Wednesday, August 25, 2010

iTunes now selling WWE PPV's

Fans of WWE wrestling finally have a way to enjoy WWE Pay-Per-Views without forking over $50 for a replay, going through illegal streaming websites, or waiting for the DVD/Blu-rays to hit shelves. Now iTunes is offering WWE PPV events in both standard and HD format for download.

See WWE PPV's on iTunes

As of Wednesday, iTunes has three WWE Pay-Per-Views for sale from 2010: Over the Limit 2010 PPV, Fatal 4 Way PPV, and the Money in the Bank PPV. The costs are generally $17.99 for the HD versions and $12.99 to $14.99 for standard. In fact, Over the Limit costs $14.99 while the other two are $12.99.

The great thing is not just that the full PPV can be downloaded, but if fans want they can buy individual matches for $2.99 a piece. That's right, buy the Money in the Bank ladder matches to relive the excitement. Or buy John Cena vs Batista in the infamous "I Quit" match. As mentioned, it's only three PPV's available so far, but fans are already salivating at the possibilities. If both WWE and iTunes are smart they'll offer plenty more, because fans will want to be able to download and relive classic moments, such as WM's Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker rematch, to have the final match of HBK. Definitely liking this idea from WWE and going to pick up the Money in the Bank matches now to relive the action.

In addition to the PPV's, it also appears there's at least two full-length WWE DVD movies being offered right now with "The Rise & Fall of WCW" for $9.99 and "Ricky Steamboat: The Life Story of The Dragon" for $14.99.

Check out the iTunes WWE PPV downloads here!

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