Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WWE NXT moves to from SyFy

While this Friday will mark the beginning of the WWE Smackdown era on SyFy, this past Tuesday was the end of the NXT era for the network. A huge announcement came on last night's edition of the show, with Michael Cole and Josh Matthew reporting NXT Season 3 will move to exclusively as of Tuesday, October 5th, 2010. This only affects the United States, who will now get the webcast version, while other countries will still see it on television. The reason, according to

"..domestically, NXT will become a property as WWE was unable to sell the show to another cable network under the NBC Universal umbrella and contractually, could not take it outside of their auspices on cable."

Apparently, SyFy wanted to bring back its hit show "Caprica" too. NXT Season 3 wasn't exactly pulling top ratings, and the recent wrestling action was pretty terrible. Consider the fact that last night's NXT show had zero matches, a bunch of challenges, in-ring confrontations and then recaps of the main events from Raw and Smackdown. However, they did book an interesting contest for the first NXT episode on Kaitlyn has challenged her mentor Vickie Guerrero to a match. Vickie laughed at the notion but accepted, saying she plans to show Kaitlyn who the pro is. Vickie is not quite a wrestling diva, so what will she do to manipulate this one? Regardless of that, Kaitlyn can gain popularity with fans over the move.

Speaking of fans and voting, elimination #1 is next Tuesday as well. Voting has opened up over at with A.J. Lee being immune from elimination, having won 3 challenges. Kaitlyn and Naomi have each won 2, while Jamie has 1 win under her belt. Aksana and Maxine have yet to win a challenge, so it's likely one of them will get voted off first. This contest may very well come down to A.J. vs Naomi vs. Kaitlyn. It's hard to see Kaitlyn getting voted off with a big match pending against Vickie. Jamie, Aksana and Maxine seem to be struggling in terms of personality, but that's not to say all of these women wouldn't make great eye-candy in some capacity as new divas.

Another interesting thing with this whole NXT Season 3 move is the recent walk-off by Michael Cole and then his return a week later. He keeps dissing the show, making you wonder what's the point? Was that WWE's big plan to reel in viewers? Were they expecting a huge increase in ratings the next week after Cole left (in which CM Punk was on commentary)? For some reason they said Punk would be back again, but he wasn't on last night's show. Something's very fishy, but you can tell someone (maybe Mr. McMahon) was not happy with the wrestling on the show, or the overall way it was going. Much better suited for, but unfortunate because NXT was a fun show to see on television and had potential if done properly. This season has been too much like Diva Search Contests though.

How do you feel about NXT moving to Will you watch or skip it?

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