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Smackdown Results 08/27/10

Smackdown results from Fresno, CA:

Grisham and Striker kicked things off for their West Coast tour edition of Smackdown. Grisham said tonight we'll see a Summerslam PPV rematch between Kane and Rey Mysterio, in a No DQ match. Also, Kofi Kingston gets a rematch against Ziggler for the IC title. If Dolph is DQ'd, Kofi automatically wins the title. Also, The Undertaker returns later tonight to confront Kane.

Rey Mysterio vs. Kane
No Disqualification Match

Striker talked about the damage Mysterio suffered last week in Alberto Del Rio's debut match. Rey made his way to the ring first, stopping along the way to greet the younger fans. Kane's pyro exploded next and the World Champ made his way to the ring.

Early on, Kane knocked Rey out of the ring, then went out to attack further, dropping Kane onto the crowd barrier. Kane tossed Rey back in the ring, then retrieved a kendo stick from the outside. However as Kane got in, Rey grabbed the stick away and smashed it against Kane three times. As Rey ran across the ring he was booted down by Kane. Kane resumed control and again was able to knock Kane off the apron to the outside. However, Mysterio was able to use a drop toe hold to trip Kane face first into the steel steps. Moments later he did a seated senton from off the commentators table onto Kane.

Rey was able to regain control after break, using a steel chair on Kane that the Big Red Monster brought in. Rey eventually connected with a 619, then went for a springboard move from off the top rope. Kane grabbed him by the throat from mid-air for a Chokeslam onto the steel chair, then got the winning pinfall. Kane let the pyro explode from the ringposts then exited with his title.

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over Rey Mysterio.

Post-match, WWE officials checked on Rey Mysterio and helped him out of the ring. As Rey was ringside with a trainer, Alberto Del Rio came out from backstage to remind everyone who he is. With a mic in hand, Del Rio asked Rey if he was ok. Del Rio asked if Mysterio's going to be ok, then said he looks like a dying dog and someone needs to put him down.

Suddenly, Del Rio shoved the officials away and threw Rey into the crowd barrier, before removing his suit jacket. He applied his armbreaker submission on Rey on the outside floor, causing Mysterio to scream in pain. Del Rio finally released it then stood up smiling at the fans before heading up the ramp. Del Rio got a sick smile on his face then went back to the ring and grabbed the steel chair. He rushed over to ringside and put Rey's hurt arm into the steel chair, then shoved him into the ringpost hard. Del Rio smirked as he posed above Rey, then backed away.

Smackdown returned with highlights of what Del Rio just did to Rey Mysterio, attacking him viciously and further hurting Rey's injured arm using a submission hold and then the steel chair.

JTG vs. CM Punk

All of The Straight Edge Society arrived out, including Serena who has recently been fired by WWE. This taping occurred prior to the release of Serena Deeb.

Punk seemed to dominate the match against JTG as he whipped him to the other corner then hit his running knee to the face. Punk went for a Bulldog and connected on it. Punk put his one hand up in the air for the SES Pledge, then hit GTS. Instead of taking the pin, Punk put on the Anaconda vice grip submission hold eventually making JTG tap.

Winner: CM Punk wins due to submission over JTG.

Post-match, CM Punk ordered the rest of SES into the ring and on their knees. He yelled at them that his performance is how you represent SES and spread the message of purity to the rotten world we all live in. Punk said he leads by example, and tonight it's been set. He told Gallows he wants Big Show face down in a pool of his own drool, with the stamp of SES on his face. Punk said this is the last time he's going to tell them all: "Be Better or Be Gone!"

Rosa Mendes was backstage showing GM Teddy Long her latest training device. Teddy Long said all her workouts are really showing great results. Rosa said gracias, then left the office still shaking the workout grip device. Teddy sat down to read WWE magazine. A plant in the corner started to move causing Teddy to turn around and look. It moved closer to the couch and he looked again.

Finally, Teddy turned and the plant opened up to reveal Hornswoggle's face and arms, causing Teddy to jump. He asked if Hornswoggle has been spying on other people. Hornswoggle played charades with Teddy to get him to say "Lay Cool". Teddy asked what they've been saying, so Hornswoggle scribbled on a notepad. Teddy said he doesn't understand Leprechaun or the scribbles. Teddy says he knows a way Hornswoggle and him can work together.

