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WWE NXT Results 08/24/10

WWE NXT Results from Fresno, CA:

The show opened with highlights from last week's double elimination show. First guy sent home was "Showtime" Percy Watson in the early part of the show. Towards the end of the show the next elimination was revealed: Husky Harris. This sent his pro mentor Cody Rhodes into a tirade as he berated the other pros, the WWE Universe and the remaining rookies. He and Harris attacked Kaval, but Kofi and MVP were there to intervene. Eventually, Kaval got the last word as he took down Harris with a move from the top ropes.

Cole and Matthews were on hand for the show, with Cole saying next week is Season 2's finale when the Next Breakout Star is determined. Jamie Keyes was in the ring to introduced the WWE Pros, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, Dashing Cody Rhodes, Team LayCool and MVP. Jamie then introduced the three NXT finalists: Kaval, Alex Riley and Michael McGillicutty. Michael Cole noted that the Raw pro mentors are still on tour in Asia, so The Miz is not present for his rookie A-Ri.

The three remaining rookies came to the ring where Matt Striker was there to congratulate them on getting this far. Each guy got to talk about how it feels to have made it this far. McGillicutty talked about how great it is to be there, and in the same ring his father Mr. Perfect wrestled in. Riley got on the crowd's nerves with an egotistical speech saying he walks the part, looks the part and talks the part. Riley said next week he'll be the winner with a WWE PPV title shot. He put Sheamus on notice saying he'll be dismissed.

Kaval talked about how last week he should have been celebrating, but instead he was fighting off an attack from one Husky Harris and pro Cody Rhodes. Kaval confronted Cody Rhodes saying he got to WWE because of his father. Rhodes basically turned down a challenge issued by Kaval from the ring. MVP got up and involved in the talking. He told Rhodes if he can't accept Kaval's challenge, how about one from a guy on his level, MVP. Rhodes accepted and walked backstage.

NXT returned with the 3 rookies on stage around a buzzer on a podium for a WWE Trivia Challenge. In Round 1, questions would be worth 100 points, and in Round 2 worth 200 points. It was basically a battle between Kaval and McGillicutty, with Riley getting the last question in Round 2 worth 200. Final scores were Kaval 700, McGill 500, Alex Riley 200. Kaval won a feature on WWE.com starting tomorrow, where voting opens tomorrow at noon for the last NXT poll.

Cole and Matthews talked about what went down on last night's Raw, where Sheamus got to pick the #1 Contender for his title. He got to witness a series of matches with top Raw stars fighting. However, Sheamus chose Zack Ryder for a match at the end of the night and quickly defeated him in a title match. Nexus leader Wade Barrett arrived out and said he's putting in for his PPV title match at Night of Champions. The GM sent an email and agreed, but then said he also has 4 other guys to face him in a Six Pack Challenge: Edge, John Cena, Jericho and Randy Orton. The show ended with all of them hitting finishers, with Randy Orton hitting the RKO on Cena to close Raw.

NXT returned showing off newspaper clipping articles and still shot images from WWE Raw's tour of Asia which was covered in multiple media sources.

MVP vs. Cody Rhodes

Early in the first half of the match, Rhodes held onto the top rope after being whipped against it by MVP. MVP charged at him and clotheslined him out of the ring. From there, MVP measured and then jumped over the top rope onto Rhodes outside the ring. He tossed Rhodes into the ringpost and worked over a shoulder injury as NXT went to break.

After break, Rhodes managed to regain control of things. He stomped on MVP down on the mat, then went for a pinfall but MVP kicked out. Rhodes applied a Crossface submission as NXT took another commercial break.

As MVP fought back against Rhodes from the mat, Cole and Matthews traded barbs. Cole insulted Matthews' interview skills and Matthews brought up when Cole weighed 300lbs. MVP stood up to drop Cody with an electric chair. However, Rhodes responded in the corner by kicking MVP down and stomping on him. He seated MVP on the corner for a Superplex attempt, but Porter shoved him down. Rhodes quickly got back up and hit MVP, then climbed up and landed a Superplex. Rhodes was worn out from it too, but crawled for a cover. MVP kicked out. Rhodes transitioned into another submission hold stretching MVP back on his knees.

In the closing moments, MVP managed to gain momentum with a facebuster on Rhodes and then his Ballin' Elbow drop. He went for the Play of the Day but Rhodes countered it and hit the Alabama Slam. Rhodes paused on the cover, and payed for it as MVP kicked out again. MVP whipped Rhodes to the ropes, but Rhodes held the ropes again. MVP charged at him, so Rhodes ducked and then hit Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cross Rhodes wins via pinfall over MVP.

NXT closed with Rhodes posing on the corner as Cole reminded fans to go vote at WWE.com for their next breakout star: either Alex Riley, Michael McGillicutty or Kaval. Next Tuesday the winner will be announced.

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