to see Rey Mysterio in the ring. Del Rio got in the ring with him. He called them both icons, himself and Mysterio. He talked about being a man of honor and a millionaire. Del Rio said his bloodline comes from Fernando and Isabella, but Mysterio's blood is from the streets of Tiajuana. Rey warned Del Rio about what he was saying.

Del Rio called Mysterio the worm in the Tequila bottle and a "joke of a man" compared to him. Mysterio told Del Rio he knows he bought his cuff links at the Swap meet. Mysterio told Del Rio he's nobody there thinking he's something because he has money. Mysterio said respect is earned, and Del Rio has yet to do so. Del Rio called Mysterio a "little peasant". He said if Rey doesn't respect him, he'll make him do so. Rey told Del Rio he can come and get respect in his big debut, against him tonight.

Del Rio said he can't wait to squeeze and destroy Mysterio like the little cockroach he is. He smiled in Mysterio's face after saying something, and Rey slapped him. Del Rio fell against the middle rope and Rey ran against the ropes to come across and hit 619. Rey gave a wink to Del Rio from the ramp. Del Rio wiped his face and smirked about what just happened.

Backstage, Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler were shown on a split screen. They fight in an IC title rematch on Smackdown.

Smackdown's return featured Dashing Cody Rhodes discussing dry, crackly, wrinkly skin. Rhodes talked about using a manly moisturizing lotion for healthy, glowing skin. Rhodes applied a cucumber melon moisturizer to his face, then said he's bringing people one step closer to "Dashing".

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler
Intercontinental Championship

They showed a still image from the IC title match at Summerslam in which The Nexus interfered, costing Kofi a chance to win the title back. Kofi arrived out first followed by Ziggler, escorted by consultant Vickie Guerrero.

Late in the match, Dolph charged at Kofi in the corner, with Kofi able to flip out through the ropes and get a Pele kick from the apron. With Ziggler down in the ring, Kofi climbed the corner. However, Vickie Guerrero climbed onto the apron and shoved Kofi off. The ref saw it and called for the bell to DQ Ziggler.

Dolph walked over and pulled Kofi to his feet, but Kofi was quick to react and chased him out of the ring. Dolph ran around the ring to escape and Vickie was barring Kofi's path. Vickie started taunting Kofi. Ziggler snuck underneath the ring and came out the other side to knock Kofi down. He brought Kingston in the ring for a Zig Zag to add more insult to injury.

Ziggler waited for Kofi to come to and get up. As Kofi sat up, Ziggler ran over and locked a sleeperhold onto Kofi from behind. He wrapped his legs around Kofi's torso and put him to sleep. Ziggler was leaving the ring but then paused and got back in to go after Kofi again. Kofi was passed out on his back under the ropes. Ziggler walked over and lifted his leg, then stomped on Kofi's head while he was helpless.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins due to disqualification of Dolph Ziggler in the Intercontinental Title match.

Team LayCool was in the locker room talking over what they did to Melina at Summerslam. Layla said she thought Teddy was going to punish them for what they did. McCool called Melina Lady Wah Wah, saying she was crying after winning the title. They started their "Flaw-" catch word, but paused. Just then they hushed up, looking around and said "Less" before leaving the locker room. A plant in the locker room let out a sneeze, then pulled apart the leaves to reveal Hornswoggle. Swoggle waddled off as a plant.

Striker and Grisham talked over the Kane-Mysterio match involving Undertaker again. Kane will offer his explanation for his attack on Taker, later.

Luke Gallows was in the locker room with Serena and Joey Mercury. Gallows said he can't believe Punk walked out on them at Summerslam. Mercury said they'd never do it to them. Serena said it was Punk proving them a lesson that they can still be strong. Serena said tonight she and Gallows will beat Big Show and Kelly Kelly. Mercury said Serena's never been in a match. She said she's been training and will prove they deserve Punk's admiration. Punk walked in saying none of them deserve his admiration. Punk said what Nexus did on Raw peaked his interest. Punk said if Gallows and Serena don't win their match tonight they are out of Straight Edge Society.

The Big Show & Kelly Kelly vs. Luke Gallows & Serena
Mixed Tag Match

This marked Serena's debut Smackdown or WWE match. Serena and Gallows were accompanied by Joey Mercury, but CM Punk was not with them.

After Show and Gallows started off, Gallows made a tag to Serena, forcing Kelly to come in. Kelly gained control but on her handspring towards the corner, Serena cut her off with a punch to the back. Serena took control from there and worked over Kelly with submission holds. Kelly escaped from Serena with a jawbreaker and then avoided a charge from the anti-diva in the corner. Kelly got her headscissors airplane spin flip, and then a faceplant. Kelly had the pinfall but Gallows came in and yanked her off Serena.

Big Show came in to take Gallows to the outside. Kelly went for her K2 legdrop on Serena, who countered and then hit a GutBuster, much like the G2S, for the win. CM Punk came out to the ramp and applauded his SES disciples' win. Punk hugged Serena up on the ramp.

Winners: Serena & Luke Gallows win via pinfall over Kelly Kelly & Big Show.

Striker mentioned how if you text "Follow WWE" to 40404 on your mobile phone you can get WWE Twitter alerts now.

The Big Red Monster Kane was in the ring now. He started to laugh maniacally into the mic with deep laughter sound effects echoing in the arena. Kane talked about the seven deadly sins, and his favorite, the sin of pride. Kane said it was Taker's pride that weakened Taker over his decades of Destruction. Kane talked about how Taker always kept him in his shadow, due to selfish pride. He talked about getting set on fire during their Inferno Match.