Grisham and Striker brought up the next PPV, Night of Champions, and how World Champ Kane's focus is now on what will happen with The Undertaker.

They reviewed last Friday's match between Kofi and Ziggler for the IC title, which Vickie Guerrero interfered in, causing the DQ. Ziggler attacked Kofi post-match with the Zig Zag and then a sleeper hold. With Kofi passed out on the mat, Dolph got back in the ring and stomped on his head hard.

Smackdown returned with a Dashing Cody Rhodes grooming tip about shaving. Rhodes talked about achieving a masculine shave for the entire body, the arms, chest and especially the legs. Rhodes showed his leg had shaving cream all over and started using a shaving blade on it. He said a smooth shaven body is sexually attractive to the opposite sex.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler
Intercontinental Championship Match

The stipulation on this match is if Dolph is DQ'd, Kofi is automatically the IC champ. Dolph Ziggler was accompanied to the ring by Smackdown consultant Vickie Guerrero. Striker said that Kofi has had to sleep with a special device for his jaw this past week, due to Ziggler's head stomp last week.

Kofi got the advantage early on the outside, smashing Ziggler to the floor and against the crowd barrier. Moments later in the ring, Kofi avoided a strike from Dolph then hit the Run High for a nearfall. As Smackdown returned from a break, Kofi missed on a leg drop from off the corner, leaving both men down.

Later in the match, Ziggler got the sleeper locked on Kofi. Kofi managed to quickly get himself close to the ropes to break it up. The ref pulled Dolph away, and Vickie slapped Kofi in the face without the ref seeing it. Dolph went over and yelled to Vickie "don't you screw this up for me" several times.

Later in the match, Kingston hit a flying crossbody off the corner for a close pinfall. Kofi got Dolph up and went for Run High again, but Dolph blocked and used a firemen's carry for a nearfall of his own. Later still, Kofi knocked Dolph out of the ring. He went to the apron, told Vickie to move aside then jumped to land on Ziggler. Kofi tried to stand up Ziggler for a move, then got clotheslined down. Both guys struggled to get back in the ring to beat the count. As they were both on the apron trying to get inside the ring, Vickie grabbed Dolph to hold him back, causing Ziggler to get counted out. Kofi was declared winner, but Dolph is still IC champ. Kofi was livid and chased Dolph up into the audience out through an exit.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins due to countout of Dolph Ziggler, but Dolph Ziggler is still the Intercontinental Championship.

They flashed back to last week's speech by Kane about his plan to destroy The Undertaker and claim the World Title for himself. Kane said he replaced his brother as the Devil's favorite demon. Grisham and Striker talked it over saying The Undertaker will return to make his response later tonight and "there will be vengeance".

MVP vs. Jack Swagger
Jack Swagger Sr. Invitational Shootout

If Swagger wins he hosts VIP Loung for one night, but if MVP wins he gets a end of Summer block party with Swagger picking up the tab. The rules are the first man to get five takedowns wins the contest. Grisham said this is what Stragger has done his entire life with his collegiate wrestling background.

Swagger wore protective wrestling headgear and handed some to MVP who tossed it out of the ring. Swagger practiced a few takedown moves prior to the match starting. MVP responded to Swagger's early taunts with a slap to the face. Swagger got the first takedown early to make it 1-0 in his favor. He got another takedown just moments later to put it to 2-0. Swagger went up 3-0 grabbing MVP and picking him up in a bearhug, then slamming him to the mat.

Swagger took down MVP yet again and then started to hold him face down against the mat. MVP was infuriated and then got up to punch Swagger in the face. The ref called for the DQ. MVP got out of the ring to leave. Swagger came out of the ring and took down MVP with the ankle lock, keeping it locked on him. Swagger finally released it, then removed his headgear and threw it down on MVP. The refs checked on Montell's condition. Swagger backed up the ramp yelling it was his "VIP Lounge".

Winner: Jack Swagger wins the Sr. Invitational by DQ over MVP.

