Friday, September 24, 2010

Smackdown Results 09/24/10

Smackdown Results from Bloomington, IL:

The show opens with World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. Chris Masters in a non-title match. Masters attempts the Masterlock but doesn't lock it in. Kane hits a dropkick! Kane takes over the match and dominates the Masterpiece. He works his knee. Masters tries a comeback but Kane hits the Tombstone to pickup the win.

* Kane gets on the mic and cuts a promo on The Undertaker. He goes into the crowd and says he has a challenge for The Undertaker tonight that he can't refuse.

* WWE Tag Team Champions "Dashing" Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. The Hart Dynasty in a non-title match. Rhodes gives the Bloomington crowd some grooming tips. DH Smith takes a beating but finally tags in Tyson Kidd. McIntyre hits Future Shock on Kidd to get a three count after some miss-communication with The Hart Dynasty.

* Backstage, Alberto Del Rio has attacked Christian. Referees attend to Christian as he tells them his shoulder is hurt bad.

* CM Punk is backstage with Luke Gallows. Gallows takes Punk out and says he's done with him. They will have a match tonight.

* Chavo Guerrero vs. Kaval. Kaval gets a nice pop in a fast-paced match as he works stiff with Chavo. Kaval hits a modified tarantula in Chavo and the action goes to the outside. Chavo hits three amigos. Kaval battles back but misses a charge. Chavo hits a Frog Splash and gets the three count.

* Alberto Del Rio says he will have a Rey Mysterio update tonight.

* Alberto Del Rio comes out and a recap of his assault on Rey Mysterio is shown. He says Mysterio is coming back next week in Oklahoma City to challenge him. Christian comes out, selling his "injuries" from earlier. Del Rio locks on code red and Christian taps. Del Rio slams Christian's injured arm into the steel ring post.

* Big Show b. Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins in a squash match. Show picked up the victory when Archer tapped out.

* Backstage, Jack Swagger is interviewed. The Dudebusters and Hornswoggle put his jersey in a boxed marked SyFy.

* CM Punk vs. Luke Gallows. Short match as they exchange counters. Punk wins after hitting GTS.

* Vickie Guerrero and Kaitlyn come out with Dolph Ziggler. WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP in a non-title match. Ziggler gets a lot of heat. MVP controls early but Ziggler counters. Ziggler takes a tough bump to the outside. Vickie and Kaitlyn get into it on the outside. Ziggler attends to Vickie while referee Chad Patton starts to count. MVP goes to the outside to continue the action. Ziggler goes on the offensive after an MVP miscue. Dolph gets upset as Vickie goes to the back. Dolph applies a chinlock on MVP as the crowd chants for him to break the hold. MVP breaks the hold and hits a lot of offense but Ziggler has had enough. He grabs the Intercontinental Championship belt and gets himself counted out. Winner via count out, MVP.

* Kane says WWE is now his yard. He says the phenom has fallen and he didn't end things at Night of Champions because the fun just started. He wants The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell. The druids come to ringside with a casket... it's a red casket - just for Kane. Kane opens it and Paul Bearer is in the casket. He sits up and the lights go out. Undertaker is in the ring. A fight ensues with Undertaker dominating. Kane leaves the ring and the show ends with Undertaker bowing to Paul Bearer to end the show

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