Kane said his master plan was set in motion a while ago. He said Taker's collections of souls grew over time, as did his weakness. Kane said he watched and waited, but noticed Taker losing his grip, even in victory. Kane said when Taker tore off his mask, he was the one who unleashed the monster. He said when they met at Wrestlemania, the time wasn't right but his plan kept evolving. Kane said from there he put himself at Taker's right hand. Kane said their reunion was a vehicle for his vengeance.

Kane said he noticed a moment of weakness during the Shawn Michaels match when Taker showed mercy. Kane said he then knew his plan had come to fruition. He said now the shadows in which he once labored are cast upon Taker. He said Taker's Holy Grail is now his World Title. He said he knew one day he would replace Undertaker as the "Devil's Favorite Demon." Kane raised up his arms and brought them down to set off the corner ringpost pyro, still laughing.

WWE Smack of the Night showed 3 weeks ago when Drew McIntyre yanked Christian into the steel apparatus underneath the ring. McIntyre shoved Christian shoulder first into the ringpost. Despite all the damage, Christian won by surprise roll up.

Christian vs. Drew McIntyre

They showed last Friday how McIntyre shoved Hardy into the steel steps, then stomped on Hardy's leg in between the two pieces of the steps. Hardy still got in the ring but could barely stand, so McIntyre hit the FutureShock DDT on him for a win.

Before tonight's match could get started, Dashing Cody Rhodes came out in a suit and tie and made his way to ringside for the match. During the contest, Cody Rhodes sat with the commentators to give guest commentary. McIntyre took the action to the outside and threatened to snap Christian's arm like he snapped Hardy's ankle.

Cody talked about beating Christian last week whereas Drew couldn't two weeks ago. He gave Todd Grisham a present of Q-Tips with a special carrying case then talked about how Drew was working on the arm injury that Cody also worked on last week.

In the closing moments, Christian went for the Killswitch but couldn't lock it and favored his hurt shoulder. Drew came back and picked him up on one shoulder to slam Christian to the corner. He was going to go for a running powerslam, but Christian countered it, shifting his weight to turn into a pinfall victory.

Christian rolled to the outside, but Dashing Cody Rhodes came around the ring to distract him. Drew came around the other side, and Rhodes rushed from behind to take down Christian. They brought him into the ring and started to attack. That brought Matt Hardy rushing to the ring wearing a protective boot on his injured foot. Eventually, Rhodes attacked Hardy from behind and they removed the boot. Rhodes stomped on Hardy's injured foot several times. Drew hit FutureShock on Hardy, then Rhodes did Cross Rhodes on Christian.

Winner: Christian wins via pinfall over Drew McIntyre.

Swagger was backstage complaining about going from World Champ to not even on Summerslam. He said last week he was robbed by that delinquent MVP. He asked the person off camera if they were even listening to him. The camera showed Rosa Mendes jumping rope. She took off her headphones and asked "Como?" Swagger said it's just what he's talking about, no respect. Swagger turned and MVP was there. MVP told him he lost so to accept it and move on. MVP said Swagger might be better at him than some things but recently he's better at him than whining. Swagger said he's going to have a Swagger Invitational and if he wins he gets to host MVP's VIP Lounge. MVP said if he wins then he gets to host an end of the Summer block party with Swagger picking up the tab.

Grisham and Striker brought up Team WWE defeating The Nexus at Summerslam. They introduced Raw Rebound which showed Nexus having individual members face individual members of Team WWE. Leader Wade Barrett challenged his Nexus members to win or be exiled. All of them achieved wins, except for Darren Young who lost to

Backstage, Smackdown GM Teddy Long informed Kane that Undertaker will return to Smackdown next week. Kane siad that next week's Smackdown will be "Hell on Earth."

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

Tony Chimel introduced Albeto Del Rio's personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio drove a Rolls Royce out from backstage, similar to the way JBL used to arrive in a limo. Del Rio's announcer introduced him speaking in Espanol.

Del Rio started things off with a kick to Mysterio's leg and then a beatdown in the corner. Grisham brought up that Del Rio won a gold medal at the 1999 Pan Am Games for Greco Roman Wrestling. Mysterio made an early comeback avoiding Del Rio near the ropes, sending Del Rio toppling to the outside before commercials.

Del Rio managed to yank Mysterio's arm against the top rope causing an injury. He then went outside and smashed Rey's hurt arm on the steps before standing on top of the arm. Del Rio had an impressive side kick to Rey's left arm to take him down for a near fall. Moments later Del Rio went for a Senton off the corner with Mysterio moving away. Mysterio had momentum and several near falls.

In the closing moments, Rey was able to trip Del Rio against the ropes. He went for 619, but Del Rio caught him by the legs. He tried to catapult Rey at the corner, but Mysterio jumped onto the ropes instead. Rey got up on the corner, with Del Rio chopping his legs, so Rey fell off. Del Rio had a huge smile on his face then went at Mysterio. He set up for a finisher close to Drew McIntyre's Future Shock DDT, but flipped Rey onto his back on the mat and put him in a Cross Arm Breaker. Mysterio quickly tapped out.

After the win, Del Rio locked the arm breaker on Rey once again. Striker said it looked like Del Rio was trying to break Rey's arm. His ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez announced the win from ringside.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins via submission over Rey Mysterio.

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