Team LayCool was backstage with their NXT rookie Kaval doing a photoshoot. They said they looked Flawless. Layla and Michelle started talking trash on Melina, then went over their plans for Melina on the upcoming 900th episode of Raw. Kaval took the two male WWE staff out of the room so LayCool could discuss their plans for Melina.

Grisham and Striker showed highlights of Christian versus Drew McIntyre with Cody Rhodes on guest commentary. Post-match, Rhodes and McIntyre attacked Christian. Matt Hardy rushed to the ring to help, but was soon overcome by Rhodes and McIntyre.

Alberto Del Rio arrived out in his Rolls Royce. Ricardo Rodriguez the personal announcer of Del Rio intro'd him to the crowd for the match.

Carlos Sanchez vs. Alberto Del Rio

Sanchez was billed as from Fresno, CA getting a bit of a pop from the local fans. However, he was no match for Del Rio who asked the ref who this guy was.

Del Rio took control from the start in the corner and then hit a Castillian Belly-to-Back suplex moments later. He put a tight headlock on Sanchez down on the mat. Sanchez got some momentum avoiding Del Rio in the corner, and then punching away on him. Del Rio grabbed the guy and sat him up on the ropes. He stopped and winked with a smile then shoved Sanchez to the floor from the top rope. He put Sanchez back in the ring, stood him up and locked in his Cross Arm breaker submission making his opponent quickly tap. Del Rio is now 2-0 in his early WWE Smackdown career.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins via submission over Carlos Sanchez.

Kelly Kelly and Big Show were shown walking backstage joking around as they made their way out to the ring.

Big Show vs. Luke Gallows

Gallows came out with Joey Mercury and Serena trailing behind them on the ramp. Show got off to the early start, with CM Punk watching on a monitor backstage, unhappy with what he saw so far.

Show continued the onslaught, slapping Gallows on the chest in the corner, then tossing him across the ring. Gallows rolled to the outside. Show went out after Gallows as Serena tried to help her SES member. Show gave enough chest slap on Gallows then rolled him back inside. Show yelled "what" at Serena, distracting her. Kelly charged around the ring and then pounced on Serena outside.

Back in the ring, Gallows punched away on Show as Show was getting into the ring. Show shoved Gallows back, but Gallows kept attacking, forcing Show to one knee. Gallows got knocked down by Show's hand, and then Big Show delivered the mighty KO punch to get the pinfall win. CM Punk was not happy with the results backstage. Show picked up Kelly and put her on his shoulder to celebrate the win.

Winner: The Big Show wins via pinfall over Luke Gallows.

After commercial break, Smackdown returned as the arena went dark, followed by the Undertaker's music, smoke and lights. The Phenom made his way down the ramp intypical chilling fashion as Tony Chimel introduced him.

Undertaker got into the ring and grabbed a mic to respond to Kane's speech from last week. The fans continued their cheers for Undertaker as he began to speak. Taker said although he might look dead, he's not dead yet. He said he's still very much The Deadman and the ring is still his "yard."

Undertaker spoke of Kane's diseased soul, saying the disease has turned into a web of lies that Kane thinks he can fill Taker's boots. Taker said the biggest lie of them all is Kane thinking he can carry the "Holy Grail, the World Heavyweight Championship."

Suddenly, the pyro exploded at the top of the ramp and Kane arrived out with an evil grin and a mic. Kane told Taker he's the only one spinning a web of lies, because he hears the weakness in his voice and sees it in his eyes. Kane said Taker is no longer a phenom, and he'll have no problem crushing him like he did at Summerslam. He told Taker he's living in a fantasy now.

Taker brought up how Kane called himself "The Devil's favorite demon." The Phenom reminded Kane that the house the devil lives in was built by Undertaker, brick-by-brick. Taker says when he comes calling "the devil answers to him with 'Sir'." The Deadman said Kane will never be worthy to carry the World title or to be his brother.

Undertaker told Kane he taught him everything he knows about evil, but he didn't teach him "everything he knows." Taker said when the fight starts, it's always going to end the same way. Kane yelled out "not this time," because "this time it ends just like Summerslam, with Taker sprawled helpless" at his feet. Kane said he vows on the grave of their dead mother that Undertaker will never rest in peace. Kane let out a maniacal laugh from the ramp. Smackdown closed with Kane still laughing and Undertaker staring out at him from the ring.

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