Saturday, August 21, 2010

Smackdown Debuts - Alberto Del Rio & Serena Deeb

Two big developments came out of Friday's episode of Smackdown. These involved the return of a "Phenom" and the in-ring debut of an "extraordinary man" as well as a straightedge "anti-diva".

On Friday's show we learned that next week, The Undertaker will be making his way back to Smackdown. Will he be wrestling or merely appearing to confront Kane? Smackdown GM Teddy Long gave Kane the news and Kane promised there would be "Hell on Earth" next week. This came later in a show after Kane had delivered a chilling retelling of his "Master Plan" to destroy his weakened brother and become World Champ. Kane said it was pride that weakened his brother, the same pride that had caused Kane to always live in Undertaker's shadow. We seem to be leading up to some sort of a confrontation between the two, but it doesn't seem like it'd be Night of Champions PPV. They already teased a Sheamus vs Kane matchup, but there's been rumors of a multi-opponent match for both major titles.

While he's not a title contender yet, Alberto Del Rio made one impressive debut in his first Smackdown wrestling appearance. He had some help of course, as the ailing former champion, Rey Mysterio, helped put him over a bit. Del Rio made his way into the arena, interrupting Mysterio in the ring, and then insulting him as "the worm in the Tequila bottle." Del Rio has a similar "I'm better than you" bravado to a lot of other wrestlers. He also has been called the Mexican JBL already. He arrives out for matches driving a Rolls Royce into the arena, and wears a towel around his neck. It hasn't been revealed if he has his own sports energy drink though.

In the ring though, Del Rio looked pretty good for his first match, and especially against a bonafide superstar. Most of these guys that cut promos for weeks come in and face amateurs for several weeks to get established. It seems Del Rio didn't need all that, and he went straight for the best of the best. He also won, defeating Mysterio with a quick submission hold, threatening to snap Rey's arm. We may soon see this guy in a major title picture if this keeps up. Maybe even a feud with Undertaker, after he's done with Kane?

Smackdown did mark one other debut, for the anti-diva, Serena, of Straight Edge Society. She teamed with Luke Gallows in a mixed tag match against Big Show and Kelly Kelly. Gallows and Serena were told by their leader Punk if they lost they'd be exiled from SES, much like Nexus did with Darren Young on Raw. Serena managed to pick up the win on Kelly Kelly while Gallows had his hands full with Big Show on the outside. Could we possibly see Serena wearing a women's title in the near future?

All in all, a good Smackdown for the debuts of a new superstar and current diva. Nice to see WWE putting them into mainstream action against regular wrestlers on the roster, rather than using amateurs to build them up.

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